Dedicated to Environmental Excellence in Dentistry (DEED) Program

Announced on May 31, 2010, by the Ohio Dental Association (ODA), the Good DEED program is a voluntary program to recognize the efforts of dental offices who operate in an environmentally responsible manner. The Good DEED program uses a tiered approach for recognizing dental offices that use simple and innovative solutions to minimize the environmental impact of their practices on Ohio’s environment. Participants receive certificates from the ODA designating the tier for which they qualify. Everything you need for participation is available from the ODA.

The ODA's goal parallels the American Dental Association goal of an increase in use of amalgam separators by 20 percent the first year and a 25 percent increase in the use of separators per year afterwards. The program's goal is to have 20 percent of Ohio dentists using amalgam separators by July 1, 2011; 40 percent by 2012; 60 percent by July 2013, 80 percent by 2014 and complete adoption by July 1, 2015.

The Dedicated to Environmental Excellence in Dentistry (DEED) program includes:

  • Comprehensive online checklists to identify American Dental Association best management practices (BMPs), environmental regulations that apply to dental offices and BMPs to help your business be more sustainable and preserve and protect natural resources
  • A 'Gold' tier for those following the American Dental Association’s BMPs and meeting environmental regulations
  • A 'Gold and Green' tier as a second tier of recognition, for dental offices pursuing more environmentally sustainable activities. In addition to the certificate from ODA and Ohio EPA, 'Gold and Green' tier participants are listed on the Good DEED achievements webpage.

Please help promote environmental stewardship in the dental profession and be recognized as an environmentally responsible dentist.

Contact the ODA to participate in the program. Dental offices that are pursuing sustainable practices can be recognized for their outstanding efforts by completing the online registration.

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