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What We Don't Do

With so many state departments and agencies, it can be difficult to determine exactly who handles a particular issue. Ohio EPA often receives comments or questions about environmental issues that we can’t address because the laws give that authority to other departments. Here’s a list of issues that Ohio EPA doesn’t handle, along with the state department or agency that does.

Department of Agriculture — (614) 728-6201

  • Food safety
  • Pesticide application
  • Concentrated animal feeding operations construction and operating permits

Department of Commerce, State Fire Marshal Division — (614) 752-8200 

  • Underground petroleum storage tanks
  • Fireworks

Department of Health — (614) 466-3543

  • Indoor air pollution (lead, mold)
  • Private wells
  • Private septic systems
  • Radon
  • Water bacteria levels at local beaches
  • West Nile virus (carried by mosquitoes)
  • Radiation protection
  • Lead poisoning prevention

Department of Natural Resources — (614) 265-6565 

  • Mining permits, abandoned mines, mine safety
  • State parks
  • Well water draw-down
  • Water well logs and drilling reports
  • Dam safety
  • Flood plain management
  • Ground water mapping
  • Scenic rivers