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Welcome to Ohio EPA's Help Center

To find contact information for an employee by name, please use the State of Ohio employee directory.

Division/Office Phone Numbers

To find the phone number for a specific division or office, please visit our Contact List page. If you're unsure who to contact, or have comments or questions about a specific project, please send us a message using our contact form.

Website Feedback

To help us improve our website, please fill out our website feedback form.

Technical Questions and Assistance

Our Customer Support Center (CSC) Ask a Question form is the best way to submit a technical question to staff. Through this system, your request will be sent directly to a subject matter expert and you will receive a response directly. If you have a CSC account, you will be able to track your requests and view them later if needed.


If you would like to submit a complaint, please use our complaint tracker form. This is the best way to ensure that your complaint is addressed.

Customer Survey

We would like your feedback if you worked with Ohio EPA to obtain a permit, license or authorization or contacted us seeking information, funding and/or technical assistance. The Agency's goal is to provide excellent customer service, and your feedback is important to us in meeting this goal. Please help us serve you and others better by taking a few minutes to complete our survey. Thank you for responding.


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Ohio EPA Central Office

Lazarus Government Center 50 W Town St. Suite 700, Columbus OH, 43215
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Report a spill, release or environmental emergency.
Call the Spill Hotline at 800-282-9378 this line should only be used to report emergencies involving the release of any material that impacts public health or the environment.
Report a Spill