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eDocument Search

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are available online now and how far back do they go?

Click here to see the document types.

What if I cannot find a document that I believe should be in the eDoc System?

If you can't find a document that should be part of the eDoc System, please complete our online form to request a copy.

What if I want to review a document that is not in the eDoc System?

To review any other kind of document, please complete our online form. If you aren't sure of the facility location, please contact Ohio EPA's public records manager.

How long does it take for a document to appear online?

Documents may be scanned into the system and appear as soon as 48 hours after they are issued by the agency or received at the agency, but sometimes it may take a little longer. If you don't see a recently issued document right away, please check back in a couple of days. If you need it sooner, please use the contact information listed below.

What are the data points that I can use to find my document in the search engine?

Ohio EPA suggests you enter as many keyword values as possible to help narrow down the number of documents that are returned for your search.

You may search the database by document type, date range, facility name, county, program, secondary ID, or any word or phrase that appears in the document. For many document types, you will also be able to search by document sub-type.

My search for a document returned no results, but I know the document exists. Why wasn't it available?

This could be due to several factors:

  • The date - please check the section above that explains the dates that have been included in the online database.
  • Entering accurate search terms - Be sure that you have the correct spelling, numbers or names.
  • Online availability - Be sure you are searching for a document that is cataloged in the database, since the database does not include all Agency documents at this time.
  • Refine your search - use the search tips above or the video tutorial to learn how to perform a more specific search.

If you still can't find it, please contact Ohio EPA for assistance.

Any suggestions for how to improve my search results?

Enter as many keyword values as possible to help narrow the number of documents that are returned for your search. This will enable you to find the document or facility that you are searching for from a smaller list of results. Once you locate a document, you can then find all of the documents available in the system for that facility by clicking on the related documents folder icon instead of having to conduct additional searches.

For the best results when performing a Full Text Search, search for an exact phrase by putting double quotes around the phrase rather than searching by an individual word(s). For instance, entering the term Surface Water will return every instance or combination of results with the words Surface Water. It also will return results with just surface or water in the search results. Often times if you perform too broad of a word search without using double quotes (e.g., Surface Water), the system will attempt to find each of the word(s) within all of the documents in the system and you will receive a time-out error.

What are my options once my search results have been returned?

Each record that is returned will include a hyperlink to connect to the actual documents, all documents related to the same facility, and the documents keyword values. Printing or searching within the document is accomplished by using the controls in your browser window. The text within the PDF document is fully searchable.

How do I access documents that I need from the search results list?

To download the documents you are interested in, you can select the documents you want out of the search results by clicking the leftmost box in the search results and then clicking on download zip. A dialog box will pop up and ask you to name the zip file. Once named, you click on begin merge and the documents are downloaded to your computer.

What are my options if I can't find a document?

If you still can't find something, please be sure to contact Ohio EPA by phone or email for further assistance.

My search returned an unreadable document. What can be done?

Contact Ohio EPA using the phone number or email address listed below. We will assist you in obtaining the document. Also, please report unreadable documents or any other technical problem so it can be fixed in the system.

When are other documents going to be available?

Ohio EPA will be adding documents over the next several years. Each time a new document type is made available online, the eDocument Search page will be updated to inform users regarding what is available online. Any public records that cannot be found using the eDocument Search can be requested through the Agency's public records request process. Please complete our online form to request records.


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