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eBusiness Center

Ohio EPA’s eBusiness Center is a secure portal for online business services. The eBusiness Center is the entry point for the regulated community and consultants to electronically complete and file reports and permit applications, as well as make payments.

What services are available?

  • Division of Air Pollution Control - Air Services through the eBusiness Center include:
    • permit applications;
    • permit-related reporting;
    • annual emissions reporting;
    • asbestos certification, licensing, and training applications;
    • demolition project notifications;
    • asbestos abatement notifications; and
    • asbestos training notifications.
  • Division of Drinking and Ground Waters
    • Electronic Drinking Water Reports (eDWR) allows public water systems to submit their monthly operating reports and certified laboratories to report chemical and microbiological sample results.
    • Operator Certification (OpCert): Exam applications, renewals and contact hours. Exam and training providers can submit applications and upload grades and attendance records. The ePay system allows users to pay OpCert renewal fees and exam application fees.
    • Minimum Staffing Reporting allows professional operators of record to report their minimum staffing times to document compliance with staffing requirements.
  • Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization - hazardous waste biennial reporting for large quantity generators that did not opt into episodic generator provisions; treatment, storage, or disposal facilities; reverse distributors of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals; recyclers of hazardous waste who do not store recyclable materials before recycling them; and recyclers who recycle hazardous waste received from off-site within 72 hours of receipt.
  • Division of Materials and Waste Management - licensing and/or registration for the following types of regulated facilities:
    • composting;
    • construction and demolition debris landfill;
    • infectious waste generator or treatment facility;
    • industrial or residual solid waste landfill;
    • municipal solid waste landfill or transfer facility;
    • scrap tire collection, recovery, storage, transporter, or monofill or monocell; and
    • solid or infectious waste incinerator.
  • Division of Surface Water
    • Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR) system provides the permitted community a reliable and simple method to electronically report sampling data measurements in response to the reporting requirements within their environmental permits.
    • Surface Water Tracking, Reporting, and Electronic Application Management System (STREAMS) allows online submittal of various permit applications and forms, including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) general and individual permits and indirect discharge permits.
    • Minimum Staffing Reporting allows professional operators of record to report their minimum staffing times to document compliance with staffing requirements.
  • Office of Environmental Education - Ohio Environmental Education Fund now allows submittal of grant applications and reviews through the eBusiness Center.
  • Office of Fiscal Administration - fee payments including:
    • non-Title V notices of violations (NOVs);
    • conference fees;
    • application fees for
      • solid waste;
      • construction and demolition debris (C&DD);
      • infectious waste; and
      • scrap tire registrations and licenses.
    • disposal fees for
      • solid waste;
      • construction and demolition debris (C&DD)
    • licensing fees for public water system license-to-operate, operator certification and others.

Why eBusiness?

The main goal of the eBusiness Center is to provide an easy to use, reliable and secure one-stop shop for Ohio EPA services. The three main features of the Agency’s eBusiness Center are ease of use, reliability and secure data submission and retrieval. Other benefits include improved data collection; rapid verification and updating of data and a unique user personal identification number (PIN) that may be used for all electronic submissions to the Agency. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Electronic Reporting Rule

U.S. EPA requires that states electronically collecting environmental reports or applications (Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations) do so through a system that satisfies the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation (CROMERR). You can review the regulation in the “newsroom” link and other information on U.S. EPA’s CROMERR web page.

Ohio also has an equivalent rule, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, created under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Chapter 1306. The eBusiness Center helps ensure that Ohio EPA and the regulated community can meet these requirements by:

  • providing the capability to electronically submit environmental reports and applications via a CROMERR-compliant system;
  • streamlining the payment process;
  • enabling users to apply for new permits and permit modifications electronically; and
  • improving the validity, quality, and management of environmental data.

Who uses the eBusiness Center?

eBusiness Center users, including those listed below, receive training and assistance through the Agency’s Answer Place (https://ohioepa.custhelp.com/), individual division/office web pages and contacts and through email.

  • Administrative support/data entry technicians
  • Construction and demolition debris facilities
  • Community and local government officials
  • Composting facilities
  • Consultants/engineering firms
  • Hazardous waste generators and management facilities
  • Infectious waste generators and treatment facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Solid waste landfills
  • Owners of small and large businesses
  • Scrap tire facilities and transporters
  • Utility directors and employees
  • Water and wastewater treatment plant operators
  • Ohio Environmental Education Fund grant applicants

Advantages of eBusiness Center

In addition to its ease of use, the eBusiness Center has numerous advantages. Users do not need to upgrade their existing computer systems because there is no need to download or install separate data reporting and application software. With the eBusiness Center, users receive immediate verification of successful data submission and can track the status of applications submitted to the Agency. Other benefits to users include:

  • secured site with privileged access, account management, integrated functionality and personalization;
  • one PIN (Personal Identification Number) for all services;
  • flexibility to enter and submit data at any time;
  • some services allow data from a previous submission to be copied into the new submission, making the entry process more efficient;
  • secure user identification codes and data entry/submission;
  • ability to save partially completed applications and reports for later submittal;
  • reduced paperwork;
  • increased reliability and fewer errors on submission;
  • reduced postage and copying costs; and
  • ability to create multiple user accounts and assign varying levels of responsibility.


For general questions about the eBusiness Center, please contact the eBusiness Center Helpdesk by email at ebizhelpdesk@epa.ohio.gov or phone at (877) 372-2499 (1-877-EPA-BIZZ). For service-specific questions, please contact the employees listed below.

Air Pollution Control
(Air Services)
Safaa El-Oraby
(614) 644-3571

Air Pollution Control (Asbestos Services) Asbestos Hotline
(614) 466-0061

Drinking and Ground Waters
(e-Drinking Water Reports)
Tyler Liston
(614) 705-1146

Drinking and Ground Waters (Operator Certification) Kevin Swiadek
(614) 644-3479

Environmental Response and Revitalization
Hazardous Waste Biennial Report (eDRUMS)
Paula Canter
(614) 644-2923

Materials and Waste Management
Elisa Olien
(614) 728-5348

Materials and Waste Management
(Composting, Infectious Waste Generator,
Solid Waste Facility Registration)
Greg Nichols
(614) 728-5327

Materials and Waste Management
(Solid Waste and C&DD Disposal Fees)
Brian Dearth
(614) 728-5366

Materials and Waste Management
(Solid Waste Facility and C&DD Licensing,
Scrap Tire Facility and Transporter Registration)
Debbie Kellough
(614) 728-5316

Office of Fiscal Administration Agency-wide online fee payments via the ePay system Janet Salyers
(614) 644-2339

Surface Water (401 Certification and Isolated Wetlands Permits) (614) 644-2135

Surface Water (Credible Data) Jared Burson
(614) 721-8697

Surface Water (eDMR) (e-Discharge Monitoring Reports) (614) 644-2135

Office of Environmental Education (614) 644-2873