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Navigating our Website

Our website is designed to make it easier to find what you need to interact with us and to increase the quality of our interaction. Watch these quick tips for help navigating or read more in the sections below.


  • We have the same Domain – Our main URL domain is still https://epa.ohio.gov
  • Update your Bookmarks – We updated our website in December 2021. As a result of that change, all exisiting web links/addresses changed. If you are having trouble getting a bookmark to work, be sure to verify that the link is updated to the new site location.
  • Reach out if you need help – Use one of the methods in the For more information area to the right.

Exploring the Site

Here are some of the highlights of what you will find on our website

  • Main Navigation reflects what constituents and organizations expect to do when visiting our website.

Main Navigation Screen Shot

Stay Compliant – I want to be compliant with Ohio EPA regulations, where do I start?

Make a Difference – I want to help from my own trench, how do I learn more?

Monitor Pollution – I want to know about our environmental status.

Get Funding – I want to know how I can get financial aid for a project.

Find Regulations – I want to find a specific law or rule.

  • Search is available throughout the site and was improved to deliver more accurate results. 

Step 1 - Click on the magnifying glass (Search icon) in the upper right to find any pages within the website.

Step 2 – Type in the keywords for what you are trying to find and hit enter. Place search terms in quotations to find words together (for instance "Credible Data").

  • The Customer Support Center is easily accessible at the bottom footer from any page in the website:

  • Information is organized under clear and contextual areas to make more sense as you navigate or search for it through the website. 

  • Rules and Regulations can be found in the following sections

Find Regulations on the main navigation

  • Divisions & Offices/Air Pollution Control/Regulations 
  • Divisions & Offices/Drinking & Ground Waters/Regulations 
  • Divisions & Offices/Environmental Response & Revitalization/Regulations 
  • Divisions & Offices/Materials & Waste Management/Regulations 
  • Divisions & Offices/Surface Water/Regulations 

The Regulations Sections will contain the following rules type:

  • Early Stakeholder Outreach
  • Interested Party Review
  • Proposed Rules
  • Effective Rules
  • Additional Information

The Effective Rules section contains a table with all the rules related to their type. These tables are searchable by keyword and sortable by any of the columns:

  • Ohio EPA Divisions are displayed on the website home page, or accessible from the footer at the bottom of every page.



  • News can always be found on our Media Center where you can filter them by Keyword, Topic, and Date


  • Events can always be found on our Media Center where you can filter them by Keyword, Topic, or even by County:


  • All the Contacts can be found in one place, the Contact List in the Help Center or through individual division pages under the About section.


  • New Interface of the Consumer Confidence Report: allows users to find the analyte information of a location filtering by the PWSID, the location name and keywords. Also, it is easy to export your filtered data by clicking on the "Excel" button.

  • Most Used Resources can be accessed from the home page: eCheck, Public Drinking Water Advisories, eDocuments Search, Submit a Compliant, eBusiness Center, Staff and Recycling

  • Share any content page to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, or you can easily copy the link of the page


  • Content Catalogs are a new feature that allow you to search pages within the area by Topic or Keyword. The keyword search will look for the term within the page title. Pages are being tagged with various topics to allow you to more quickly find the page you're looking for.

  • A Breadcrumb is now available in any page to let you know where you are at any time and to navigate from and to sections and sub-sections


  • Responsive and Mobile friendly is now part of our design so you can access from your phone or tablet and still have a great experience. 

To navigate the site using your mobile phone you can use the bottom menu. If you tap on “Menu”, it will display the main navigation