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Richland County Contacts

Air Pollution Control

Smidi, Mohammad Inspector 419-373-3118
Boyers, Melissa Open Burning 419-373-3115

Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention

Cikotte, Tom Regulatory and Permitting Assistance 419-373-3020
Scoles, Jeremy Regulatory and Permitting Assistance 419-373-3095

Drinking and Ground Waters

Sloan, Ben Drinking Water Inspector
     -Nontransient-Noncommunity (NTNC)
     -Cornell Abraxis
     -Mifflin Care Center
     -Willow Park Water
Hubbard, Blake Drinking Water Inspector
     -Transient Non-Community
Stalter, Jacob Mansfield 419-373-3144
Froelich, Lucas Shelby 419-373-3079
Kroeger, Richard Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) 419-373-4101

Emergency Response

Flegal, John On-Scene Coordinator 419-373-3082
Schilt, Dave On-Scene Coordinator 419-373-3041

Environmental Response and Revitalization

Remedial Response &
Hazardous Waste
General Contact 419-352-8461

Materials and Waste Management

Tillison, Kristin Inspector 419-373-3064

Special Investigations Unit (Criminal Investigations Only)

Mourad, Moubine General Contact   419-373-3032

Surface Water

Takas, John Inspector 419-373-3067
Pargeon, Stefen Stormwater 419-373-3021
Allamon, Heather 401/Wetland 419-373-3024