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Morgan County Contacts

Air Pollution Control

Sorrell, Claire General Contact 740-380-5254
Wolfe, Aaron Asbestos and Open Burning 740-380-5443
Carpenter, Karley Oil and Gas 740-380-5275

Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention

Witte, Ralph Regulatory and Permitting Assistance 740-380-5241

Drinking Water

Carpenter, Taylor Community 740-380-5216
Kilbarger, Brandon Non-Community 740-380-5421
Hart, Eric Plan Review 740-380-5274
Saines, Steve Source Water Assessment and Protection 740-380-5445

Environmental Response and Revitalization

  Emergency Response Hotline 800-282-9378
Bratton, Trevor Remedial Response Unit 740-380-5296
Bratton, Trevor Voluntary Action Program/Clean Ohio Fund 740-380-5296
Bratton, Trevor RCRA Corrective Action/Closure 740-380-5296

Hazardous Waste Management

Bratton, Trevor General Contact 740-380-5296

Materials and Waste Management

Delgado, Devin Inspector 740-380-5228
Walkenspaw, Craig Engineer 740-380-5440
Lowry, Steve Geologist 740-380-5231

Special Investigations Unit (Criminal Investigations Only)

Mettler, Ken General Contact 614-728-1235

Surface Water

Tschudy, Dustin General Contact 740-380-5251
Walton, Christopher Pretreatment 740-380-5447
Cherry, Brooke 401/Wetland 740-380-5225
DelValle, Alex Stormwater 740-380-5227