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Fairfield County Contacts

Air Pollution Control

Stone, Mary General Contact 614-728-3813
Fister, Jason Open Burning 614-728-3805
Fowler, Richard Asbestos 614-995-0671

Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention

Deeb, Samira Regulatory and Permitting Assistance 614-705-1013

Drinking Water

Santone, Mike Community Systems 614-728-3864
Santone, Mike Non-Community Systems 614-728-3864

Ground Water

Reed, Jason   614-728-3873

Environmental Response and Revitalization

Strayton, Deborah General Contact 614-728-3821
Powell, Leonard General Contact 614-728-3822

Hazardous Waste Management

Maneff, Andy General Contact 614-728-3884

Materials and Waste Management

Hirashima, Jessica Inspector 614-728-3889
Hirashima, Jessica Engineering 614-728-3889
Byerly, Sarah Geologist 614-995-1263

Special Investigations Unit (Criminal Investigations Only)

Shane, Scott   614-836-8764

Surface Water

Cleveland, Daniel Permits 614-728-3857
Whisner, Carla Compliance and Enforcement 614-728-3854
Cooper, Marshall Stormwater 614-728-3844
Sanders, Greg Pretreatment 614-728-3851