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Carroll County Contacts

Air Pollution

Bewley, Erik Permits 330-963-1252
Williams, Chris Complaints/Open Burning/Asbestos 330-963-1223

Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention

Girard, Tamara Regulatory and Permitting Assistance 330-963-1282
Garritano, Miranda Regulatory and Permitting Assistance 330-963-1250

Drinking and Ground Waters

Ljubi, Laurel Community Public Water Systems 330-963-1182
Elias, Ethan NTNC and TNC Public Water Systems 330-963-1257

Environmental Response and Revitalization

Oravec, Megan Remedial Response/VAP and Brownfields 330-963-1168
Nesbit, Karen RCRA Closure/Corrective Action 330-963-1159
Zingales, Frank RCRA Permitting/Compliance 330-963-1108

Hazardous Waste

Hotline   330-963-1200

Materials and Waste Management

Parker, Jerry Permits 330-963-1186
Adams, Joshua Complaints/Inspections 330-963-1103

Environmental Response

Eberle, Mike Emergency Response 330-963-1126

Special Investigations Unit (Criminal Investigations Only)

Olinek, Ryan General Contact 330-963-1137

Surface Water

Zoldak, Elizabeth Industrial/NPDES and On-site 330-963-1191
Slattery, Pat Pretreatment 330-963-1131
Bogoevski, Dan 401/Wetland Projects 330-963-1172
Hardesty, Cara
401/Wetland Complaints 614-644-2143 
Micklewright, John Biosolids/Sludge 330-963-1285
Dejanovic, Zorica Stormwater 330-963-1222