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Interested Party Review

Review Process

The interested party review process is designed to allow interested parties, stakeholders or citizens to make comments regarding the rule prior to adoption. Ohio EPA conducts the interested party review prior to filing the proposed rule with JCARR.

Once the draft rule is completed, it is posted on Ohio EPA’s website along with the completed Business Impact Analysis. Interested parties are notified that the draft is available for review. A deadline for submitting comments is set by Ohio EPA. This timeframe is normally 30 days but may be lengthened or shortened as needed.

Interested parties may register to receive notification through the State of Ohio’s Rules E-Notification System at www.business.ohio.gov/reform/ or through Ohio EPA’s listservs at Ohio EPA's Customer Service Portal. Once registered, individuals will receive notices and communications regarding the creation, amendment, rescission or continuation without change of any rule.

Consider Interested Party Comments 

Ohio EPA collects, reviews, and considers each relevant comment, concern or question received during the draft review period. Based on the comments received, Ohio EPA may revise the draft rules as appropriate. The time needed to review and incorporate the comments received varies depending on the complexity of the comments.

Submission of the Business Impact Analysis

Ohio EPA is required to send this analysis to the Common Sense Initiative Office (CSIO). CSIO has two options for the Business Impact Analysis:

  • Prepare and send recommendations to Ohio EPA for eliminating or reducing adverse impacts.
  • Allow 16 days to pass without preparing and sending recommendations.

If a recommendation is received from the CSIO, Ohio EPA will respond to the recommendations and work with the CSIO to resolve the issues. If 16 days pass, the rules can be original filed with JCARR.