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Agency-Wide Rules

Ohio EPA has agency-wide rules located in OAC chapters 3745-47, 3745-48, and 3745-49, regarding Adjudication Procedures, Administrative Procedures, Personal Information Procedures, and Diesel School Bus Retrofit Grants.  In addition to those rules, Ohio EPA may coordinate Agency-wide rule updates. These will be listed below.

Trade Secrets

Early Stakeholder Outreach Fact Sheet


 Updating Outdated Modes of Communication Rules

January 4, 2022  Update  
Two rules, 3745-7-12 and 3745-91-02 were refiled with JCARR. The refiled rules are linked below.
Public Notice
Response to Comments
Division: Rule Number: Rule Title:
DDAGW 3745-7-12 Suspension or revocation of certification.
DDAGW 3745-34-40 Seismic reflection survey requirements for class I wells.
DDAGW 3745-81-66 Source monitoring results and grandfathered data.
DDAGW 3745-91-02 Application for approval of plans.
DDAGW 3745-91-12 Certification by political subdivisions and investor-owned public utilities.

Adjudication and Administrative Rules

Current Rules  

Diesel School Bus Retrofit Grants

Current Rules  

Personal Information Procedures

Current Rules