Photos - Primary Headwater Streams

Class III

These primary headwater streams support a cool water biologic community. They tend to contain species of animals that have adapted to year around presence of cool water, such as certain salamander or fish species, and insect larvae such as mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies. These are the highest quality primary headwater streams. Flow in these watercourses are mostly from ground water. These watercourses have special characteristics compared to other primary headwater streams and require the highest level of protection. These primary headwater streams should be protected for their aquatic communities, aesthetics and recreation opportunities, and for their abilities to process nutrients, dissipate energy, process sediment, maintain stream energy dynamics and maintain and protect downstream beneficial uses.

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Stream in Orange Township
(Delaware County)

Stream in Liberty Township
(Delaware County)

Stream in Thompson Township
(Geauga County)

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Stream in Bern Township
(Athens County)

Stream in Laurel Township
(Hocking County)

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