Photos - Primary Headwater Streams

Class II

These primary headwater streams support perennial or intermittent warm water biologic communities. They tend to contain species of animals that are adapted to the warm water conditions found in these streams, such as certain amphibian or pioneering fish species, and insect larvae such as dragonflies and damselflies. These primary headwater stream uses should be protected for their aquatic communities and for their abilities to process nutrients, dissipate energy, process sediment, maintain stream energy dynamics and maintain and protect downstream beneficial uses. These watercourses do not have demanding habitat requirements and are more easily reproduced or mitigated.

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Stream in Leesburg Township
(Union County)

Stream in Paris Township
(Union County)

Stream in Washington Township
(Union County)

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Stream in Bainbridge Township
(Geauga County)

Modified stream in Amboy Township
(Fulton County)

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