Nutrient Technical Advisory Group

Final TAG Recommendations

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Documents can be found on this page.

Meeting Date
Nov. 19, 2013
X X Pre-read Materials
The Trophic Index Criterion Presentation - Bob Miltner, Ohio EPA
Dec. 10, 2013 X X Ohio Stream Surveys - TIC Principles and Scoring Presentation - Bob Miltner and Dan Dudley, Ohio EPA 
Jan. 9, 2014  X X
Feb. 13, 2014  X X Summary of Numeric Nutrient Criteria Technical Workshop Presentation - Bob Miltner, Ohio EPA 
March 14, 2014  X Nutrient Impacts on Ohio's Drinking Water Quality Presentation - Heather Raymond, Ohio EPA
Introduction to TMDL Implementation - Dale White, Ohio EPA
April 10, 2014  X X Presentations from TIC and Implementation Subgroups 
May 8, 2014  X X
Presentation from TIC Subgroup — Guy Jamesson, City of Columbus
TIC Subgroup Handouts
NPDES Limits Expression — Eric Nygaard, Ohio EPA
June 12, 2014
X SNAP Subgroup Report Presentation – Guy Jamesson, City of Columbus
Wisconsin letter, U.S. EPA 
Aug. 14, 2014
X  X SNAP Subgroup Report Presentation - Guy Jamesson, City of Columbus
Sept. 11, 2014  X X Proposed Final SNAP Report
Implementation Subgroup Materials 
October 9, 2014  X X Implementation Subgroup Materials 
November 17, 2014 X    
December 11, 2014  X    
March 6, 2015  X   Implementation Subgroup Materials
June 25, 2015  X    Final SNAP Recommendations
Nutrient Rule Implementation Flowchart - Point Source, Nonpoint Source 
Nutrient Rule Combined Comments