The Ohio EPA Sewage Sludge Management Program has received permission from the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) to make available biosolids specific nutrient calculations. WERF funded a study, Project 97-REM-3, which resulted in a final report publication entitled "Estimating Plant Available Nitrogen in Biosolids." Appendix A of that publication provides a detailed nutrient calculation procedure for biosolids land application. Use the worksheet in this appendix to calculate biosolids application rates for agriculture. Note: For the state of Ohio, always use 0.30 as the value for Emin in line 4.8 of the biosolids nutrient calculation worksheet.

WERF is a not-for-profit organization providing a balanced water quality research program addressing current research needs and forecasting future directions. WERF was established to advance science and technology for the benefit of the water quality profession and its customers. WERF manages research under four major thrust areas: collection and treatment, human health, water reuse and biosolids, and watersheds and ecosystems.

Mission Statement of the Water Environment Research Foundation: The Water Environment Research Foundation is dedicated to advancing science and technology addressing water quality issues as they impact water resources, the atmosphere, the lands, and quality of life.

An order form is included in the Appendix A PDF file above for those who would like to order a copy of the final report "Estimating Plant Available Nitrogen in Biosolids."