The following is a list of pipe standards for gravity sewer lines, force mains, leaching tile pipe, and manholes, which Ohio EPA has reviewed and deemed acceptable. Any pipe specifications that do not appear on this list can follow the steps below to have Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water review and make a decision regarding the proposed pipe specification.

Ohio EPA Accepted Pipe Specification List

Step 1:

Prior to submittal of the PTI, please submit the ASTM, AWWA, ANSI standard or any other nationally recognized standards organization to Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water District Office or Central Office.

Step 2:

Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water staff will review the proposed pipe standard and determine suitability for the intended use.

Step 3:

If Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water determines the pipe specification to be acceptable for use throughout Ohio, a recommendation will be sent to the person proposing the specification and the pipe specification will be added to the list of accepted pipe specifications.