Gravity Sanitary Sewer Extensions PTI General Permit

Effective Date:  October 1, 2018
Expiration Date:  September 30, 2023

Application Forms

DISCLAIMER - Read the following before submitting any application for coverage under this general permit.

Two copies of the following forms, along with four copies of the detailed plans signed, sealed, and dated by the designing engineer, must be submitted with every application for coverage under this general permit: Notice of Intent Application Form, Engineer's Certification Statement, and Sewer Authority Certification Statement. There is not a case when you will not have to submit all forms. All forms must be completely filled in or your application is incomplete. If an application is incomplete, you will receive an incomplete application letter with the following options detailed: review of the application will be terminated and you may choose to withdraw your current application and submit a new application for coverage under the general permit with new fees, or you may submit an A form, B1 form, and Antidegradation Addendum for a full review of the project without submitting new fees. If you do not respond to the incomplete notice letter within three weeks of the mailing date, the application will be processed for denial.

Make sure your project is eligible for this permit before you submit an application for coverage. Eligibility requirements are detailed in the permit. All projects must be designed to the exact specifications of the permit. No exceptions will be allowed. If your project is not eligible for this permit, you may still submit an individual permit to the appropiate district office using the same method that is now employed. This permit is completely optional.

  • Engineer’s Certification Statement - [PDF] [DOC]

  • Sewer Authority Certification Statement - [PDF] [DOC]

  • Notice of Intent (NOI) Application Form - [PDF] [DOC]

  • Notice of Intent (NOI) Application Instructions - [PDF]

  • Stream Evaluation Addendum - [PDF]

For additional information contact:

Mark Stump
Permit to Install Program Supervisor
(614) 644-2028