Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

What Does an NPDES CAFO Permit Require?    

NOTE: These pages contain general information on the types of requirements that are included in NPDES permits issued to CAFOs. You must read the specific requirements in the NPDES permit issued to your CAFO to know exactly what you must do to comply.

Operation and Management Practices

An NPDES permit for a CAFO includes specific requirements to ensure that the CAFO is properly operated and managed to minimize the potential to discharge pollutants to waters of the state. These requirements include

  • Proper operation and maintenance of manure handling equipment and immediate corrective action when equipment failures occur
  • Proper closure of facilities that cease operation, including removal and proper disposal of all manure and closure of all lagoons
  • Establishment of protective vegetative cover on embankments, berms, and other areas
  • Minimum freeboard requirements for liquid waste storage structures, including installation of a depth marker that indicates the minimum allowable operating capacity
  • Provision of adequate storage volume to prevent the necessity of applying manure and wastewater on frozen or snow-covered ground