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Surface Water Enhancement, Restoration and Protection (SWERP) Clearinghouse

The purpose of the SWERP Clearinghouse is to serve as a networking tool to facilitate the identification and implementation of potential surface water improvement and protection projects that include restoration, protection or enhancement projects. It is intended to facilitate the process of identifying potential projects that may be selected as compensation for environmental impacts to surface waters throughout Ohio. It includes options submitted by land owners, government agencies, watershed coordinators and others that may result in improvement and/or protection of streams, wetlands and lakes.

SWERP Clearinghouse submissions are not evaluated by Ohio EPA or any other organization prior to listing in this Clearinghouse. The list of projects is comprised of voluntary submissions and does not represent a list of approved projects. The relevance and applicability must be evaluated by those selecting projects from this Clearinghouse and will ultimately be reviewed by Ohio EPA as part of an applicant's permit application or by other entities responsible for implementing surface water protection initiatives.

Note: Properties listed in the SWERP Clearinghouse must be owned by the applicant, or the property owner must have given express approval for listing the property in the Clearinghouse.

SWERP Database

The database lists projects submitted to Ohio EPA. The database is periodically updated to add new submissions and remove projects that are no longer available. It is the applicant's or defendant's responsibility to determine if any of the listed projects are still available or viable.

  • Download the list of current SWERP Projects as an Excel spreadsheet
  • SWERP Clearinghouse Application - for those submitting SWERP projects for consideration.
  • SWERP Clearinghouse Users Guide - provides helpful tips for completing the SWERP Application and for those seeking to use the SWERP Clearinghouse.
  • Ohio EPA requests that, when projects are no longer available, those individuals or groups who posted the projects notify Ohio EPA as soon as possible by e-mailing EPA401Webmail@epa.ohio.gov so the projects may be removed from the Clearinghouse. Those seeking projects should check with those posting projects to determine if projects are still available. 

Applicable Programs

This Clearinghouse lists potential projects that are submitted to Ohio EPA for consideration by those seeking mitigation projects through the 401 Water Quality Certification and Isolated Wetland Permit process, and by those seeking Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP) to satisfy the requirements of an enforcement action.

The SWERP Clearinghouse also provides a forum for presenting possible projects that may address implementation opportunities identified in other programs, such as: