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DSW Reports & Data

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of all DSW programs and report types. Please select the programs tab to the left of this page for the full list. The Division of Surface Water generates and reviews many technical reports and associated data. These programs below are quick links to where you can find these reports and data.

Water Quality Programs

These programs support the Clean Water Act's "fishable, swimable" goals for all surface waters in Ohio. These programs assess the quality of the surface waters, set standards for protection of the waters and establish plans to bring impaired waters back into attainment with water quality goals. 

Credible Data (Volunteer Monitoring) Program 

The Credible Data Program classifies surface water monitoring performed by watershed groups, state agencies, schools, local volunteers and other organizations.

Section 208 Plans & State Water Quality Management Plan Program 

Section 208 contains information in Areawide Waste Treatment Management Plans prepared pursuant to Section 208 of the Clean Water Act and the State Water Quality Management Plan.

Ohio Water Resources Committee

Originally formed on a temporary basis as an outgrowth of the 1993 Governors Blue Ribbon Task force on Water Resources, the Ohio Water Resources Committee was designed as a forum for policy development, collaboration and coordination among state agencies, and strategic direction with respect to state water resource programs. 

Primary Headwater Streams and Organisms in Ohio

Ohio EPA defines a headwater stream as a stream with a watershed less then or equal to 20 square miles. Many streams and drainage ways have a watershed of less then one square mile. We refer to these as "primary headwater" streams.