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DSW Additional Information

Additional information on the Ohio EPA rule-making process and information on Agency-wide rules can be found on the Agency Rules and Laws page.

Clean Water Act (Federal law)

A complete copy of Chapter 26 of Title 33 of the United States Code, also known as the Clean Water Act, is available through Cornell University. A summary and brief history of the legislation is provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Ohio Revised Code (State laws)

The following is a list of Ohio Revised Code chapters related to programs in the Division of Surface Water. These chapters can be downloaded from the Legislative Service Commission's Ohio Laws & Administrative Rules Website.

ORC Chapter 3745: Environmental Protection Agency
Creates and establishes powers of the Ohio EPA.

ORC Chapter 6111: Water Pollution Control
Specifies powers of the Ohio EPA with regard to water pollution control.

ORC Chapter 6117: Sewer Districts; County Sewers
Authorizes the establishment of sewer districts.

ORC Chapter 6119: Regional Water and Sewer Districts
Authorizes the establishment of regional water and sewer districts.

Surface Water Policies and Guidance