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Wastewater and Stormwater Discharges from Coal Surface Mining Activities - General Permit

The coal surface mining general permit authorizes discharges from new and existing coal surface mines to surface waters of the State. The general permit does not cover discharges that are addressed by an effective individual NPDES permit or stormwater discharges that the Director of Ohio EPA determines contribute to a violation of a water quality standard.

The coal surface mining general permit covers both wastewater from coal mining activities regulated by 40 CFR 434 and storm water regulated by 40 CFR 122.26.

Two general permits have replaced the existing permit: One general permit (OHMA00001) is for facilities that have reasonable potential for total dissolved solids (TDS) and one general permit (OHM000004) is for facilities that do not have reasonable potential for TDS.

Reasonable potential for existing discharges exists if:

  1. The projected effluent concentration (PEQ) for any parameter is greater than or equal to the Water Quality Standards (WQS) as determined using six or more sample results, or
  2. Any effluent concentrations were greater than or equal to the (WQS) based on fewer than six sample results

Issue Date:  August 27, 2020
Effective Date: September 1, 2020
Expiration Date: August 31, 2025

Application for initial coverage

Each applicant seeking initial coal surface mining general permit coverage must complete and submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) application form along with the Coal GP data form. To obtain general permit coverage, a discharger must complete and submit an NOI application form 45 days prior to initiating activity, along with a $200 fee and map. Coverage/authorization is granted only after the applicant receives written approval from the Director of Ohio EPA.

Notice of Termination

To terminate coverage under this general permit, each individual site covered under the general permit must complete and submit a Notice of Termination (NOT) application form. Permittees should request permit coverage termination once the reclamation bond has been released by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.