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Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Information

Facility Type Permit U.S. EPA
Adams County Landfill Minor 0IN00179 Compliance
Adams County Water Co Inc Minor 0IY00002 Compliance
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Inc-Plum Run Quarry Minor 0IJ00012 Compliance
Kingfisher Development LLC - JM Stuart Station Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00049 Compliance
Kingfisher Development LLC - Killen Station Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00022 Compliance
Maca Plastics-Salamon Airport Minor 0PG00069 Compliance
Manchester WWTP Minor 0PB00024 Compliance
Peebles WWTP Minor 0PB00069 Compliance
Rome Village WWTP Minor 0PB00090 Compliance
Seaman WWTP Minor 0PB00098 Compliance
The National Lime & Stone Company Minor 0IJ00058 Compliance
West Union WWTP Minor 0PC00019 Compliance
Winchester WWTP Minor 0PB00050 Compliance
19 Hawthorne Minor 2PR00305 Compliance
American No 2 WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PH00006 Compliance
American-Bath WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PH00007 Compliance
Beaverdam WWTP Minor 2PB00018 Compliance
Bluffton Stone Company Bluffton Facility Minor 2IJ00018 Compliance
Bluffton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PC00005 Compliance
Chemtrade Logistics Inc Minor 2IF00008 Compliance
Colonial Golfers Club Inc Minor 2PR00195 Compliance
County Line Investments LCC Minor 2PW00018 Compliance
Delphos WTP Minor 2MP00007 Ohio Only Program
Delphos WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00029 Compliance
EOLM Lima Allen County Landfill Inc Minor 2IN00258 Compliance
Elida WWTP Minor 2PB00046 Compliance
Ernst Enterprises Lima Div Minor 2IN00105 Compliance
Flying J #695 Minor 2IN00241 Compliance
Guardian Lima LLC Minor 2IN00238 Compliance
HAT Properties Ltd Minor 2MH00015 Ohio Only Program
Harrod WWTP Minor 2PA00023 Compliance
Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Minor 2MH00037 Ohio Only Program
LaFayette WWTP Minor 2PA00049 Compliance
Lima Compost Facility/Wright Mulch Inc Minor 2MP00014 Ohio Only Program
Lima Refinery Major - Fact Sheet 2IG00001 Compliance
Lima Refinery Major - Fact Sheet 2MP00015 Ohio Only Program
Lima WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PE00000 Compliance
Mast Estates WWTP Minor 2PG00038 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co Lima Plant No 1 Minor 2IJ00013 Compliance
National Lime and Stone Co - Bloomlock Plant Minor 2IJ00010 Compliance
PCS Nitrogen Ohio LP Major - Fact Sheet 2IF00004 Compliance
Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Co Minor 2IN00038 Compliance
Rudolph Foods Inc Minor 2IH00112 Compliance
Shawnee No 2 WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PK00002 Compliance
Spencerville WWTP Minor 2PC00000 Compliance
Superior Forge & Steel Corp Minor 2ID00012 Compliance
US Army Joint Systems Mfg Center Minor 2IO00000 Compliance
Westminster WWTP Minor 2PA00100 Compliance
American Augers Inc Minor 2PR00172 Compliance
Ashland Co West Holmes JVS Minor 2PT00011 Compliance
Ashland WTP Minor 2IW00002 Compliance
Ashland WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00010 Compliance
Bailey Lakes WWTP Minor 2PR00028 Compliance
Bethel Baptist Church Minor 2PR00236 Compliance
Black River Local Schools Minor 2PT00015 Compliance
Byers Woods Vault Restroom Ashland Co Park Dist Minor 2MH00030 Ohio Only Program
Camp Nuhop Minor 2PR00131 Compliance
Falling Star Farm LLC Minor 2IK00058 Compliance
Fin Feather and Fur Outfitters Mini-Mall Minor 2PR00145 Compliance
Graphite Sales Inc Minor 2PR00231 Compliance
Green Acres MHP Minor 2PY00058 Compliance
Harmony Spring School Minor 2MH00024 Ohio Only Program
Hayesville WWTP Minor 2PA00089 Compliance
Hidden Acres Campground Inc Minor 2PR00239 Compliance
Hillsdale High School Minor 2PR00269 Compliance
Jeromesville WWTP Minor 2PA00092 Compliance
LORCO - Cinnamon Lake WWTP Minor 2PR00009 Compliance
Landoll's Mohican Castle Minor 2PR00171 Compliance
Long Lake Park & Campground E Minor 2PR00227 Compliance
Loudonville WTP Minor 2IW00122 Compliance
Loudonville WWTP Minor 2PD00023 Compliance
MWCD - Johnny Appleseed WWTP Minor 2PR00169 Compliance
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC Minor 2IJ00062 Compliance
Michael Mutchler Farm Commercial Grease Site No 1 Minor 2MP00009 Ohio Only Program
Mifflin Village WWTP Minor 2PA00104 Compliance
Mohican Memorial State Forest Bridle Trail Parking Minor 2MH00033 Ohio Only Program
Muskingum Watershed Joint Board SWCD Minor 2MT00001 Ohio Only Program
ODNR - Mohican State Forest WWTP Minor 2PP00005 Compliance
ODNR Mohican St Pk Hemlock Gro Minor 2MH00012 Ohio Only Program
ODNR Mohican State Park Lodge * Minor 2PP00033 Compliance
Perkins Restaurant Minor 2PR00221 Compliance
Perrysville WWTP Minor 2PA00004 Compliance
Polk WWTP Minor 2PA00102 Compliance
River Run Hilltop RV Park Minor 2PY00028 Compliance
Rohrer Corporation Minor 2PR00140 Compliance
Sauers Farm Minor 2MH00019 Ohio Only Program
Savannah WWTP Minor 2PA00086 Compliance
Troy Twp WWTP Minor 2PH00019 Compliance
Warren-Veverka Co No 2 LLC Minor 2PR00200 Compliance
84 Video-News Stand Inc Minor 3PR00610 Compliance
A Schulman Inc dba Premix Inc Minor 3IQ00031 Compliance
ASHTA Chemicals Inc Major - Fact Sheet 3IE00016 Compliance
American Organics-Plus Inc Sludge Processing Sys Minor 3IN00358 Compliance
Andover WPCF Minor 3PB00000 Compliance
Andover WTP Minor 3IY00013 Compliance
Aqua Ohio Water Co.- Ashtabula WTP Minor 3IV00010 Compliance
Ashcraft WWTP Minor 3PG00150 Compliance
Ashtabula Co Airport WWTP Minor 3MP00037 Ohio Only Program
Ashtabula Co Community Action Agency Minor 3PR00604 Compliance
Ashtabula Co Port Authority Plant C Minor 3IB00021 Compliance
Ashtabula County JVS Minor 3PT00029 Compliance
Ashtabula WPCP Major - Fact Sheet 3PE00002 Compliance
Bad Hair Day? Minor 3MH00179 Ohio Only Program
Bayshore Campground Minor 3MP00042 Ohio Only Program
Beachcomer 's Tavern Minor 3PR00626 Compliance
Camp Beaumont BSA Camp B Minor 3PR00632 Compliance
Camp Whitewood Minor 3PR00424 Compliance
Causeway Lounge Minor 3PR00512 Compliance
Centerra Co-op Williamsfield Minor 3IN00290 Compliance
Clean Harbors PPM LLC Minor 3II00202 Compliance
Coffee Crk WWTP Minor 3PG00145 Compliance
Conneaut Church of GOD Minor 3PR00396 Compliance
Conneaut WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00002 Compliance
Cork Elem Minor 3PT00136 Compliance
Creekside Maple School Minor 3MH00075 Ohio Only Program
Creekside Tavern & Grill LLC Minor 3PR00543 Compliance
Cynthia Nye Marsh Hartsgrove Twp Park Minor 3MH00123 Ohio Only Program
D.F. C. MHP Minor 3PV00081 Compliance
Detrex Corp Major - Fact Sheet 3IF00017 Compliance
Dun Rovin MHP Minor 3PV00043 Compliance
EMC Ashtabula LP Minor 3IN00036 Compliance
Eagle Country Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00159 Ohio Only Program
Easton Service Inc Minor 3IE00032 Compliance
FirstEnergy Generation LLC - Ashtabula Power Plant Minor 3IB00012 Compliance
Gateway Church, Inc. Minor 3PR00646 Compliance
Geneva Landfill Minor 3II00192 Compliance
Geneva Motel Minor 3PR00549 Compliance
Geneva Trailer Park Minor 3PV00117 Compliance
Geneva WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00014 Compliance
Geneva-on-the-Lake WWTP Minor 3PC00020 Compliance
Glenbeigh Hospital Minor 3PT00116 Compliance
Grace Baptist Church Minor 3MH00147 Ohio Only Program
Grand Valley Conservation Center Minor 3PR00547 Compliance
Great Lake Medieval Faire Minor 3PR00457 Compliance
Harassments Bar & Grill Minor 3PR00438 Compliance
Hartsgrove BP Convenient Station * Minor 3PR00214 Compliance
Hartsgrove Pizza Minor 3PR00270 Compliance
Holiday Camplands STP Minor 3PH00029 Compliance
Holiday Village MHP Minor 3PV00133 Compliance
Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas LLC Major - Fact Sheet 3IF00002 Compliance
INEOS Pigments USA Inc Ashtabula Complex 1 Major - Fact Sheet 3IE00013 Compliance
J Wade Inc DBA Scooter's Bar and Grill Minor 3PR00428 Compliance
Jeffco Lakes Campground Minor 3PR00303 Compliance
Jefferson WWTP Minor 3PC00021 Compliance
Kay's Place Restaurant Minor 3PR00621 Compliance
Ken Forging Inc Minor 3IS00121 Compliance
Kenisee Grand River Campground Minor 3MP00034 Ohio Only Program
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals LLC - Pinney Dock Minor 3IN00171 Compliance
King Luminaire Co Inc Minor 3PR00324 Compliance
King Training Camp Minor 3PR00656 Compliance
Linde Inc Minor 3IN00152 Compliance
Lone Oak Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00170 Ohio Only Program
Meadow View Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00139 Ohio Only Program
Meadowood Allotment WWTP Minor 3PG00075 Compliance
Mill Creek Ridge Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00122 Ohio Only Program
Mobile Acres Park & Sales Minor 3PV00083 Compliance
Nicky's Bar Minor 3PR00659 Compliance
Norfolk Southern Railway Co Ashtabula Coal Dock Minor 3IT00011 Compliance
North Kingsville Shopping Center WWTP Minor 3PR00254 Compliance
ODNR Pymatuning State Park Minor 3PP00013 Compliance
ODOT Dorset Outpost Garage Minor 3PP00041 Compliance
ODOT Rome Maintenance Outpost Minor 3PP00044 Compliance
ODOTRest Area 04-42 WWTP Minor 3PP00016 Compliance
Orwell WTP Minor 3IY00160 Compliance
Orwell WWTP Minor 3PB00041 Compliance
Paolucci Comm Plaza/Brians Auto Repair Fac Minor 3MH00021 Ohio Only Program
Pilot Travel Center No 2 Minor 3IG00089 Compliance
Pittsburgh & Conneaut Dock Co Minor 3IN00000 Compliance
Pymatuning Adventure Resort LLC Minor 3PR00199 Compliance
Reserve Environmental Services Inc Major - Fact Sheet 3IN00145 Compliance
Ridgeview Estates Minor 3PW00034 Compliance
Roaming Shores WWTP Minor 3PB00068 Compliance
Rock Creek WWTP Minor 3PA00029 Compliance
Rustic Cove MHC LLC Minor 3PV00082 Compliance
Ryber Development LLC Minor 3IE00011 Compliance
Sheldon Calvary Camp Inc Minor 3PR00236 Compliance
Stoney Lane Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00189 Ohio Only Program
Sun Rise View Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00112 Ohio Only Program
TA Kingsville Minor 3IN00307 Compliance
The Inn of West Andover LLC Minor 3PR00427 Compliance
USALCO Ashtabula Plant LLC * Minor 3II00188 Compliance
Wagon Trails Res-Millbrook Outdoor Res N Well Minor 3PR00630 Compliance
Western Reserve Animal Clinic Minor 3PR00643 Compliance
Whispering Willow MHC Minor 3PV00084 Compliance
Wildwood Acres Campground Minor 3PR00747 Compliance
Willow Lake Campground Minor 3PR00548 Compliance
Windsor Community Center Minor 3PT00074 Compliance
Albany WWTP Minor 0PB00087 Compliance
Amesville WWTP Minor 0PA00101 Compliance
Athens County 691 Landfill Minor 0IN00231 Compliance
Athens Golf & Country Club Minor 0PR00062 Compliance
Athens WTP Minor 0IZ00000 Compliance
Athens WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00000 Compliance
Athens-Hocking Landfill Minor 0IN00056 Compliance
Blue Heron Campground Minor 0PR00158 Compliance
Bobo RV Campground Minor 0PR00109 Compliance
Burr Oak Regional WTP Minor 0IV00010 Compliance
CCU Coal & Construction LLC D-1163 Minor 0IL00139 Compliance
Capstone Village Apts Minor 0PW00018 Compliance
Chauncey Village Park Minor 0MH00034 Ohio Only Program
Chauncey WWTP Minor 0PB00006 Compliance
Federal Hocking Middle & Sr HS Minor 0PT00047 Compliance
Happy Valley Estates MHP Minor 0PV00531 Compliance
Health Recovery Services Minor 0PX00008 Compliance
Hockingport MHP Minor 0PV00014 Compliance
Johnson Run Mine Minor 0IL00168 Compliance
Lake Snowden Minor 0PR00165 Compliance
Le-Ax Water District Minor 0IZ00023 Compliance
Mansfield Trailer Park Minor 0PV00036 Compliance
Nelsonville WWTP Minor 0PC00006 Compliance
ODOT Hollister Outpost Minor 0IN00270 Compliance
ODOT Torch Rest Area WWTP Minor 0PP00087 Compliance
ORCA Baileys Trail System Holding Tank Minor 0MH00038 Ohio Only Program
RVM Realty South Inc - Moore's Athens Bulk Plant Minor 0IN00225 Compliance
Ron Campbell Apartments Minor 0PW00029 Compliance
Sickels Sanitation Minor 0MP00008 Ohio Only Program
Spreading Oaks MHP WWTP Minor 0PV00001 Compliance
Strouds Run State Park Minor 0MH00031 Ohio Only Program
The Plains SD No 1 Buchtel Minor 0PJ00005 Compliance
The Port Campground & Docks Minor 0PR00592 Compliance
Torch Estates Wastewater Facility Minor 0PW00026 Compliance
Trimble Township WWTP Minor 0PB00086 Compliance
Village at Rolling Hills Minor 0PV00007 Compliance
Village of Coolville WWT Facility Minor 0PA00106 Compliance
Arrowhead Estates WWTP Minor 2PG00090 Compliance
BPI Energy Services LLC- Minster Bulk Plant Minor 2IN00173 Compliance
Beverly Hills Subdiv Minor 2PG00073 Compliance
Buckland WWTP Minor 2PA00103 Compliance
Country Club Hills Property Owners Assoc WWTP Minor 2PW00007 Compliance
Cridersville WWTP Minor 2PB00048 Compliance
Dad's Drive-In Minor 2PR00258 Compliance
Danone US LLC Minor 2IH00004 Compliance
E-Z Campground Minor 2PR00294 Compliance
Forest Lane Subdiv Minor 2PG00105 Compliance
G.A. Wintzer and Son Co Minor 2MP00001 Ohio Only Program
G.A. Wintzer and Son Co Minor 2IK00002 Compliance
Glacier Hill Lakes No 1 Minor 2PR00262 Compliance
K/Z Sewer Dist Minor 2PW00006 Compliance
Koneta Rubber Co Minor 2IN00212 Compliance
Lakeside Estates MHP Minor 2PY00076 Compliance
Minster WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PB00036 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co - Buckland Plant Minor 2IJ00019 Compliance
New Bremen WWTP Minor 2PB00034 Compliance
New Knoxville STP Minor 2PA00059 Compliance
ODOT Rest Area 7-26 Minor 2PP00025 Compliance
ODOT Rest Area 7-33 Minor 2PP00026 Compliance
Pleasantview Estates Subdiv Minor 2PG00092 Compliance
Saint Mary's WTP Minor 2IW00240 Compliance
Sharlon Subdiv Minor 2PG00093 Compliance
Sherwood Forest Subdiv Minor 2PG00013 Compliance
St Marys City WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00026 Compliance
TA Travel Center of America Minor 2IN00039 Compliance
Thieman Quality Metal Fab Minor 2IN00164 Compliance
Uniopolis WWTP Minor 2PA00054 Compliance
Wapakoneta Country Club Minor 2PR00126 Compliance
Wapakoneta KOA Minor 2PR00256 Compliance
Wapakoneta WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00019 Compliance
Waynesfield WWTP Minor 2PB00022 Compliance
Weber Materials Minor 2IJ00082 Compliance
American Energy Corp - Century Mine Minor 0IL00091 Compliance
American Energy Corp - Century Mine STP 2 Minor 0IM00033 Compliance
American Energy Corporation - Bethesda Portal WWTP Minor 0IM00036 Compliance
Barnesville WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PC00001 Compliance
Barton Volunteer Fire Dept Minor 0MH00011 Ohio Only Program
Bellaire Corp Powhatan Mine No 1 Minor 0IL00041 Compliance
Bellaire Corp Powhatan No 5 Mine Town Run Minor 0IL00043 Compliance
Bellaire Dock Terminal Minor 0IL00110 Compliance
Bellaire Plant Minor 0IW00003 Compliance
Belmont Co Guernsey St Water Plt Minor 0IZ00050 Compliance
Bethesda WWTP Minor 0PB00001 Compliance
Bridgeport WTP Minor 0IX00010 Compliance
Eastern Ohio Regional WW Authority Major - Fact Sheet 0PQ00000 Compliance
Flushing WWTP Minor 0PB00013 Compliance
Former Gould Manufacturing Facility Minor 0IN00250 Compliance
Fox-Shannon WWTP Minor 0PG00063 Compliance
Grow Ohio LLC - Belmont County Tree Farm Minor 0MP00030 Ohio Only Program
Mount Zion Cemetery Assn - Holding Tank Minor 0MH00009 Ohio Only Program
ODNR Barkcamp Overlook Minor 0MH00029 Ohio Only Program
Oboy Clr Bl Well Pad Minor 0IN00278 Compliance
Ohio Coatings Co Major - Fact Sheet 0IC00026 Compliance
Ohio Valley Coal Co Powhatan No 6 Mine * Minor 0IL00046 Compliance
PTTGCA Petrochemical Complex Major - Fact Sheet 0IF00018 Compliance
Pennwood Estates Subdiv Minor 0PH00012 Compliance
Powhatan Harbor Minor 0IL00125 Compliance
Powhatan K-8 School Minor 0PT00062 Compliance
Powhatan Point WWTP Minor 0PB00033 Compliance
Shadyside WWTP Minor 0PC00009 Compliance
Smith Township Garage Minor 0MH00020 Ohio Only Program
St Clairsville WWTP Minor 0PC00014 Compliance
St Clairsville West WWTP Minor 0PA00099 Compliance
The Ohio Valley Coal Co - McMahon Portal WWTP Minor 0IM00034 Compliance
Yorkville STP * Minor 0PB00052 Compliance
Aberdeen WWTP Minor 1PB00100 Compliance
Barber's Auto Salvage Minor 1PX00060 Compliance
Barbers Septic Service Holding Tank Minor 1MH00132 Ohio Only Program
Brubaker Farm Holding Tank Minor 1MH00126 Ohio Only Program
Cedar Brook School Minor 1MH00154 Ohio Only Program
Close To Home IV Inc. Minor 1PT00117 Compliance
Cotton Wood Grove Camp Grounds Minor 1MH00039 Ohio Only Program
Fayetteville Perry Twp WWTP Minor 1PD00024 Compliance
Georgetown WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PB00101 Compliance
Hanson Aggregates Davon Inc Eagle Quarry Minor 1IJ00049 Compliance
Higginsport WWTP Minor 1PA00028 Compliance
Locust Ridge Healthcare LLC Minor 1PX00059 Compliance
Lykins Oil Co - Mount Orab Bulk Plant * Minor 1IN00309 Compliance
Mt Orab WWTP Minor 1PB00044 Compliance
Ripley WWTP Minor 1PB00103 Compliance
Rumpke Waste Inc Brown County Landfill Minor 1IN00142 Compliance
Russellville WWTP Minor 1PA00104 Compliance
Sardinia WWTP Minor 1PB00108 Compliance
Shady Nook School Minor 1MH00108 Ohio Only Program
US Shoe Site aka former US Shoe Facility Minor 1IN00293 Compliance
Waynoka Regional W & SD Minor 1PS00013 Compliance
BRCC Operations LLC Minor 1PR00002 Compliance
Bogan Elem Sch Minor 1MP00012 Ohio Only Program
Camp Campbell Gard Minor 1PR00111 Compliance
Chem-Dyne Site Trust Fund Minor 1IN00100 Compliance
Cincinnati Water Works - Charles M Bolton WTP Minor 1MP00021 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corporation Major - Fact Sheet 1ID00001 Compliance
Crouse MHP Minor 1PV00095 Compliance
Essity Operations Wausau LLC Major - Fact Sheet 1IA00119 Compliance
Fairfield WTP 1 Minor 1IW00000 Compliance
Fairfield WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00003 Compliance
Governor Bebb Metropark Minor 1MH00056 Ohio Only Program
Hamilton Precision LLC Minor 1MH00114 Ohio Only Program
Hamilton Water Reclamation Facility Major - Fact Sheet 1PE00002 Compliance
Indian Creek Metropark Minor 1MH00055 Ohio Only Program
Indian Ridge Master Homeowners Assn Minor 1MP00013 Ohio Only Program
Island Lake MHP Minor 1PV00128 Compliance
Layhigh Estates MHP WWTP Minor 1PZ00002 Compliance
Lesourdsville Water Reclamation Facility Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00011 Compliance
Madison Local Schools WWTP Minor 1PT00084 Compliance
Magellan Aerospace Middletown Inc Minor 1IC00003 Compliance
Middletown Sportsman Club Minor 1PR00117 Compliance
Middletown WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PE00003 Compliance
Molson Coors USA LLC Major - Fact Sheet 1IH00011 Compliance
Morgan Elem Sch Minor 1PT00098 Compliance
Neanover Processing Minor 1MH00003 Ohio Only Program
New London Hills WWTP Minor 1PZ00077 Compliance
New Miami WTP Minor 1IX00090 Compliance
New Miami WWTP Minor 1PB00023 Compliance
ODOT Outpost Minor 1MH00141 Ohio Only Program
Oxford WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00007 Compliance
Queen Acres Water Reclamation Facility Minor 1PG00043 Compliance
Seven Mile Elem Sch WWTP Minor 1PT00080 Compliance
Skyview Acres MHP WWTP Minor 1PV00031 Compliance
Southwest Regional Water District Minor 1IX00053 Compliance
The Pines MHC Minor 1PV00107 Compliance
Town & Country MHP Minor 1PV00079 Compliance
Trenton WTP Minor 1IX00120 Compliance
Upper Mill Creek Water Reclamation Facility * Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00016 Compliance
Wade Mill Water Reclamation Facility Minor 1PJ00010 Compliance
Wausau Paper Towel & Tissue Minor 1IA00008 Compliance
Woodland Country Manor Minor 1PX00041 Compliance
Atwood Regional W & SD Minor 3PQ00100 Compliance
BTM Sewer District Minor 3PB00102 Compliance
Camp Aldersgate EOC United Methodist Church Minor 3PR00362 Compliance
Carroll Co Home Golden Age Retreat Minor 3PR00171 Compliance
Carroll Co Landfill Minor 3IN00386 Compliance
Carrollton WWTP Minor 3PC00027 Compliance
Colfor Manufacturing Inc Minor 3IS00115 Compliance
Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp Minor 3PR00454 Compliance
FFA Camp Muskingum Minor 3MP00050 Ohio Only Program
Heritage Cooperative Inc - Carrollton Bulk Plt Minor 3IN00295 Compliance
Imperial Aluminum-Minerva LLC Minor 3II00196 Compliance
Leesville N Fork Campground Vault Toilet Project Minor 3MH00061 Ohio Only Program
Leesville South Fork Primitive Campground Vault Minor 3MH00060 Ohio Only Program
Leesville WWTP Minor 3PA00039 Compliance
Minerva STP Minor 3PC00023 Compliance
NEOSA Salvation Army Camp Minor 3PR00223 Compliance
Perry Twp Volunteer Fire Dept Minor 3MH00114 Ohio Only Program
Rosebud Mining - Carrollton Underground Mine Minor 3IL00102 Compliance
Twigg Winery Minor 3MP00011 Ohio Only Program
A&R Reck Sunset Terrace MHP Minor 1PV00118 Compliance
Christiansburg Water Works Minor 1IY00310 Compliance
Dragonfly Vineyard & Wine Cellar Minor 1MH00113 Ohio Only Program
Graham High School Minor 1PT00088 Compliance
Harvest Square MHP Minor 1PV00082 Compliance
J Rettenmaier USA LP Minor 1IH00020 Compliance
Johnson Welded Products Inc Minor 1IS00000 Compliance
Mechanicsburg WWTP Minor 1PB00037 Compliance
North Lewisburg WWTP Minor 1PB00039 Compliance
ODOT Dist 7 Mechanicsburg Outpost Minor 1MH00022 Ohio Only Program
Rittenhouse Resort Minor 1MH00053 Ohio Only Program
Rolling Hills MHP STP Minor 1PV00047 Compliance
Saint Paris WWTP Minor 1PB00029 Compliance
Spring Meadows Care Center Minor 1PX00047 Compliance
Triad Local Sch WWTP Minor 1PT00099 Compliance
Urbana Materials Minor 1IJ00142 Compliance
Urbana WPCF * Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00011 Compliance
Urbana WTP Minor 1IY00300 Compliance
Valley View MHP Minor 1PY00002 Compliance
Village of Christiansburg WWTP Minor 1PA00105 Compliance
Weidmann Electrical Techonology Inc Minor 1IN00302 Compliance
West Liberty Salem School Minor 1PT00066 Compliance
Blackhorse Energy LLC - Springfield Bulk Plant Minor 1IN00256 Compliance
Boone Saloon Minor 1PR00122 Compliance
Bridgewood MHP Minor 1PV00112 Compliance
Brookside Village MHP Minor 1PV00097 Compliance
C & S Tree Recycling Service Minor 1PX00056 Compliance
Catawba SD Minor 1PA00020 Compliance
Enon Heights MHP Minor 1PV00106 Compliance
Enon WTP Minor 1IX00032 Compliance
Exponential Genomics Inc (Xenomics) Minor 1PT00118 Compliance
Garick LLC Paygro Division Minor 1IN00288 Compliance
Greenlawn Village Condominiums Minor 1PW00037 Compliance
Greenon HS Minor 1PT00014 Compliance
Harmony Estates MHP Minor 1PV00007 Compliance
IPL Dayton Inc Minor 1IQ00017 Compliance
KTK Industrial Park WWTP Minor 1PZ00003 Compliance
Martin Marietta Materials Inc - Fairborn Minor 1IJ00026 Compliance
Navistar Inc Major - Fact Sheet 1IN00022 Compliance
New Carlisle WWTP Minor 1PD00018 Compliance
Northeastern HS Minor 1PT00033 Compliance
Ohio Heifer Center Minor 1IK00001 Compliance
Pleasant Valley Est MHP Minor 1PV00105 Compliance
Ports Petroleum Minor 1PZ00092 Compliance
Rolling Terrace MHP Minor 1PV00058 Compliance
SSA Edgewood MHP Minor 1PV00100 Compliance
South Charleston WWTP Minor 1PB00028 Compliance
South Vienna Village WWTP Minor 1PA00021 Compliance
Southwest Regional WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00013 Compliance
Springfield Twp Fire Station 3 - Rockway Minor 1MH00067 Ohio Only Program
Springfield WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PE00007 Compliance
Studebaker Nurseries, Inc. Apartment Housing Minor 1PW00052 Compliance
Tomorrows Stars RV Park Minor 1PX00043 Compliance
Woodruff Enterprises - HT Minor 1MH00037 Ohio Only Program
Airgas Great Lakes- Miamisville Minor 1MP00027 Ohio Only Program
Amelia Estates Minor 1PV00002 Compliance
Arch Materials LLC Minor 1IN00289 Compliance
Arrowhead Park WWTP Minor 1PH00014 Compliance
CD DG Amelia, LLC Minor 1MH00127 Ohio Only Program
Chestnut Lane MHP Minor 1PV00085 Compliance
Cincinnati Nature Center - Rowe Woods Recreation Minor 1PR00116 Compliance
Clermont Co Board Developmental Disabilities Minor 1PT00122 Compliance
Clermont Co WRD BMW WTP Minor 1IV00150 Compliance
Clermont County Water - Pierce Union Batavia WTP Minor 1IY00030 Compliance
Clermont NE Local Schools WWTP Minor 1PT00077 Compliance
EB Automotive Holding Tank Minor 1MH00098 Ohio Only Program
Felicity WTP Minor 1IY00127 Compliance
Felicity WWTP Minor 1PH00011 Compliance
Forest Creek MHP Minor 1PV00034 Compliance
Goshen Church of God Minor 1PZ00057 Compliance
Goshen Twp Park HT Minor 1MH00090 Ohio Only Program
Hi-View Estates MHP WWTP Minor 1PV00026 Compliance
Hilltop Estates MHC Minor 1PV00027 Compliance
IMI Ohio LLC-Milford Minor 1MH00101 Ohio Only Program
Jesuit Spiritual Center at Milford Minor 1PX00094 Compliance
Lakeside Estates MHP Minor 1PV00046 Compliance
Landing @ Bear Creek Minor 1PX00124 Compliance
Louiso Trucking Inc Minor 1MH00075 Ohio Only Program
Lower East Fork Regional WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00009 Compliance
Miami Goshen Stonelick WTP Minor 1IX00030 Compliance
Miami Trails WWTP Minor 1PW00023 Compliance
Middle East Fork Regional WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00010 Compliance
Milford City WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PC00005 Compliance
Milford Waterworks Minor 1IW00110 Compliance
Monroe Elem Sch Minor 1PT00016 Compliance
Moscow Village Minor 1PE00008 Compliance
Mt Carmel Farms - Holding Tank Minor 1MH00109 Ohio Only Program
New Richmond Development Corp LLC Minor 1IB00000 Compliance
New Richmond WWTP Minor 1PB00022 Compliance
Newtonsville Area WWTP Minor 1PA00106 Compliance
Nine Mile Creek WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00008 Compliance
O'Bannon Creek Regional WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00017 Compliance
OBannon Creek Golf Club Minor 1MP00002 Ohio Only Program
Ohio Valley Voices Minor 1PT00126 Compliance
Orchard Lake MHP Minor 1PV00009 Compliance
Pleasant Hill MHP Minor 1PY00004 Compliance
Royal Hills Village Minor 1PV00074 Compliance
St. James Eastern Orthodox Church Minor 1PX00095 Compliance
Stonelick Hills Golf Course Minor 1PX00087 Compliance
Stonelick State Park Campgrounds WWTP Minor 1PP00020 Compliance
Tall Timbers MHP Minor 1PV00102 Compliance
Tate Monroe Water Assn Minor 1IX00060 Compliance
Tate Monroe Water Association STU 2 Minor 1IY00290 Compliance
Tradewinds MHP Minor 1PV00000 Compliance
USEPA Experimental Stream Fac Minor 1IN00116 Compliance
Wards Corner Regional WWTP Minor 1PK00021 Compliance
William H Zimmer Station Major - Fact Sheet 1IB00011 Compliance
Williamsburg WWTP Minor 1PB00034 Compliance
Woodland Christian Camp Minor 1PX00096 Compliance
World Kinect Energy Services-Milford Minor 1IN00308 Compliance
ATSG - ABX Air Inc - AMES Minor 1II00031 Compliance
Blanchester WWTP Minor 1PB00003 Compliance
Caesar Creek Flea Market Minor 1PX00003 Compliance
Chester Twp Fire Station Minor 1MH00029 Ohio Only Program
Clarksville WWTP Minor 1PA00024 Compliance
Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities Minor 1PT00125 Compliance
Clinton Swim Club Minor 1PZ00120 Compliance
East Clinton High School Minor 1PT00085 Compliance
Kirkwood Campground Minor 1PR00118 Compliance
Martinsville-Midland WWTP Minor 1PH00031 Compliance
McDonalds Restaurant Minor 1PZ00041 Compliance
Melvin Stone Co - Shamrock Materials Inc Minor 1IJ00059 Compliance
Melvin Stone Co - Wilmington Minor 1IJ00040 Compliance
New Vienna WTP Minor 1IY00122 Compliance
New Vienna WWTP Minor 1PA00005 Compliance
ODNR Cowan Lake State Park Campground & Cabins Minor 1PX00029 Compliance
Pilot Travel Centers LLC No 016 Minor 1PZ00019 Compliance
Pine Hills MHP Minor 1PV00089 Compliance
Roberts Development Commerce Park WWTP Minor 1PZ00113 Compliance
Rolling Terrace MHP * Minor 1PV00044 Compliance
Sabina WWTP Minor 1PB00038 Compliance
Snow Hill Country Club Minor 1PZ00029 Compliance
Wilmington Preserve WWTP Minor 1PX00010 Compliance
Wilmington Sanitary Landfill Minor 1II00129 Compliance
Wilmington WTP Minor 1IW00240 Compliance
Wilmington WTP Minor 1MP00019 Ohio Only Program
Wilmington WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00013 Compliance
Beaver Local WWTP & Pump Station Minor 3PB00070 Compliance
Big Arbs Campground Minor 3PR00503 Compliance
Breezeway Mobile Manor Minor 3PV00107 Compliance
Buckeye WTP Minor 3IV00031 Compliance
City of Salem - Wastewater Plant Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00027 Compliance
Columbiana ACE Hardware Minor 3PR00751 Compliance
Columbiana Co Skyview Acres WWTP Minor 3PG00123 Compliance
Columbiana WTP Minor 3IW00022 Compliance
Columbiana WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00041 Compliance
Country Squire MHP Minor 3PV00130 Compliance
County Home Road WWTP Minor 3PG00163 Compliance
Crestview Local Sch Dist Jr & Sr HS Minor 3PT00059 Compliance
East Liverpool WTP Minor 3IV00183 Compliance
East Liverpool WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00009 Compliance
East Palestine WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00042 Compliance
Elkton WWTP Minor 3PK00016 Compliance
Farr Hill MHP Inc Minor 3PV00113 Compliance
Gilford Lake STP Minor 3PH00043 Compliance
Hall China Co * Minor 3IJ00015 Compliance
Hays Orchard and Cider Mill, LLC Minor 3IH00111 Compliance
Heritage Thermal Services Inc Minor 3IN00170 Compliance
J&J Tire & Alignment Minor 3MH00005 Ohio Only Program
JaSar Recycling Inc Minor 3IN00364 Compliance
Kensington WWTP Minor 3PH00061 Compliance
Knox Elementary School - West Branch Minor 3PT00123 Compliance
Leetonia WWTP Minor 3PB00017 Compliance
Lisbon Brd of Public Affairs WTP Minor 3IV00250 Compliance
Lisbon WWTP Minor 3PA00034 Compliance
Madison Township Garage Minor 3MH00104 Ohio Only Program
Marathon Petroleum Co LP - Wellsville Terminal Minor 3IG00007 Compliance
New Day Recovery Minor 3MP00052 Ohio Only Program
New Waterford WWTP Minor 3PB00059 Compliance
Paradise Lake Country Campground Inc Minor 3PR00325 Compliance
Penn Star MHP Minor 3PV00110 Compliance
PennOhio Waste LLC Minor 3IN00360 Compliance
Premier Park Estates LLC Minor 3PV00124 Compliance
Roger Foods & Fuel Minor 3PR00436 Compliance
Rosebud Mining Co Minor 3IL00018 Compliance
Rosebud Mining Company - Dorr Facility Minor 3II00208 Compliance
Roseview Acres WWTP Minor 3PG00162 Compliance
Salem WTP Minor 3IV00180 Compliance
Salem WTP Minor 3MP00023 Ohio Only Program
Salem-Lisbon KOA Minor 3PR00352 Compliance
Salineville WWTP Minor 3PB00026 Compliance
Signal Rail Terminal Minor 3MH00186 Ohio Only Program
South Field Energy LLC Minor 3IN00394 Compliance
Southern Local HS Minor 3PT00098 Compliance
Spread Eagle Tavern Inc Minor 3PR00470 Compliance
SunRise MHP Minor 3PV00094 Compliance
The Shear Touch Minor 3MH00047 Ohio Only Program
Timashamie Family Campground Minor 3PR00305 Compliance
United Local Sch Dist Minor 3PT00066 Compliance
Valley Drive In Minor 3MH00015 Ohio Only Program
Ventra Salem, LLC Minor 3IQ00001 Compliance
Washingtonville WWTP Minor 3PB00051 Compliance
Wellsville Petroleum - Off loading facility Minor 3IG00102 Compliance
Wellsville WWTP Minor 3PD00023 Compliance
West Branch Nursing Home LLC * Minor 3PR00458 Compliance
West Community Center Minor 3PT00075 Compliance
Westpoint Renewables LLC Minor 3MH00174 Ohio Only Program
Westpoint Renewables LLC Minor 3IN00247 Compliance
Zarbana Aluminum Extrusion LLC Minor 3IE00035 Compliance
CCU Coal & Construction LLC - Barb Tipple Minor 0IL00107 Compliance
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corporation - Coshocton Works Major - Fact Sheet 0ID00014 Compliance
Conesville Coal Preparation Plant Minor 0IL00073 Compliance
Conesville Power Plant Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00013 Compliance
Conesville Residual Waste Disposal Facility Minor 0IN00101 Compliance
Coshocton Ethanol Acquisition Co - Three Rivers Energy Minor 0IN00260 Compliance
Coshocton Landfill Inc Minor 0IN00216 Compliance
Coshocton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00004 Compliance
Hollyberry Park LLC Minor 0PV00022 Compliance
Lake Lila Campground Minor 0PR00164 Compliance
McWane Ductile Ohio Minor 0IS00017 Compliance
Mill Creek Landfill Minor 0IN00128 Compliance
Ohio Central Railroad - Morgan Run Shop Minor 0IT00006 Compliance
Pearl Valley Cheese Co Minor 0MP00004 Ohio Only Program
Riverview Local Sch Dist Minor 0PT00008 Compliance
Warsaw WWTP Minor 0PB00084 Compliance
West Lafayette WWTP Minor 0PB00048 Compliance
Wiley Companies Minor 0IN00122 Compliance
Bucyrus WTP No 2 Minor 2IW00321 Compliance
Bucyrus WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00021 Compliance
Central Ohio Farmer's Co-Op (Bucyrus Bulk Plant) Minor 2IN00172 Compliance
Crawford County Commissioners S.C.A.T. Garage Minor 2MH00039 Ohio Only Program
Crawford County Landfill Minor 2IN00127 Compliance
Crestline WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PC00006 Compliance
Foxfire Campground WWTP Minor 2PR00201 Compliance
Galion WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00030 Compliance
Linlare SSD No 2 Minor 2PG00089 Compliance
Morton Subdiv WWTP Minor 2PG00115 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co Minor 2IJ00020 Compliance
New Washington WWTP Minor 2PB00060 Compliance
Ranchwood Community Minor 2PY00029 Compliance
Savant Systems Technologies LLC Bucyrus Lamp Plant Minor 2IN00242 Compliance
Sugar Grove Lake WWTP Minor 2PW00013 Compliance
The Timken Company - Bucyrus Bearing Plant Minor 2IC00046 Compliance
Wagon Wheel Campground LLC Minor 2PR00187 Compliance
Wynford HS & Elem Sch Minor 2PT00028 Compliance
Air BP - Cleveland Hopkins Airport Minor 3IN00060 Compliance
Bedford Hts WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00006 Compliance
Bedford WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00005 Compliance
Cargill Inc - Salt Division Minor 3IE00042 Compliance
Chagrin Falls Meadow Lane WWTP Minor 3PD00038 Compliance
Chagrin Valley Hunt Club Minor 3PR00175 Compliance
Charter Steel Minor 3ID00077 Compliance
City of Brooklyn Landfill Minor 3IN00389 Compliance
City of Solon Water Reclamation Facility Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00019 Compliance
Clev Metropks Music Mound Pic Minor 3MH00081 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Cuyahoga Co Port Authority Minor 3IN00391 Compliance
Cleveland Div of Water Nottingham WTP Minor 3IV00080 Compliance
Cleveland Division of Water Minor 3IV00060 Compliance
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Minor 3II00179 Compliance
Cleveland Metroparks - Aukerman Park Minor 3MH00085 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Metroparks - Meadows Picnic Area Minor 3MH00107 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Metroparks - Memphis Picnic Area Minor 3MH00108 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Metroparks - North Chagrin Nature Center Minor 3MH00105 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Metroparks - Stinchcomb Picnic Area Minor 3MH00106 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Metroparks Forest Picnic Area Minor 3MH00150 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Metroparks Herriet Keeler Minor 3MH00079 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Metroparks Old Birch Picnic Area Minor 3MH00149 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland Metroparks Seneca Golf Course Minor 3MH00148 Ohio Only Program
Cleveland-Cliffs Cleveland Works LLC Major - Fact Sheet 3ID00003 Compliance
Collinwood BioEnergy LLC Minor 3IN00371 Compliance
Columbia Park Owner LLC Minor 3PV00013 Compliance
Cuyahoga Landmark Inc Minor 3IN00104 Compliance
Euclid WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PE00003 Compliance
FirstEnergy Generation LLC - Lake Shore Power Plant Minor 3IB00004 Compliance
Ford Motor Co Cleveland Engine Plant Minor 3IS00027 Compliance
Gates Mills Elem Sch Minor 3PT00146 Compliance
Gates Mills Historical Society Minor 3MH00118 Ohio Only Program
Gates Mills WWTP Minor 3PA00035 Compliance
General Motors LLC - Parma Facility Minor 3IS00043 Compliance
Greentree WWTP Minor 3PA00010 Compliance
Harper Ridge - Cleveland Metroparks Minor 3MH00068 Ohio Only Program
Hiram House Camp Minor 3PR00276 Compliance
Howmet Aerospace Inc Minor 3II00059 Compliance
Kurtz Brothers Inc dba Warner Road/General Chemical LLC Minor 3II00210 Compliance
Lakewood WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PE00004 Compliance
MPLX Terminals LLC - Brecksville Terminal Minor 3IG00038 Compliance
Moen Incorporated Minor 3IN00241 Compliance
NASA Glenn Research Center Minor 3IO00001 Compliance
NEORSD Easterly WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PF00001 Compliance
NEORSD Southerly WWTC Major - Fact Sheet 3PF00002 Compliance
NEORSD Westerly WWTC Major - Fact Sheet 3PE00001 Compliance
North Olmsted WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00016 Compliance
North Royalton WWTP A Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00030 Compliance
North Royalton WWTP B Minor 3PC00018 Compliance
Northcoast Kitchens LLC Minor 3PR00703 Compliance
Northeast Ohio Regional SD Minor 3PA00002 Compliance
Olmsted Falls Bd of Ed Fitch Elem Sch Minor 3PT00155 Compliance
Ottawa Point Picnic Area Minor 3MH00162 Ohio Only Program
Pepper Pike Club Co Minor 3PR00215 Compliance
RKDF Minor 3IN00397 Compliance
Rochling Glastic Composites Minor 3IN00204 Compliance
Rocky River WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PE00009 Compliance
Rosby Resource Recycling Inc Minor 3II00207 Compliance
Shelly Liquid Div - Cleveland Terminal Minor 3II00198 Compliance
Strongsville B WWTP Minor 3PB00047 Compliance
Strongsville C WWTP Minor 3PB00048 Compliance
Thistledown Racetrack Minor 3IK00005 Compliance
Two Bratenahl Place Minor 3IN00363 Compliance
United Airlines Hanger 3 Minor 3MH00003 Ohio Only Program
University School * Minor 3PT00039 Compliance
Ursuline College Minor 3PT00025 Compliance
Woodbran Realty WWTP Minor 3PU00001 Compliance
Zircoa Inc Minor 3IE00014 Compliance
21 Barrels Cidery and Winery Minor 1MH00121 Ohio Only Program
Ansonia WWTP Minor 1PB00005 Compliance
Arcanum WWTP Minor 1PB00000 Compliance
Arrowhead Campground Minor 1PV00122 Compliance
C & J Furs Minor 1MH00043 Ohio Only Program
Cottonwood Lakes Campground Minor 1PX00057 Compliance
Foureman Sand & Gravel Inc Minor 1IJ00064 Compliance
Greenville WTP Laboratory Minor 1MP00020 Ohio Only Program
Greenville WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00005 Compliance
Mississinawa Valley Local Sch Dist Office Minor 1PT00095 Compliance
New Madison STP Minor 1PA00017 Compliance
Northtowne Apts Minor 1PW00050 Compliance
Osgood WWTP Minor 1PB00047 Compliance
Palestine-Hollansburg Joint Sewer District WWTP Minor 1PA00111 Compliance
Pitsburg WWTP Minor 1PA00030 Compliance
Rolin Acres Subdiv WWTP Minor 1PG00090 Compliance
Rowland Truck and Equipment Inc Minor 1MH00006 Ohio Only Program
Shamrock Materials Ft Jefferson Limestone Minor 1IJ00015 Compliance
Shamrock Materials dba Walls Materials Minor 1MH00105 Ohio Only Program
Sherwood Forest MHC LLC Minor 1PV00094 Compliance
Shur Green Farms LLC Minor 1MP00040 Ohio Only Program
Stillwater Golf Estates Minor 1PX00014 Compliance
Turtle Creek Golf Course Minor 1PR00112 Compliance
Union City WWTP Minor 1PB00031 Compliance
Versailles WWTP Minor 1PB00033 Compliance
Village of Versailles Minor 1MP00025 Ohio Only Program
ANR Pipeline Co - Defiance Minor 2IN00018 Compliance
Airway Estates MHC Minor 2PY00065 Compliance
Auglaize River Sewer Lagoon System Minor 2PH00022 Compliance
Camp Libbey Minor 2PR00166 Compliance
Defiance County Sanitary Landfill Minor 2IN00111 Compliance
Defiance Mun WTP Minor 2IW00060 Compliance
Defiance WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00013 Compliance
Evansport WWTP Minor 2PG00055 Compliance
Evergreen Lane Office Complex Minor 2PG00052 Compliance
General Motors LLC Major - Fact Sheet 2IN00202 Compliance
General Motors LLC Major - Fact Sheet 2IN00004 Compliance
Hickory Acres Campground Minor 2MP00021 Ohio Only Program
Hicksville WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PB00042 Compliance
Metal Management of Ohio Minor 2IS00026 Compliance
Middle Gordon Creek Subdiv WWTP Minor 2PG00049 Compliance
Ney WTP Minor 2IV00112 Compliance
Ney WWT Lagoon Minor 2PA00095 Compliance
Northeastern Local Schools Minor 2PT00018 Compliance
Sherwood WWTP Minor 2PA00017 Compliance
Tiffin Township Trustees Minor 2MH00041 Ohio Only Program
Alum Creek WWTP * Major - Fact Sheet 4PK00003 Compliance
Ashley WWTP Minor 4PB00027 Compliance
Berachah Church Waste Water Plant Minor 4PX00001 Compliance
Buckeye Valley Middle & High Schls Minor 4PT00107 Compliance
Clydesdale Stonehaus Minor 4PX00011 Compliance
Crystal Lake MHP Minor 4PV00010 Compliance
Del-Co Water Co - Old State McNamara Facility Minor 4IW01005 Compliance
Del-Co Water Co - Olentangy Minor 4MP00005 Ohio Only Program
Del-Co Water Co Inc Minor 4IW00052 Compliance
Delaware MHP Minor 4PV00106 Compliance
Delaware State Park Minor 4PP00022 Compliance
Delaware WTP 2 Minor 4MP00013 Ohio Only Program
Delaware WTP 2 Minor 4IZ00054 Compliance
Dornoch Estates Minor 4MP00012 Ohio Only Program
Fling - Convenient Store Minor 4MH00001 Ohio Only Program
Galena WWTP No 2 Minor 4PC00102 Compliance
Highbanks Metro Park Minor 4MH00018 Ohio Only Program
Hoover Woods WWTP Minor 4PA00006 Compliance
Hylen Souders Elem Sch Minor 4PT00125 Compliance
Jason Hatfield Automotive Minor 4MH00007 Ohio Only Program
Liberty Casting Co Minor 4MP00002 Ohio Only Program
Lower Scioto WRF Major - Fact Sheet 4PK00004 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co - Radnor Fac Minor 4IJ00111 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co - Warrensburg Plt Minor 4IJ00103 Compliance
National Lime and Stone Co Delaware Plant Minor 4IJ00029 Compliance
Nissan North Inc Minor 4PX00012 Compliance
Northstar Water Reclamation Facility Minor 4MP00007 Ohio Only Program
Obee's Deli Market Minor 4MH00009 Ohio Only Program
Olentangy Environmental Control Center Major - Fact Sheet 4PK00001 Compliance
Ostrander WWTP Minor 4PA00007 Compliance
Ottawa Creek Preserve Minor 4MH00011 Ohio Only Program
Riverby Estates Sewage Disposal System Inc Minor 4PW00005 Compliance
Royal American Links Golf Club Minor 4PX00003 Compliance
Scioto Hills WWTP Minor 4PG00034 Compliance
Scioto Reserve Wastewater Reuse Facility Minor 4MP00009 Ohio Only Program
Shroyers Homes MHP Minor 4PV00095 Compliance
Speedway 9171 Minor 4PX00024 Compliance
Speedway LLC #9247 Minor 4PR00001 Compliance
Sunbury WWTP Minor 4PB00010 Compliance
Tartan Fields Wastewater Reuse Facility Minor 4MP00008 Ohio Only Program
USDA Forest Service Minor 4PN00001 Compliance
Upper Olentangy Water Reclamation Center Major - Fact Sheet 4PD00004 Compliance
Verity Enterprises Minor 4IN00168 Compliance
Westerville Estates MHP Minor 4PV00002 Compliance
White Sands Minor 4PX00058 Compliance
Worthington Arms MHP Minor 4PV00093 Compliance
2509 Hayes LLC Minor 2IC00011 Compliance
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc Minor 2IF00013 Compliance
Alpine Trail MHP Minor 2PY00040 Compliance
Barnes Nursery Inc Yard Waste Recovery Division Minor 2MP00023 Ohio Only Program
Berlin Industrial Park Minor 2PR00211 Compliance
Bettcher Industries Inc Minor 2IN00159 Compliance
Camp Patmos Minor 2PR00088 Compliance
Camp Timberlane Girl Scout Camp * Minor 2PR00205 Compliance
Carmeuse Lime & Stone - Huron Plant Minor 2IJ00005 Compliance
Cask Villa Condominiums Minor 2PR00064 Compliance
Castalia State Fish Hatchery Minor 2IN00049 Compliance
CertainTeed LLC Avery Plant Minor 2IA00002 Compliance
Compass Rose Condo Homeowners Assoc Minor 2PR00066 Compliance
Consumers Petroleum - Sandusky Bulk Plant Minor 2IN00178 Compliance
Cove Avenue Property #1 LLC Minor 2IN00158 Compliance
Crow Investment Co LLC Minor 2PR00144 Compliance
Darby Place Minor 2PR00106 Compliance
Edgewater Estates MHP Minor 2PR00097 Compliance
Edison High School Minor 2PR00174 Compliance
Edison Middle Sch Minor 2PT00016 Compliance
Elite Industrial Controls Inc Minor 2IN00157 Compliance
Erie County Sanitary Landfill Minor 2IN00137 Compliance
Erie Materials Inc Minor 2IJ00083 Compliance
Freudenberg - NOK Milan Minor 2IN00001 Compliance
Freudenberg - NOK Milan Minor 2MP00044 Ohio Only Program
Hampton Inn Minor 2PR00073 Compliance
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Inc Sandusky Quarry Minor 2IJ00021 Compliance
Harbourtown MHP Minor 2PS00001 Compliance
Harmon's Harbor Minor 2PR00274 Compliance
Huron Basin WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PC00001 Compliance
Huron River Estates Minor 2PR00069 Compliance
Huron WTP Minor 2IV00040 Compliance
Island Venture Minor 2PR00242 Compliance
Johns Manville Minor 2IR00006 Compliance
Kelleys Island Brewery Minor 2PR00122 Compliance
Kelleys Island House Restaurant Minor 2PR00078 Compliance
Kelleys Island Quarry Condominium Assn Minor 2PR00082 Compliance
Kelleys Island Seaway Marina Minor 2PR00084 Compliance
Kelleys Island State Park Campground Minor 2PP00042 Compliance
Kelleys Island Venture Woods Minor 2PR00279 Compliance
Kelleys Island WTP Minor 2IW00037 Compliance
Kelleys Island Wine Co Minor 2PR00214 Compliance
Lake Erie Hospitality LLC Minor 2PR00058 Compliance
Milan WWTP Minor 2PB00037 Compliance
Mittawanga Ruggles Beach WWTP Minor 2PH00011 Compliance
Motel 6 Milan Minor 2PR00060 Compliance
NASA Plum Brook Station Minor 2IO00002 Compliance
Norfolk Southern Moorman Yard Minor 2IT00010 Compliance
Ohio Turnpike Comm Castalia Maintenance Bldg Minor 2PP00041 Compliance
Okamoto Sandusky Manufacturing LLC Minor 2IQ00015 Compliance
Orchard Beach WWTP Minor 2PR00103 Compliance
Riverview Manor Apts Minor 2PW00012 Compliance
Sandusky Dock Corp * Minor 2IT00021 Compliance
Sandusky Milan RV Park Minor 2PR00093 Compliance
Sandusky WPC Major - Fact Sheet 2PF00001 Compliance
Sawmill Creek WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PB00056 Compliance
Shore Acres MHP Minor 2PY00079 Compliance
Strawberry Fields Condos Minor 2PW00016 Compliance
Sunset Grill Minor 2PR00085 Compliance
The Caddy Shack Minor 2PR00081 Compliance
The Village Pump Minor 2PR00083 Compliance
US Tsubaki Conveyor and Construction Chain Minor 2IS00024 Compliance
Ventra Sandusky LLC Minor 2IC00013 Compliance
Vermilion VFW Post 7576 Minor 2PR00156 Compliance
Vermilion WPCF Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00032 Compliance
Wagner Quarries DBA Hanson Aggre Midwest Inc Minor 2IJ00006 Compliance
West Bay Inn Minor 2PR00281 Compliance
Amanda WWTP Minor 4PB00021 Compliance
Anglers Paradise Lake Club Minor 4MH00027 Ohio Only Program
Baltimore WWTP Minor 4PB00011 Compliance
Blackhorse Energy-Lancaster Bulk Minor 4IN00169 Compliance
Blue Haven MHP Minor 4PV00125 Compliance
Bremen WWTP Minor 4PB00002 Compliance
Brookdale MHP Minor 4PV00121 Compliance
C.J. Kraft Enterprises, Inc. Minor 4MP00026 Ohio Only Program
Colony Village Minor 4PY00004 Compliance
Country Lane Gardens HC Minor 4PT00008 Compliance
E C Babbert Minor 4IM00104 Compliance
Geneva Hills Center WWTP Minor 4PR00094 Compliance
Jackson Lake Park Snack Bar STU Minor 4MH00012 Ohio Only Program
Lakeside Estates Water Reclamation Facility Minor 4PG00028 Compliance
Lancaster Stonewall Cemetery Road Landfill Minor 4IN00179 Compliance
Lancaster WPCF Major - Fact Sheet 4PD00001 Compliance
Little Walnut Sycamore WRF Minor 4PJ00101 Compliance
Millersport STP Minor 4PB00023 Compliance
Millersport WTP Minor 4IY00132 Compliance
Old Town Tavern Minor 4PR00101 Compliance
Pickerington WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PB00017 Compliance
Pine Lakes Estate No 1 Minor 4PW00009 Compliance
Pleasant Lea Water Reclamation Facility Minor 4PG00030 Compliance
Republic Services Pine Grove Regional Facility Minor 4IN00160 Compliance
Restover MHP Minor 4PV00122 Compliance
Rushville Lagoons Minor 4PR00002 Compliance
Rustic Ridge MHP Minor 4PY00002 Compliance
South Central Power Minor 4PX00014 Compliance
South Lancaster Gas Station Minor 4PR00107 Compliance
Southeastern Correctional Institute Minor 4PP00011 Compliance
Stoutsville WWTP Minor 4PB00109 Compliance
Sugar Grove WWTP Minor 4PA00001 Compliance
Sycamore Creek WRF Minor 4PG00027 Compliance
TransCanada-Crawford Compressor Minor 4IN00210 Compliance
Tussing Rd Water Reclaimation Facility Major - Fact Sheet 4PU00004 Compliance
Upper Hocking WPCF Major - Fact Sheet 4PD00102 Compliance
Walnut Creek SD Minor 4PA00005 Compliance
Yogi's MHP Minor 4PV00123 Compliance
Blackhorse Energy LLC - Washingto C H BULK Minor 4IN00171 Compliance
Bloomingburg WWTP Minor 4PB00025 Compliance
Fayette County Agricultural Society Minor 4MH00013 Ohio Only Program
Flakes Ford Estates Minor 4PG00000 Compliance
Good Hope WWTP Minor 4PG00059 Compliance
Jeffersonville WWTP No 2 Minor 4PB00108 Compliance
Martin Marietta Materials Bluerock Quarry * Minor 4IJ00021 Compliance
Menards Inc. Minor 4IM00107 Compliance
Petro Cell Minor 4IN00150 Compliance
Prairie Knolls MHP Minor 4PV00115 Compliance
Premier Truck Wash Minor 4MP00025 Ohio Only Program
Rattlesnake SD #1 WWTP Minor 4PH00007 Compliance
South Central Industrial Minor 4MH00035 Ohio Only Program
TA Jeffersonville Minor 4IN00191 Compliance
Valero Renewable Fuels Co LLC - Bloomingburg Minor 4IN00196 Compliance
Washington Court House WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PD00002 Compliance
2950 Brice Road Commercial Site Minor 4MH00034 Ohio Only Program
Agg Rock Materials Div of WSG * Minor 4IJ00020 Compliance
Albany Moor LLC Minor 4MH00002 Ohio Only Program
Alton RV Park Minor 4PX00041 Compliance
Aqua Ohio Water Co Inc - Blacklick WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PU00002 Compliance
Aqua Ohio Water Co Inc - Huber Ridge WWTP Minor 4PU00000 Compliance
Aqua Ohio Water Co Inc - Lake Darby WWTP Minor 4PU00001 Compliance
Aqua Ohio Water Co Inc - Worthington Hills WTP * Minor 4IW00021 Compliance
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park Minor 4MH00023 Ohio Only Program
Battelle Memorial Institute Minor 4IN00012 Compliance
Blacklick Woods Metropolitan Park Minor 4MH00019 Ohio Only Program
Blendon Woods Metro Park Minor 4MH00020 Ohio Only Program
Briar's Patch Ranch Minor 4MH00004 Ohio Only Program
Buckeye Terminals LLC - Columbus South Terminal Minor 4IN00027 Compliance
CITGO Petroleum Minor 4IN00048 Compliance
Canal Winchester WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PB00012 Compliance
Capital Resin Corp Minor 4IF00011 Compliance
Central Ohio Bioenergy LLC Minor 4IN00200 Compliance
Columbus 2021 LLC Minor 4IN00017 Compliance
Columbus West Terminal * Minor 4IN00065 Compliance
Compass Construction, Inc. Minor 4MH00025 Ohio Only Program
Countryside MHP Minor 4PY00006 Compliance
DBM Materials LLC Minor 4IJ00105 Compliance
Darby House WWTP * Minor 4PR00000 Compliance
Darbydale WWTP Minor 4PH00012 Compliance
Dublin Community Recreation Center Minor 4IN00208 Compliance
Dublin Rd WTP Minor 4IW00030 Compliance
Enchanted Acres MHP Minor 4PH00005 Compliance
Evans Adhesive Corporation Minor 4IN00099 Compliance
Family Dollar-Courtright Rd Minor 4MH00017 Ohio Only Program
Hap Cremean WTP Minor 4IW00031 Compliance
Hayden Heights MHP Minor 4PV00110 Compliance
Heritage Asphalt LLC - Columbus Plant Minor 4IN00011 Compliance
Hickory Hills Golf Club Minor 4PX00046 Compliance
Home City Ice Co Minor 4IN00211 Compliance
Industrial Container Services OH LLC Minor 4IN00108 Compliance
Jackson Pike Water Resource Recovery Facility Major - Fact Sheet 4PF00000 Compliance
Jefferson Golf & Country Club Minor 4MP00022 Ohio Only Program
Jordan's Crossing Minor 4MH00031 Ohio Only Program
KBCO Frank Road Compost Facility Minor 4IN00209 Compliance
Kitchen Tables & More Minor 4MH00022 Ohio Only Program
Leo Yassenoff Jewish Center Recreational Day Camp Minor 4PR00004 Compliance
Mar-Zane Materials Inc Plant 6 Minor 4IJ00023 Compliance
Marathon Serve Station Minor 4MH00032 Ohio Only Program
Muskingum Watershed Joint Board SWCD Minor 4MT00001 Ohio Only Program
ODOT Office of Aviation Fuel Farm Facility Minor 4IN00177 Compliance
Ohio Air National Guard 121 ARW Minor 4IN00180 Compliance
Ohio Power Co - Ohio Operations Ctr Minor 4IN00147 Compliance
Ohio Soil Recycling LLC Minor 4IN00205 Compliance
Parsons Ave WTP Minor 4IW00018 Compliance
Pat Alexander Minor 4MH00016 Ohio Only Program
People with a Vision Ministry Minor 4MH00014 Ohio Only Program
Ponderosa Mobile Home Estates Minor 4PV00011 Compliance
Port Columbus International Airport Minor 4II00007 Compliance
Rail Products Intl - National Electric Coil Inc Minor 4IS00012 Compliance
Rickenbacker International Airport Minor 4IN00085 Compliance
SFG Columbus Parsons LLC Minor 4IN00043 Compliance
SWACO Franklin County Sanitary Landfill Minor 4IN00072 Compliance
Scioto Audubon Metro Park Minor 4MH00026 Ohio Only Program
Shaffer Construction Warehouse Minor 4MH00021 Ohio Only Program
Shelly Materials Inc - Lockbourne Plant 001345 Minor 4IJ00108 Compliance
Shelly Materials Inc-Marble Cliff Quarry Minor 4IJ00005 Compliance
Southerly Water Resource Recovery Facility Major - Fact Sheet 4PF00001 Compliance
SunSprout Farms of Central Oh LLC Minor 4IN00051 Compliance
T Marzetti Co - Allen Division Minor 4IN00057 Compliance
The Olen Corp Minor 4IJ00112 Compliance
The Shelly Co Columbus Limestone Inc * Minor 4IJ00016 Compliance
UWV-Carter's MHP LLC Minor 4PV00108 Compliance
Verdant Columbus Wastewater Holding Tank Minor 4MH00028 Ohio Only Program
Westerville WTP Minor 4IW00150 Compliance
Andre Farms LLC Minor 2MP00029 Ohio Only Program
Archbold WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00017 Compliance
Archbold Water Treatment Plant Minor 2MP00032 Ohio Only Program
B W Supply Minor 2PR00229 Compliance
Country Court MHP Minor 2PY00060 Compliance
D H Holdings GWRS - Fayette Tubular Products Inc Minor 2IN00251 Compliance
Delta WTP Minor 2IW00070 Compliance
Delta WWTP Minor 2PB00003 Compliance
Evergreen HS STP Minor 2PT00033 Compliance
Fayette WWTP Minor 2PB00045 Compliance
Forrest Park MHP Minor 2PY00019 Compliance
Harrison Lake State Park WWTP Minor 2PP00001 Compliance
Holy Trinity Catholic Parish Minor 2PR00246 Compliance
Industrial Corridor Sewer System Minor 2PH00020 Compliance
Lyons STP Minor 2PA00009 Compliance
Metamora WWTP Minor 2PB00065 Compliance
North Star BlueScope Steel LLC Major - Fact Sheet 2ID00015 Compliance
ODNR Harrison Lake State Park Minor 2MH00036 Ohio Only Program
PMN Camelot South MHP Minor 2PY00038 Compliance
Pettisville WWTP Minor 2PG00014 Compliance
Pleasant View Subdiv Minor 2PG00109 Compliance
Swanton Meadows MHP Minor 2PY00022 Compliance
Swanton WRRF Minor 2PB00025 Compliance
Wauseon WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00016 Compliance
Worthington Industries Inc Major - Fact Sheet 2ID00014 Compliance
Amherst Madison Minor 0MP00034 Ohio Only Program
Amherst Madison Inc Minor 0IN00236 Compliance
Bidwell Porter WWTP Minor 0PG00068 Compliance
Ceres Gallipolis River Dock Minor 0IL00019 Compliance
Crown City WWTP Minor 0PA00109 Compliance
Gallia Co Rural Water Assn Minor 0IY00051 Compliance
Gallia County Landfill Minor 0IN00121 Compliance
Gallipolis WPCF Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00001 Compliance
General James M Gavin Power Plt Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00006 Compliance
Jays Auto Sales Minor 0MP00031 Ohio Only Program
Mercerville WWTP Minor 0PA00105 Compliance
Middleport Terminal Inc Minor 0IN00140 Compliance
Ohio Valley Electric Corp Kyger Creek Station Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00005 Compliance
Quail Creek MHP Minor 0PV00002 Compliance
Rio Grande WWTP Minor 0PB00035 Compliance
Rodney Village No 2 WWTP Minor 0PG00054 Compliance
Vinton WWTP Minor 0PA00019 Compliance
World Kinect Energy Services - Gallipolis Bulk Plt Minor 0IN00221 Compliance
15332 Old State Road Properties Middlefield Warehouse Minor 3IR00037 Compliance
2015 Berkshire Hills LLC Minor 3PR00321 Compliance
7100 Wilson Mills Minor 3IN00123 Compliance
ASM Intl Minor 3PR00245 Compliance
Agape Christian Academy Minor 3PT00089 Compliance
Aquilla Village WWTP Minor 3PG00100 Compliance
Auburn Corners WWTP Minor 3PG00154 Compliance
Auburn Twin Oaks Winery Minor 3MP00006 Ohio Only Program
Belle Vernon WWTP Minor 3PG00010 Compliance
Berkshire Board of Education Minor 3PT00142 Compliance
Berkshire Heights WWTP Minor 3PG00166 Compliance
Berkshire Industrial Park WWTP Minor 3PG00161 Compliance
Best Sand Corp Minor 3IJ00064 Compliance
Blossom Hill Care Center Minor 3PR00518 Compliance
Bridge Lake Farm WWTP Minor 3PW00029 Compliance
Broadwood Hills WWTP Minor 3PG00011 Compliance
Brown Barn LLC Minor 3PR00700 Compliance
Burton Lakes WWTP Minor 3PG00102 Compliance
Burton WWTP Minor 3PB00066 Compliance
Cabana Island Restaurant Minor 3PR00513 Compliance
Camp Anisfield * Minor 3PR00267 Compliance
Camp Burton Minor 3PR00233 Compliance
Camp Ho Mita Koda Minor 3PR00261 Compliance
Chardon United Methodist Church Minor 3PR00179 Compliance
Chardon WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PB00010 Compliance
Church of Saint Helens Parish School Minor 3PR00446 Compliance
Circle K #5685 Minor 3PR00525 Compliance
Claridon Mini Mart & BP Minor 3PR00502 Compliance
Claridon Plaza Minor 3PR00295 Compliance
Claridon Properties Minor 3PT00105 Compliance
Cricket Ridge Animal Hospital Minor 3PR00710 Compliance
Debord Plumbing Minor 3PR00516 Compliance
Deep Springs Trout Club C Minor 3PR00521 Compliance
Deer Lake MHP Minor 3PV00132 Compliance
Eldon Russell Boat Launch Imp Minor 3MH00188 Ohio Only Program
Frohring Meadow Park Entry Improvements Minor 3MH00155 Ohio Only Program
Geauga Co Parkman WWTP Minor 3PG00160 Compliance
Geauga Park Dist - Boy Scout Camp Chickagami Minor 3MH00002 Ohio Only Program
Geauga Park District - Headwaters Park Minor 3MH00084 Ohio Only Program
Geauga Park District - Ellerin Property Minor 3MH00126 Ohio Only Program
HEXPOL Compounding - Burton Rubber Processing Minor 3IR00038 Compliance
Hambden Country Inn Minor 3PR00780 Compliance
Hambden Elem Sch Minor 3PT00060 Compliance
Hambden Grange Hall No 2482 Minor 3PR00430 Compliance
Hawken School Minor 3PT00110 Compliance
Heather Hill Care Communities Minor 3PR00075 Compliance
Heritage Marketplace Minor 3PR00697 Compliance
Hershey Montessori Farm School Minor 3PT00151 Compliance
Hidden Lakes Family Campground 1 Minor 3PR00676 Compliance
Hillbrook Condominium Association Minor 3PW00105 Compliance
Holly Hill Nursing Home Minor 3PR00351 Compliance
Hosmer Hills School Minor 3MH00135 Ohio Only Program
Huntsburg Community Center Minor 3PT00137 Compliance
Infirmary Creek WWTP Minor 3PG00103 Compliance
Jacques MHP Minor 3PV00007 Compliance
Jewish Community Center of Cleveland Minor 3PR00426 Compliance
KCZ Enterprises Ltd DBA Kens Auto Body Minor 3PR00633 Compliance
KKR Inc - The Patio Lounge Minor 3PR00614 Compliance
Kenston Local Schools Minor 3PT00051 Compliance
Kimberly Estates WWTP Minor 3PG00004 Compliance
Kinetico Inc Minor 3IN00268 Compliance
Kozent LLC dba OME Minor 3PR00248 Compliance
Leaders Properties LLC Minor 3PV00079 Compliance
Lindsey Elementary School Minor 3PT00139 Compliance
Little Eagle Drive thru Beverage Minor 3IG00055 Compliance
Manchester Farms Community Assoc Inc Minor 3IY00165 Compliance
Maple City Taps & Eatery Minor 3PR00206 Compliance
Maple Ridge MHC Minor 3PV00077 Compliance
Marsh Valley Forest Products Ltd Minor 3MH00124 Ohio Only Program
Master Rentals Minor 3PR00628 Compliance
McFarland Creek WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PK00010 Compliance
Melzerland of Middlefield- (Middlefield Bulk Plant) Minor 3IN00291 Compliance
Mercury Plastics LLC Minor 3IQ00027 Compliance
Metzembaum Opportunity Sch WWTP Minor 3PG00076 Compliance
Middlefield MHP Minor 3PV00053 Compliance
Middlefield Orig Cheese Coop Minor 3IH00076 Compliance
Middlefield Plastics Inc Minor 3IQ00041 Compliance
Middlefield WWTP Minor 3PB00034 Compliance
Munson Elementary School Minor 3PT00140 Compliance
Munson Sun Mart * Minor 3PR00416 Compliance
Munson Twp Scenic River Retreat Facility Minor 3MH00024 Ohio Only Program
New Hope Christian Fellowship Minor 3PT00124 Compliance
Newbury Center WWTP Minor 3PT00026 Compliance
Newbury Industrial Park Minor 3PR00297 Compliance
Nickels Cabin Cuts LLC Minor 3MH00090 Ohio Only Program
Notre Dame Academy Minor 3PR00066 Compliance
Notre Dame Cathedral Latin HS * Minor 3PT00028 Compliance
O'Reilly Land Company Minor 3MH00019 Ohio Only Program
Opalocka WWTP Minor 3PH00000 Compliance
Payne & Payne Design Studio Inc Minor 3MH00036 Ohio Only Program
Peak Resorts Inc dba Alpine Valley Ski Area Minor 3PR00515 Compliance
Plank Road Tavern Minor 3PR00192 Compliance
Plymouth Acres WWTP Minor 3PG00002 Compliance
Punderson State Park Campground Plant Minor 3PP00009 Compliance
Ramble Inn Minor 3PR00794 Compliance
Reels Auto Sales Minor 3PR00334 Compliance
Rigsby Ranch FKA River Pines Minor 3PR00135 Compliance
Riverview Church Minor 3PR00222 Compliance
Riverwalk/Iron Horse Minor 3PR00572 Compliance
Rolling Meadows Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00136 Ohio Only Program
Rosewood Diesel Shop Minor 3PR00665 Compliance
Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers, Inc Minor 3IH00025 Compliance
Russell Park WWTP Minor 3PG00001 Compliance
Russell Twp Service Garage Minor 3IN00275 Compliance
Rustic Pine MHP LLC Minor 3PV00076 Compliance
Saint Denis Golf Course Minor 3PR00653 Compliance
Scarsdale WWTP Minor 3PG00000 Compliance
Scranton Woods WWTP Minor 3PG00155 Compliance
Septage Residual Recycling Minor 3MP00051 Ohio Only Program
Settler's Park Chemical Restrooms Minor 3MH00041 Ohio Only Program
Sharon James Cellars Minor 3PR00260 Compliance
Sun Valley Minor 3PR00696 Compliance
Surrey Downs WWTP Minor 3PG00006 Compliance
TLC Plaza Minor 3PR00296 Compliance
Tarkett North Minor 3IF00010 Compliance
Terrace Glen MHP Minor 3PR00156 Compliance
The Hillbrook Country Club Minor 3PR00509 Compliance
Thompson Grand River Valley KOA Minor 3PR00642 Compliance
Thompson WWTP Minor 3PG00165 Compliance
Troyer Water System Minor 3IY00164 Compliance
Troymill Lane Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00116 Ohio Only Program
Universal Polymer & Rubber Minor 3PR00551 Compliance
University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center Holding Tank Minor 3MH00167 Ohio Only Program
Valley View WWTP Minor 3PG00153 Compliance
WR Real Estate LLC Minor 3PR00399 Compliance
Welshfield Inn Minor 3PR00316 Compliance
Welton's Gorge Property Improvements Minor 3MH00166 Ohio Only Program
Wenhaven WWTP Minor 3PG00008 Compliance
West Geauga Commons Bathrooms Minor 3MH00028 Ohio Only Program
West Geauga HS Minor 3PT00008 Compliance
Westwood Elementary School Minor 3PT00138 Compliance
Wilders MHP Minor 3PV00128 Compliance
Willow Hills WWTP Minor 3PG00009 Compliance
Windy Knoll Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00137 Ohio Only Program
Wintergreen WWTP Minor 3PG00055 Compliance
Beavercreek WRRF Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00003 Compliance
Bob Evans Farm Inc Minor 1MP00017 Ohio Only Program
Cedarville WWTP Minor 1PB00006 Compliance
Clifton WWTP Minor 1PA00023 Compliance
Dayton Power & Light Co Xenia Serv Bldg Minor 1PX00103 Compliance
Dovetail Energy LLC - Anaerobic Digestion Facility Minor 1IN00305 Compliance
Fairborn Water Reclamation Center Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00002 Compliance
Glady Run WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00016 Compliance
Greene Farming LLC Minor 1PR00123 Compliance
Huber MHP Minor 1PV00088 Compliance
Indian Mound Reserve Vault Toilet Bldg Minor 1MH00112 Ohio Only Program
Jamestown WWTP Minor 1PB00015 Compliance
John Bryan State Park - Mtn Bike Tr Vault Latrine Minor 1MH00034 Ohio Only Program
Martin Marietta - Xenia Gravel Minor 1IJ00035 Compliance
Martin Marietta Aggregates Cedarville Limestone Plt Minor 1IJ00022 Compliance
Melvin Stone Co - Bowersville Minor 1IJ00055 Compliance
Morris Bean & Co Yellow Springs Plant Minor 1IN00095 Compliance
Narrows Reserve - Double Vault Toilet Bldg Holding Tank Minor 1MH00144 Ohio Only Program
Spring Valley Waterworks Minor 1IY00153 Compliance
Sugarcreek WRF Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00014 Compliance
Unison Industries LLC Plant 1 Minor 1IN00189 Compliance
Wright Patterson AFB Minor 1IN00156 Compliance
Wright-Patterson AFB Minor 1IO00001 Compliance
Wright-Patterson AFB Minor 1IN90011 Compliance
Xenia Ford Road WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00015 Compliance
Xenia WTP Minor 1IY00220 Compliance
Yellow Springs Village WTP Minor 1IY00322 Compliance
Yellow Springs WWTP Minor 1PC00013 Compliance
AMG Vanadium LLC Minor 0II00018 Compliance
Beech Meadows Subdiv WWTP Minor 0PG00018 Compliance
Byesville WWTP Minor 0PD00028 Compliance
Byesville Wetzler Haynes Water Filtration Plant Minor 0IY00100 Compliance
CJF Properties Minor 0PS00004 Compliance
Cambridge WPCC Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00020 Compliance
Coventry Estates WWTP Minor 0PG00070 Compliance
Cumberland WWTP Minor 0PA00111 Compliance
Fairview Wastewater Improvements 2016 Minor 0PA00118 Compliance
Go-mart No 57 Minor 0PR00089 Compliance
Guernsey Power Station LLC Minor 0MH00035 Ohio Only Program
Kerry Group Minor 0IH00025 Compliance
Lake Seneca Resorts Assoc Minor 0PX00003 Compliance
Lore City Village WWTP Minor 0PA00116 Compliance
Mental Health Center WWTP Minor 0PH00013 Compliance
ODOT Rest Area 5-27 * Minor 0PP00051 Compliance
Pleasant City WTP Minor 0IY00061 Compliance
Pleasant City WWTP Minor 0PB00088 Compliance
Ports Petroleum Co Inc Gas Mart No 727 Minor 0PR00079 Compliance
Quaker City WWTP Minor 0PA00114 Compliance
Rolling Hills Secrest Elem Sch Minor 0PT00010 Compliance
Rolling Hills Subdiv WWTP Minor 0PW00007 Compliance
Rosebud Mining Ginger Bend Mine Minor 0IL00164 Compliance
Salt Fork SP Beach WWTP Minor 0PP00034 Compliance
Salt Fork SP Campground WWTP Minor 0PP00028 Compliance
Salt Fork SP Lodge & Cabin WWTP Minor 0PP00027 Compliance
Salt Fork SP Marina WWTP Minor 0PP00026 Compliance
Salt Fork SP Sugartree Marina WWTP Minor 0PP00068 Compliance
Seneca Lake Camp Area Minor 0PX00002 Compliance
Senecaville WWTP Minor 0PA00089 Compliance
Spring Valley Campground Minor 0PR00143 Compliance
The Living Word Outdoor Drama Inc. Minor 0MP00013 Ohio Only Program
Vail South Refuse Disposal Fac Minor 0IL00163 Compliance
222 Wooster Pike Minor 1PX00120 Compliance
5364 North Bend Rd Minor 1PX00110 Compliance
5721 State Route 128 LLC Minor 1MH00145 Ohio Only Program
7025 Harrison Avenue Minor 1MH00151 Ohio Only Program
7530 Bridgetown Rd. Holding Tank Minor 1MH00142 Ohio Only Program
Airy Pointe Condo Assoc WWTP Minor 1PW00020 Compliance
Allgeier & Son Inc Minor 1MH00140 Ohio Only Program
B&G Foods North America Inc Major - Fact Sheet 1IH00026 Compliance
BASF Corp Minor 1IF00017 Compliance
BS Market LLC Minor 1PX00111 Compliance
Bond Road Landfill Minor 1II00075 Compliance
Bond Road Site Inc.-Maint. Bldg. Septic Holding Tank Minor 1MH00153 Ohio Only Program
Broadwell Factory Group LLC Facility Minor 1IS00003 Compliance
Bruewer Woodwork Mfg Co Minor 1PR00106 Compliance
Buford L Payne Minor 1MH00150 Ohio Only Program
Canterbury Row Condo Assoc Minor 1PZ00008 Compliance
Carriage House Minor 1MH00089 Ohio Only Program
Chateau Lakes Homeowners Assn Minor 1PW00007 Compliance
Chevron Environmental Management Co Minor 1IG00000 Compliance
Cimcool Industrial Products LLC Minor 1IN00275 Compliance
Cincinnati Galbraith Road MSD Site Major - Fact Sheet 1PX00022 Compliance
Cincinnati Thermal Spray Inc Minor 1IN00306 Compliance
Cinti Neumann Golf Minor 1PX00077 Compliance
Club Trio Lounge Minor 1PX00081 Compliance
Crosby Elementary School Minor 1PT00092 Compliance
Dent Drive Thru Minor 1MH00138 Ohio Only Program
Dew Drop Inn Minor 1PX00116 Compliance
Donald Loos Minor 1MH00099 Ohio Only Program
Dry Fork MHP WWTP Minor 1PY00001 Compliance
Dunlap Station LLC Holding Tank Minor 1MH00147 Ohio Only Program
Dynegy Miami Fort LLC Major - Fact Sheet 1IB00001 Compliance
E Miami River Rd Minor 1PW00046 Compliance
EMD Millipore Corp Minor 1IN00019 Compliance
ETB Music and Fine Arts Center Minor 1MH00137 Ohio Only Program
East View WTP Inc Minor 1PZ00060 Compliance
Edgewater MHP Minor 1PV00120 Compliance
Embshoff Woods Rivermount Pavillion Minor 1PG00103 Compliance
Evans Gravel, Inc. Minor 1MH00100 Ohio Only Program
Evans Gravel, Inc. Minor 1IJ00143 Compliance
Evans Landscaping Inc Minor 1IN00298 Compliance
Evans Landscaping Inc Minor 1MH00042 Ohio Only Program
Finneytown Church of God Minor 1MH00131 Ohio Only Program
First Baptist Church of Greenhills Minor 1PX00109 Compliance
Formica Corp Evendale Plant Minor 1IQ00000 Compliance
Fort Scott Development WWTP Minor 1PC00016 Compliance
General Electric Co Minor 1IN00006 Compliance
Glendale WTP Minor 1MH00048 Ohio Only Program
Glendale WTP Minor 1IW00029 Compliance
Glendale WWTP Minor 1PB00012 Compliance
Gower Park Waterless Valuted Restroom Minor 1MH00084 Ohio Only Program
Great Parks of Hamilton Co - Mitchell Maintnce Minor 1MH00071 Ohio Only Program
Great Parks of Hamilton Co - Mitchell Playground Minor 1MH00070 Ohio Only Program
Greater Cincinnati Asphalt - Terminal 2 Minor 1PX00084 Compliance
Guardian Savings Bank Minor 1PZ00099 Compliance
Hadronics Inc Minor 1IC00041 Compliance
Hamilton County Main Garage 5000 Gallon Holding Tank Minor 1MH00122 Ohio Only Program
Hamilton County Refrigeration Minor 1PX00089 Compliance
Harrison WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PC00002 Compliance
Haven Park West MHP Minor 1PV00086 Compliance
Helmart Countertop Co Inc Minor 1MH00009 Ohio Only Program
INEOS ABS USA Corp Major - Fact Sheet 1IF00001 Compliance
Indian Creek WWTP Minor 1PK00020 Compliance
Indian Hill Church Minor 1PX00090 Compliance
Indian Hill Church Minor 1MH00149 Ohio Only Program
Indian Hill Historical Museum Minor 1PA00108 Compliance
JTM Provisions Co Minor 1IH00019 Compliance
Keebler Co Minor 1IH00022 Compliance
Kensington Condos Minor 1PW00042 Compliance
Kenwood Hills Cabana Club Minor 1MH00111 Ohio Only Program
Kissel Brothers Shows Inc Minor 1PZ00068 Compliance
Klug Bus Service Minor 1PR00128 Compliance
Kreimer's Bierhaus Restaurant Minor 1PZ00064 Compliance
Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools Inc Minor 1IS00004 Compliance
La Marketa Minor 1PX00112 Compliance
Lang Machining Minor 1MH00079 Ohio Only Program
Lawrenceburg Rd Ash Landfill Minor 1IN00125 Compliance
Libby Manchester Plaza Shopping Ctr Minor 1PX00002 Compliance
Lil Goodie Shoppe Minor 1MH00044 Ohio Only Program
Little Miami WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PL00000 Compliance
Lockland Water Works Lime Ponds Minor 1MP00026 Ohio Only Program
MHP Holdings - Flora LLC Minor 1PV00116 Compliance
MPLX Terminals LLC - Cincinnati Terminal Minor 1IN00025 Compliance
MVP Sports Park Minor 1MH00083 Ohio Only Program
Marathon Petroleum Co LP - North Bend Asphalt Minor 1IF00000 Compliance
Martin Marietta Materials - E-Town Sand & Gravel Minor 1IJ00056 Compliance
Mayflower Estates WWTP Minor 1PG00018 Compliance
McCoy's Place Minor 1PR00120 Compliance
Miami View MHC Minor 1PV00018 Compliance
Miami Whitewater Forest Park Minor 1MH00068 Ohio Only Program
Miami Whitewater Forest Park Minor 1PG00056 Compliance
Miami Whitewater Forest Parks Big Sycamore Pinic Area Minor 1PG00106 Compliance
Mill Creek WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PM00001 Compliance
Mobile Construction Office Temporary San. Holding Tank Minor 1MH00134 Ohio Only Program
Modern Ice Minor 1PX00035 Compliance
Moundview Park Minor 1PA00112 Compliance
Mt Hope Baptist Church Minor 1PX00108 Compliance
Muddy Creek WWTP * Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00006 Compliance
Murphy Insurance Minor 1MH00013 Ohio Only Program
Nease Co LLC Minor 1IF00015 Compliance
New Hope Community Church Minor 1PX00115 Compliance
PCS Purified Phosphates Minor 1IE00001 Compliance
Peach Grove Animal Hosp Minor 1PT00102 Compliance
Peach Grove Market Minor 1MH00024 Ohio Only Program
Peachgrove Townhouse Condos Minor 1PW00034 Compliance
Peter Cremer North America LP Minor 1IG00003 Compliance
Playground Equipment Services Minor 1MH00002 Ohio Only Program
Polk Run WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00019 Compliance
Pristine Inc Minor 1IN90002 Compliance
Procter & Gamble Co Cincinnati Plt Minor 1IN00075 Compliance
R & K Developers Inc Minor 1PR00121 Compliance
RVC MHC LLC Minor 1PV00096 Compliance
Resident Home Corp Minor 1PT00081 Compliance
Richard Miller WTP Minor 1IV00040 Compliance
Rivers Edge Commerce Park WWTP Minor 1PX00064 Compliance
Rowe Arboretum Minor 1MH00139 Ohio Only Program
Rumpke Sanitary Landfill Minor 1IN00180 Compliance
Rumpke Waste Inc New Baltimore C&DD Landfill Minor 1MH00072 Ohio Only Program
SEO Properties LLC Minor 1MH00077 Ohio Only Program
SPCA Minor 1MH00125 Ohio Only Program
Saint Ilija Macadonian Church Minor 1PZ00062 Compliance
San-Mar Ridge Subdivision Minor 1PR00109 Compliance
Shawnee Lookout Park Minor 1MH00069 Ohio Only Program
Sky Haven Farms Minor 1MH00020 Ohio Only Program
Skyridge Apartment Homes Minor 1PW00032 Compliance
Skyridge Apartment Homes Minor 1PW00016 Compliance
Spades Minor 1PX00092 Compliance
St Thomas Episcopal Church Minor 1PR00108 Compliance
St. Pauls Church Minor 1PR00125 Compliance
Streibig and Haarmeyer Storage LLC Minor 1MH00102 Ohio Only Program
Superalloy Manufacturing Solutions Corp Minor 1IN00299 Compliance
Sycamore Creek WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00005 Compliance
Taylor Creek WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00015 Compliance
Trammo Nitrogen Products North Bend Operations Minor 1IE00009 Compliance
Truman Services Storage Bldg Minor 1MH00023 Ohio Only Program
USDOE Fernald Closure Project Major - Fact Sheet 1IO00004 Compliance
Veolia North America Regeneration Services LLC Minor 1IE00000 Compliance
Village of Indian Hill Minor 1MH00092 Ohio Only Program
Village of Indian Hill Minor 1IX00050 Compliance
Vinoklet Winery Minor 1PR00102 Compliance
WASHINGTON MARINE INC Minor 1PX00093 Compliance
WATCO Minor 1PX00123 Compliance
WATCO Terminal & Port Services Minor 1IN00169 Compliance
Wade Hughes Minor 1MH00081 Ohio Only Program
Walton Creek Condos WWTP Minor 1PW00025 Compliance
Watermill Inc. Minor 1PZ00096 Compliance
Westbrook Village MHP Minor 1PV00130 Compliance
Whitewater Processing LLC Minor 1IN00294 Compliance
Winton Woods City SD Bus Main Fac Minor 1PT00123 Compliance
Wnton Woods City Schools Primary S Minor 1PT00124 Compliance
Woodlands Reception Hall Minor 1PX00030 Compliance
Wyoming Water Works Minor 1IW00250 Compliance
Xtek Inc Plant No 2 Minor 1IC00018 Compliance
Zion United Methodist Church Minor 1PX00097 Compliance
Archer Daniels Midland Co Minor 2II00036 Compliance
Arlington WWTP Minor 2PA00050 Compliance
Camp Berry Minor 2PR00146 Compliance
Cory Rawson Middle & Sr HS Minor 2PT00031 Compliance
Findlay WPCF Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00008 Compliance
Green Meadow MHP Minor 2PY00063 Compliance
Hancock County Landfill Minor 2IN00146 Compliance
Heritage Springs Cmpgrd Minor 2PR00298 Compliance
Jenera WWTP Minor 2PA00096 Compliance
McComb Village WWTP Minor 2PB00002 Compliance
McComb WTP, Wastewater Lagoon Minor 2IW00140 Compliance
Mt Blanchard WWTP Minor 2PA00045 Compliance
National Lime & Stone - Vanlue Plant Minor 2IJ00093 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co Minor 2IJ00064 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co-Findlay * Minor 2IJ00081 Compliance
ODNR Van Buren St Pk No 1 Minor 2MH00032 Ohio Only Program
ODOT Dist 1 Park No 1-26 & 25 Minor 2PP00019 Compliance
Rawson WWTP Minor 2PA00039 Compliance
Riverdale Local Schls * Minor 2PT00037 Compliance
Vanlue STP Minor 2PA00016 Compliance
Ada WTP Minor 2IW00320 Compliance
Ada WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PB00050 Compliance
Alger WWTP Minor 2PB00064 Compliance
Central Ohio Farmers Co-Op- (Kenton Bulk Plant) Minor 2IN00168 Compliance
Dunkirk WWTP Minor 2PB00061 Compliance
Durez Corporation Major - Fact Sheet 2IF00002 Compliance
Eldridge Station Hills WWTP Minor 2PG00005 Compliance
Forest WWTP Minor 2PB00044 Compliance
Green Hills Coach Park Ltd Minor 2PY00041 Compliance
Hardin-Northern Schools Minor 2PT00043 Compliance
Jumpin Jim's Minor 2IN00215 Compliance
Kenton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00020 Compliance
McGuffey STP Minor 2PA00006 Compliance
Morton Buildings Inc WWTP Minor 2PR00233 Compliance
Mt Victory WWTP Minor 2PA00046 Compliance
Reed Road WWTP Minor 2PG00004 Compliance
Roots Fairwayview Subdiv Minor 2PG00012 Compliance
Shelly Materials Inc - Forest Quarry Minor 2IJ00022 Compliance
Shelly Materials Inc - Hardin Quarry Minor 2IJ00046 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Goshen Pullet Site Minor 2IK00033 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Layer Site 5 Minor 2IK00032 Compliance
Bowerston WWTP Minor 0PA00083 Compliance
Cadiz Regional Tree Farm Minor 0MP00042 Ohio Only Program
Cadiz WWTP Minor 0PB00009 Compliance
Camp Tippecanoe WWTP Minor 0PR00161 Compliance
Clendening Lake Marina Vault Toilet Project Minor 0MH00007 Ohio Only Program
DTE Dickerson LLC-Georgetown Prep Plant Area Minor 0IL00149 Compliance
Freeport Press Inc Minor 0IN00183 Compliance
Freeport RV Park WWTP Minor 0PR00163 Compliance
Freeport Village WTP Minor 0IZ00043 Compliance
Harrison Co W & SD - Germano Minor 0IZ00022 Compliance
Harrison County Dust Control Minor 0MP00007 Ohio Only Program
Harrison County Home Minor 0PR00172 Compliance
Harrison County Sanitary Landfill Minor 0IN00237 Compliance
Harrison Power Minor 0IB00039 Compliance
Harrisville WWTP Minor 0PA00108 Compliance
His Word Ministries Inc Minor 0MH00005 Ohio Only Program
Hopedale Mining - Cadiz Portal Minor 0IL00092 Compliance
Hopedale Mining Preparation Plant Minor 0IL00093 Compliance
Hopedale WWTP Minor 0PB00018 Compliance
Jewett WWTP Minor 0PA00084 Compliance
Leesville Land DM #1 Minor 0IL00158 Compliance
MWCD - Tappan Lake Marina Minor 0PP00089 Compliance
Muskingum Watershed Conservancy Dist Minor 0MH00001 Ohio Only Program
New Athens WWTP Minor 0PA00110 Compliance
Piedmont Lake Marina & Campground Minor 0PR00170 Compliance
Rosebud Mining Co - Vail Mine Minor 0IL00152 Compliance
Rosebud Mining Company-Stautner Mine Minor 0IL00171 Compliance
Scio WWTP Minor 0PB00058 Compliance
Steele Crest Apts Minor 0PR00171 Compliance
Tappan Lake Park Campground Minor 0PX00016 Compliance
Village of Freeport WWTP Minor 0PA00120 Compliance
Bavarian Club Inc Minor 2PR00163 Compliance
Campbell Soup Supply Company - Soup Plant Major - Fact Sheet 2IH00021 Compliance
Deshler WWTP Minor 2PC00002 Compliance
Florida WWTP Minor 2PA00091 Compliance
Gerken Materials Inc Minor 2MH00042 Ohio Only Program
Hamler WWTP Minor 2PB00043 Compliance
Holgate WWTP Minor 2PB00041 Compliance
LHS Maumee Youth Center Minor 2PP00006 Compliance
Liberty Center WWTP Minor 2PB00039 Compliance
Malinta WWTP Minor 2PA00098 Compliance
McClure WWTP Minor 2PA00056 Compliance
Napoleon Biogas LLC Minor 2IN00255 Compliance
Napoleon WTP Minor 2MP00022 Ohio Only Program
Napoleon WTP Minor 2IW00190 Compliance
Napoleon WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00000 Compliance
Richfield Township Trustees Minor 2MH00040 Ohio Only Program
River Bend MHP LLC Minor 2PY00026 Compliance
UMC Widewater Retreat and Ministry Ctr Minor 2PR00067 Compliance
Buford Convenience Store Minor 1MH00050 Ohio Only Program
Butler Springs Christian Camp & Retreat Ctr Minor 1PX00061 Compliance
Country Home Mobile Court Minor 1PV00093 Compliance
Family Dollar Minor 1MH00152 Ohio Only Program
First Stop Minor 1MH00136 Ohio Only Program
Greenfield WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00022 Compliance
Hickory Hills Lake WWTP Minor 1PX00063 Compliance
HighCo Inc. Minor 1PX00122 Compliance
Highland Co Southwest WWTP Minor 1PA00029 Compliance
Highland County Water Co Inc Minor 1IY01001 Compliance
Hillsboro WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PC00100 Compliance
Holy Ground Freewill Baptist Youth for Christ Camp Minor 1MP00031 Ohio Only Program
Huhtamaki Inc Minor 1IQ00016 Compliance
Lakeside Estates WWTP Minor 1PV00121 Compliance
Leesburg WWTP Minor 1PB00106 Compliance
Lynchburg WWTP Minor 1PB00105 Compliance
Martin Marietta Materials Lynchburg Plant Minor 1IJ00050 Compliance
ODNR Latrine Installment - Paint Creek State Park Minor 1MH00135 Ohio Only Program
Pleasant Acres MHP Minor 1PV00127 Compliance
Rocky Fork Lake WWTP Minor 1PS00015 Compliance
Rolling Acres WWTP Minor 1PG00100 Compliance
S & K Dairy Cup Minor 1MH00015 Ohio Only Program
South Central Power Service Center Minor 1PX00113 Compliance
Sugartree Ridge Christian School Minor 1MH00046 Ohio Only Program
Terry's Grocery Minor 1MH00049 Ohio Only Program
Tim Case II Minor 1MP00047 Ohio Only Program
World Kinect Energy Services - Hillsboro Minor 1IN00255 Compliance
Camp Akita Minor 0PR00162 Compliance
Camp Wyandot-Lodge Minor 0PR00156 Compliance
Carborundum Grinding Wheel Resnoid Products Plant Minor 0IN00123 Compliance
Edwards Meats Minor 0IH00058 Compliance
Enterprise Elem Sch Minor 0PT00028 Compliance
Fairview Church Minor 0MH00027 Ohio Only Program
Haydenville WWTP Minor 0PG00062 Compliance
Hocking Co Brd of Developmental Disabilities Minor 0PT00038 Compliance
Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium Minor 0PR00167 Compliance
Hocking Hills Elementary School Minor 0IY00101 Compliance
Hocking Hills State Park Campgrounds Minor 0PP00016 Compliance
Hocking Hills State Park Lodge & Cabins Minor 0PP00017 Compliance
Lake Moor Estates Subdiv Minor 0PG00007 Compliance
Laurelville WWTP * Minor 0PA00013 Compliance
Logan Campground Minor 0MP00039 Ohio Only Program
Logan WTP Minor 0IZ00030 Compliance
Logan WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00009 Compliance
Mar-Zane Materials Inc Minor 0IJ00052 Compliance
ODNR - Conkles Hollow HT Minor 0MH00015 Ohio Only Program
ODNR Lake Logan State Park Minor 0MH00012 Ohio Only Program
Old Mans Cave Chalets Inc * Minor 0PR00114 Compliance
Property Owners Assoc Inc Lost Hollow Campgrounds Minor 0PX00005 Compliance
Rockbridge WWTP Minor 0PH00014 Compliance
Savant Technologies LLC - Logan Glass Plant Minor 0IN00005 Compliance
Union Furnace Elem Sch WWTP Minor 0PT00013 Compliance
Alonovus Minor 3PR00314 Compliance
Alpine Dairy Minor 3IH00100 Compliance
Auria Holmesville, LLC. Minor 3II00002 Compliance
Berean Community Church Minor 3PR00207 Compliance
Berlin Transportation Inc Minor 3MH00039 Ohio Only Program
Berlin Village WWTP Minor 3PG00147 Compliance
Branch Church Minor 3MH00185 Ohio Only Program
Buckeye Deli & Pizza LLC Minor 3PR00447 Compliance
Bunker Hill Cheese Co Inc Minor 3IH00072 Compliance
Case Farms of Ohio - Winesburg Rendering Plant Minor 3IH00103 Compliance
Charm Countryview Inn LLC Minor 3PR00397 Compliance
Charm Family Restaurant Minor 3PR00194 Compliance
Charm Wellness Center Minor 3PR00778 Compliance
Clark Community Center Inc Minor 3PT00061 Compliance
Cribonicks LLP Minor 3PR00456 Compliance
D&N Development DBA F D Hardwoods Minor 3MP00028 Ohio Only Program
Doug Porter - Sanitary and Waste Holding Tank Minor 3MH00062 Ohio Only Program
Fire & Ice Pub Minor 3PR00443 Compliance
Gospel Haven Monnonite Church Minor 3PR00493 Compliance
Guggisberg Cheese Inc Minor 3IH00101 Compliance
Guggisberg Cheese Inc Sugarcreek WWTP Minor 3IH00065 Compliance
Guggisberg Swiss Inn Minor 3PR00164 Compliance
HH Properties of Ohio LLC Minor 3PR00158 Compliance
Holmes By-Products Minor 3MP00047 Ohio Only Program
Holmes By-Products, Co., Inc., Sludge Holding Tank Minor 3MP00055 Ohio Only Program
Holmes Cheese Co Inc Minor 3IH00102 Compliance
Holmes Co Jail and Training Ctr WWTP Minor 3PG00151 Compliance
Holmes County Landfill Minor 3IN00282 Compliance
Holmes Siding Contractors Minor 3PR00337 Compliance
Holmesville WWTP Minor 3PB00069 Compliance
Inn Maid Noodles Minor 3IH00075 Compliance
Inn at Honey Run Minor 3PR00320 Compliance
Kaufman Trailer Park Minor 3PV00127 Compliance
Keim Lumber Co Minor 3PR00408 Compliance
Killbuck WWTP Minor 3PB00067 Compliance
Lakeville Elem Sch Minor 3PT00062 Compliance
Meadowlark School Minor 3MH00197 Ohio Only Program
Midwest Health Services Home One (Home 1) Minor 3PR00429 Compliance
Millersburg WWTP Minor 3PC00100 Compliance
Mt Hope WWTP Minor 3PG00135 Compliance
Nashville Elem Sch Minor 3PT00063 Compliance
Nashville WWTP Minor 3IX00002 Compliance
October Hills WWTP Minor 3PG00134 Compliance
Prairie House Apartments Minor 3PW00035 Compliance
Robin Indus - Holmco Div Minor 3IR00059 Compliance
Skyview Baptist Ranch Minor 3PR00418 Compliance
Smiths Pleasant Valley Camp STU 1 Minor 3PR00271 Compliance
Sperry & Rice Mfg Co LLC Killbuck Plt Minor 3IR00050 Compliance
TNW Enterprises LLC Minor 3MH00006 Ohio Only Program
The Farm At Walnut Creek Minor 3MP00057 Ohio Only Program
The Woodland Inn Minor 3PR00327 Compliance
Three M Associates Ltd Minor 3PR00251 Compliance
Troyers Trail Bologna Inc Minor 3IH00104 Compliance
WADC Water Treatment Plant Minor 3IZ00111 Compliance
Walnut Creek Nutrient Trading Program Minor 3MT00002 Ohio Only Program
Walnut Creek WTP Minor 3IZ00041 Compliance
Walnut Creek WWTP Minor 3PH00058 Compliance
Weaver Leather LLC Minor 3PR00367 Compliance
West Homes High School * Minor 3PT00068 Compliance
Whispering Hills Recreation Inc Minor 3PR00172 Compliance
Winesburg WWTP Minor 3PG00138 Compliance
Wise Elementary School Minor 3PT00119 Compliance
Yoder Lumber Co - Buckhorn Division Minor 3PR00402 Compliance
Bellevue WTP Minor 2IW00011 Compliance
Branchwood Estates MHP Minor 2PY00086 Compliance
City of Bellevue WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00037 Compliance
Coble Village Minor 2PY00030 Compliance
County Line School Minor 2MH00028 Ohio Only Program
Fieldcrest MHP Minor 2PY00031 Compliance
Firelands Manor MHP Minor 2PY00017 Compliance
Forrest Mobile Home Park Minor 2PY00080 Compliance
Greenwich WWTP Minor 2PB00059 Compliance
Huron County Airport Authority * Minor 2PG00116 Compliance
Huron County Solid Waste Facility Minor 2IN00135 Compliance
Huron Valley MHP Minor 2PY00077 Compliance
IRBW Properties Ltd dba Williard MHP Minor 2PY00052 Compliance
Indian Trail Campground Minor 2PR00185 Compliance
Misty Meadows School Minor 2MH00025 Ohio Only Program
Monroeville WWTP Minor 2PB00004 Compliance
New London WWTP Minor 2PB00058 Compliance
Norwalk Elks Lodge No 730 #2 Minor 2PR00152 Compliance
Norwalk WTP Minor 2IV00061 Compliance
Norwalk WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00024 Compliance
ODOT Huron County Garage Minor 2PP00043 Compliance
Riverview MHP LLC Minor 2PY00020 Compliance
Sunrise Coop Inc Clarksfield Facility Minor 2MH00010 Ohio Only Program
Sunrise Cooperative Inc Minor 2IN00130 Compliance
Tracioff Trails Minor 2PY00087 Compliance
Wakeman WWTP Minor 2PA00014 Compliance
Western Reserve Elem Jr & Sr HS Minor 2PT00023 Compliance
Will-O-Brook MHP Minor 2PY00053 Compliance
Willard WPCP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00005 Compliance
Woodlyn Acres MHP Minor 2PY00025 Compliance
AluChem of Jackson Inc Minor 0IN00068 Compliance
Beaver Pike Enterprises LLC Minor 0IJ00051 Compliance
Bellisio Foods (DAF) Minor 0MP00020 Ohio Only Program
Camp Bountiful Minor 0PR00180 Compliance
Coalton WWTP Minor 0PA00012 Compliance
General Mills Wellston Site Minor 0IH00046 Compliance
Jackson Lake State Park Minor 0MH00036 Ohio Only Program
Jackson WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00008 Compliance
ODNR-Richland Furnace State Forest APV Area Minor 0MH00026 Ohio Only Program
ODOT Rest Area 9-30 Minor 0PP00077 Compliance
Oak Hill WWTP Minor 0PB00055 Compliance
Resco Products - Cedar Heights Clay Div-Plts 1 & 2 Minor 0IN00266 Compliance
Ron Evans Enterprises Minor 0MP00011 Ohio Only Program
Rumpke Waste Inc Beech Hollow Landfill Minor 0IN00169 Compliance
Wellston PWS North Plant Minor 0IV00120 Compliance
Wellston WWTP North Major - Fact Sheet 0PC00013 Compliance
World Kinect Energy Services - Jackson Bulk Plt Minor 0IN00224 Compliance
1178 CR LLC Minor 0PW00011 Compliance
Adena WWTP Minor 0PB00056 Compliance
Amsterdam Area Wastewater Treatment Plant Minor 0PJ00010 Compliance
Apex Sanitary Landfill Minor 0II00022 Compliance
Apex Sanitary Landfill Minor 0IN00198 Compliance
Austin Lake Minor 0MP00001 Ohio Only Program
Barium & Chemicals Inc Minor 0IE00009 Compliance
Brilliant Water & Sewer District WWTP Minor 0PB00003 Compliance
Buckeye Local Sch Dist Minor 0PT00023 Compliance
Cardinal Operating Co 1 & 2 * Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00009 Compliance
City of Steubenville Landfill Minor 0IN00277 Compliance
Crossridge Inc Landfill Minor 0IN00106 Compliance
Dillonvale-Mt Pleasant Minor 0PQ00007 Compliance
Empire WWTP Minor 0PA00064 Compliance
FirstEnergy Generation LLC - Hollow Rock Facility Minor 0IN00261 Compliance
FirstEnergy Generation LLC Hollow Rock Facility Minor 0MP00009 Ohio Only Program
FirstEnergy W.H. Sammis Plant Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00010 Compliance
Friendship Park Dist Minor 0MP00010 Ohio Only Program
JSW Steel USA Ohio Inc Major - Fact Sheet 0ID00034 Compliance
Jefferson Co - M WWTP Minor 0PH00000 Compliance
Jefferson Landmark Bulk Plt Minor 0IN00208 Compliance
Lake Lodge Mobile Home Park Minor 0PV00012 Compliance
Lansing Sportsman Club Minor 0MH00017 Ohio Only Program
Maplewood Subdiv Minor 0PG00045 Compliance
Maragos MHP LLC Minor 0PV00526 Compliance
Mellwood Acres WWTP Minor 0PG00052 Compliance
Mingo Junction STP Minor 0PD00010 Compliance
North Star Mine Minor 0IL00155 Compliance
ODOT Park No 11-2 Minor 0PP00056 Compliance
Ohio Department of Natural Resources Minor 0MH00023 Ohio Only Program
Richmond Mill Inc - Site I Minor 0IN00113 Compliance
Riddles Run Refuse Disposl/Coal Processing Plant Minor 0IL00146 Compliance
Ridgeland Subdiv WWTP Minor 0PG00053 Compliance
Smithfield WWTP Minor 0PA00053 Compliance
Sterling Mining Corp-South Mine Complex/Disp Site Minor 0IL00136 Compliance
Steubenville Intake Pumphouse Minor 0ID00010 Compliance
Steubenville MHP LLC Minor 0PV00006 Compliance
Steubenville WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00014 Compliance
Stratton WWTP Minor 0PB00054 Compliance
Tiltonsville WWTP Minor 0PB00085 Compliance
Titanium Metals Corp Toronto Plant Major - Fact Sheet 0IE00010 Compliance
Toronto WTP Minor 0IV00090 Compliance
Toronto WWTP Minor 0PD00017 Compliance
Valley Converting Co Inc Minor 0IA00006 Compliance
Warrenton River Terminal Minor 0IL00086 Compliance
Wellsville Ash & Dredging Disposal Site Minor 0IN00100 Compliance
Wintersville A WWTP Minor 0PB00066 Compliance
Amity WWTP Minor 4PG00054 Compliance
Bladensburg WWTP Minor 4PG00057 Compliance
Camp McPherson Minor 4PX00019 Compliance
Camp Mohaven Minor 4PX00033 Compliance
Centerburg WRF Minor 4PB00111 Compliance
Central Ohio Farmers Co-op - Mt. Vernon Bulk Plant Minor 4IN00170 Compliance
Danville WWTP Minor 4PC00100 Compliance
Del-Co Water Company- Thomas Stewart WTP Minor 4IW01003 Compliance
Fredericktown WWTP Minor 4PB00100 Compliance
Gambier WWTP Minor 4PB00101 Compliance
Little Jelloway Creek WWTP Minor 4PJ00100 Compliance
Mohican Wilderness Campground Minor 4PX00048 Compliance
Mount Vernon WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PD00100 Compliance
Nunda Ridge Amish Parochial Sch Minor 4MH00005 Ohio Only Program
Pleasant View Acres WWTP Minor 4PG00042 Compliance
Select Materials - Millwood Mine Minor 4IJ00100 Compliance
Wyandot Golf and Dining Minor 4PX00035 Compliance
Angelos Pizzeria Minor 3PR00422 Compliance
Capps Tavern Minor 3PR00382 Compliance
Carmeuse Lime and Stone Inc - Grand River Minor 3IJ00021 Compliance
Circle K #5700 Minor 3PR00176 Compliance
Concord Auto Body Minor 3PR00766 Compliance
Creekside Crossing Development WWTF Minor 3PW00160 Compliance
Deans Family Restaurant Minor 3PR00237 Compliance
Dodd's Hill WWTP Minor 3PG00072 Compliance
Eagle Rd MHP Minor 3PV00071 Compliance
Eastlake Power Plant Major - Fact Sheet 3IB00003 Compliance
Eckart America Corp Minor 3II00071 Compliance
Erie International Group Minor 3IF00007 Compliance
Fairport Harbor WTP Minor 3IV00230 Compliance
Fore D S Golf LLC Minor 3PR00143 Compliance
Frary's Restaurant Minor 3PR00398 Compliance
Gary L Kron Water Reclamation Facility Major - Fact Sheet 3PK00033 Compliance
Grumpy Bear LLC dba Bunky's Pub Minor 3PR00380 Compliance
Heatherstone WWTP Minor 3PH00054 Compliance
Henry F LaMuth Middle Sch Minor 3PT00120 Compliance
Hi TecMetal Group - Thermal Treatment Center Minor 3IS00124 Compliance
Hickory Hills WWTP Minor 3PG00059 Compliance
Holden Arboretum - Thayer Center Minor 3PR00467 Compliance
Holden Arboretum-Lantern Court Minor 3PR00474 Compliance
Holly Ridge Apts Minor 3PR00376 Compliance
International Paper Minor 3IA00012 Compliance
JJJ Properties LLC Cedar Hills Minor 3PR00178 Compliance
Kirtland Leasing LLC Minor 3PR00137 Compliance
Kirtland MHP Minor 3PV00074 Compliance
Kirtland Shenandoah Estates STP Minor 3PG00065 Compliance
Lake Co WTP - East Minor 3IV00260 Compliance
Lake County Metroparks - Blair Road Shelter Minor 3MH00127 Ohio Only Program
Lake County Solid Waste Facility Minor 3IN00368 Compliance
Lake Farmpark Minor 3PR00378 Compliance
Lake Metroparks - Lake Erie Bluffs Minor 3MH00088 Ohio Only Program
Lakeland Nursing Home Minor 3PR00374 Compliance
Leroy Country Store Minor 3MH00076 Ohio Only Program
Leroy Elem Sch Minor 3PT00055 Compliance
Little Thunder Kids Golf Course Minor 3PR00357 Compliance
Lubrizol Corp Minor 3II00092 Compliance
Madison Health Care Inc Minor 3PR00080 Compliance
Madison WWTP * Minor 3PB00030 Compliance
Madison WWTP No 1 Major - Fact Sheet 3PK00032 Compliance
Mid-West Materials Inc Minor 3PR00377 Compliance
Morton Salt Inc Minor 3IE00030 Compliance
NEWGreen Legacy Services Inc * Minor 3IR00035 Compliance
New Avenues to Independence Perry Home Minor 3PR00218 Compliance
PET Processors LLC Minor 3IF00009 Compliance
Painesville Municipal Electric Plant Minor 3IB00015 Compliance
Painesville Sediment Facility Minor 3IN00159 Compliance
Painesville WPC Plt Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00029 Compliance
Paolucci Plaza Minor 3PR00490 Compliance
Penitentiary Glen Minor 3PR00375 Compliance
Perry DOHP IX LLC Minor 3MH00071 Ohio Only Program
Perry MHP Minor 3PV00072 Compliance
Perry Nuclear Power Plant Major - Fact Sheet 3IB00016 Compliance
Rio Grand WWTP Minor 3PG00130 Compliance
Rockwood Ledges WWTP Minor 3PG00058 Compliance
Sahara MHP * Minor 3PV00046 Compliance
Spring Lake MHP Minor 3PV00120 Compliance
Stewart Acquisitions LLC DBA Endura Plastics Minor 3IQ00038 Compliance
Stewart Lodge Nursing Home Minor 3PR00332 Compliance
Stony Glen Camp Minor 3PR00641 Compliance
Sugar Lake Lodge Minor 3PR00372 Compliance
Sunshine Acres WWTP Minor 3PG00063 Compliance
Tavern 6 Minor 3PR00170 Compliance
The K.D. Moore Trading Co Minor 3PR00460 Compliance
The Lubrizol Corporation Minor 3IF00012 Compliance
The Pub Minor 3PR00201 Compliance
Trois Amis DBA Kirtland City Tavern Minor 3PR00238 Compliance
Willo-Hill Professional Bldg Minor 3PR00449 Compliance
Willoughby Eastlake STP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00024 Compliance
Willoughby Hills United Methodist Church Minor 3PR00244 Compliance
Young Men's Christian Assoc DBA YMCA Outdoor Minor 3PR00379 Compliance
Americas Styrenics LLC - Hanging Rock Major - Fact Sheet 0IF00004 Compliance
BXP Septic Relocation Minor 0PR00173 Compliance
Coal Grove WTP Minor 0IN00192 Compliance
Coal Grove WWTP Minor 0PB00060 Compliance
Collins Career Center WWTP * Minor 0PT00063 Compliance
Deering Elem WWTP Minor 0PT00041 Compliance
Hanging Rock Power Company LLC Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00032 Compliance
Hecla Water Association Coal Grove Minor 0IW00033 Compliance
Honeywell International Inc Minor 0IF00014 Compliance
Ironton WTP Minor 0IV00050 Compliance
Ironton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00007 Compliance
John Clark Oil Co Inc - Ironton Bulk Plant Minor 0IN00229 Compliance
McGinnis Inc Minor 0IL00024 Compliance
Mended Reeds Properties, Inc. Minor 0PR00177 Compliance
Mid-Continent Coal and Coke Co-Ironton Bulk Terminal Minor 0IL00087 Compliance
New Rock Hill EMS Station #6 Minor 0PR00176 Compliance
Prestera Trucking Office Minor 0PR00174 Compliance
Rock Hill Local School District Minor 0PT00055 Compliance
South Point WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PD00025 Compliance
Superior Marine Ways Inc Minor 0IN00273 Compliance
Symmes Valley Elem School No1 Minor 0PT00032 Compliance
The Point - Lawrence Economic Dev Corp Minor 0IN00088 Compliance
Union Rome Twps Sub-SD WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PK00002 Compliance
4H Camp Ohio Treatment System Minor 4PX00040 Compliance
Alexandria WWTP Minor 4PA00106 Compliance
Brookside Materials LLC Minor 4IJ00114 Compliance
Buckeye Lake Music Center, Inc Minor 4PX00049 Compliance
Buckeye Lake WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PJ00000 Compliance
Buckeye Motor Car LLC Minor 4MH00030 Ohio Only Program
Burch Hydro Tree Farm Minor 4MP00018 Ohio Only Program
Camp Wakatomika STU 2 Minor 4PX00059 Compliance
Carson Realty 2 Minor 4PW00011 Compliance
Country Hills MHP Minor 4PY00009 Compliance
Creno's Pizza Minor 4PX00020 Compliance
Granville WWTP Minor 4PC00006 Compliance
Hanover WWTP Minor 4PB00110 Compliance
Hartford WWTP Minor 4PA00105 Compliance
Heath WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PC00007 Compliance
Hebron Village WRF Minor 4PB00005 Compliance
Hebron WTP Minor 4MP00016 Ohio Only Program
Heritage Cooperative � Newark Minor 4IN00166 Compliance
Johnstown WTP Minor 4IW01002 Compliance
Johnstown WWTP Minor 4PC00001 Compliance
Kirkersville WWTP Minor 4PB00104 Compliance
Kurtz Brothers- Brookside Minor 4IN00214 Compliance
Kyber Run Golf Course Inc Minor 4PX00056 Compliance
Marne Manor LLC Minor 4PV00119 Compliance
Mink Street Sycamore Creek WWTP Minor 4PQ00006 Compliance
Modern Trailer Park LLC Minor 4PV00114 Compliance
NBY Construction Trailers/Holder Construction Minor 4MH00029 Ohio Only Program
New Day Farms - Croton Minor 4IK00015 Compliance
Newark City Landfill Minor 4IN00182 Compliance
Newark Materials LLC Minor 4IJ00116 Compliance
Newark WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PE00001 Compliance
Northridge High School Minor 4PT00108 Compliance
Olen Corp St Louisville Plant Minor 4IJ00115 Compliance
Owens Corning Insulating Systems LLC Minor 4IN00002 Compliance
Owens Corning Science and Technology Center Minor 4IN00047 Compliance
Pataskala Shell Minor 4PX00037 Compliance
Pataskala WTP Minor 4IZ00051 Compliance
Pataskala WWTP Minor 4PB00009 Compliance
Pilot Travel Center LLC No 285 Minor 4IN00158 Compliance
Regal Inn Minor 4PX00047 Compliance
Shelly Materials Inc Plant 63 Minor 4IJ00110 Compliance
Southwest Licking Community Water & Sewer (161) Minor 4PQ00005 Compliance
Southwest Licking W & SD Gale Rd Envir Control Facility Major - Fact Sheet 4PD00101 Compliance
Suburban MHP Minor 4PV00116 Compliance
Tectum Inc Newark Plant Minor 4IN00001 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Breeder Layer 2 Minor 4IK00020 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Hatchery Breeder Pullet Minor 4IK00023 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Layer Site 1 Minor 4IK00014 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Layer Site 3 Minor 4IK00016 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Layer Site 3 Minor 4MP00004 Ohio Only Program
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Layer Site 4 Minor 4IK00017 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Pullet Site 1 Minor 4IK00018 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Pullet Site 2 Minor 4IK00019 Compliance
Trillium Farm Holdings LLC - Pullet Site 3 Minor 4IK00021 Compliance
Utica WWTP * Minor 4PB00022 Compliance
Velvet Ice Cream Co Minor 4IH00015 Compliance
Villa Vista MHP Minor 4PV00113 Compliance
Wilkins MHP Minor 4PV00012 Compliance
Winding Creek Estates Minor 4PV00124 Compliance
4000 Alpine Pkwy Zanesfield OH 43360 LLC Minor 1PV00129 Compliance
A and E Campground LLC Minor 1PR00101 Compliance
Beach Sons Holdings LLC Minor 1MH00087 Ohio Only Program
Bellefontaine WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00000 Compliance
Benjamin Logan High School Minor 1PZ00023 Compliance
Camp Cotubic Minor 1MP00041 Ohio Only Program
Cherokee Run Landfill Inc Minor 1II00125 Compliance
Cherokee Run Landfill Inc Minor 1MH00130 Ohio Only Program
Duff Quarry Inc Minor 1IJ00138 Compliance
Flat Branch WWTP Minor 1PP00006 Compliance
Honda Devt & Mfg of America LLC- E Liberty Auto Plant Minor 1IW00270 Compliance
Indian Lake WPCF Major - Fact Sheet 1PK00002 Compliance
Kamp-A-Lott Campground Minor 1PZ00109 Compliance
Kirkmont Center Minor 1PZ00069 Compliance
Logan County Eastern Regional Sewer District WWTP Minor 1PK00022 Compliance
Mad River Mountain Resort Minor 1MP00034 Ohio Only Program
Marmom Valley Farm Minor 1MP00037 Ohio Only Program
Middleburg Drive Thru Minor 1MH00066 Ohio Only Program
Quincy-DeGraff STP Minor 1PB00036 Compliance
Riverside Campground Logan Minor 1MH00052 Ohio Only Program
Rushsylvania WWTP Minor 1PB00025 Compliance
Shelly Materials Inc - Belle Center Quarry Minor 1IJ00019 Compliance
Sunrise Meadows Minor 1MH00085 Ohio Only Program
The Village of West Mansfield Minor 1MP00015 Ohio Only Program
Washington Twp Maintenance Facility Minor 1MH00057 Ohio Only Program
West Liberty STP Minor 1PC00012 Compliance
West Mansfield Plant Minor 1MP00030 Ohio Only Program
254 Corporation dba Check Smart Minor 3PR00717 Compliance
301 Club Inc DBA Joe's Bar & Restaurant Minor 3PR00599 Compliance
38650 Butternut Ridge Rd Holding Tank Minor 3MH00145 Ohio Only Program
83&Chestnut Pub and Eatery Minor 3PR00587 Compliance
905 Oberlin Elyria Road Minor 3PR00786 Compliance
A & B Tavern Minor 3PR00571 Compliance
Alomega Builders Minor 3PR00748 Compliance
Amherst WPCC Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00001 Compliance
Anderson's Automotive Service Center Minor 3PR00730 Compliance
Avon Lake Generating Station Major - Fact Sheet 3IB00002 Compliance
Avon Lake WPCF Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00003 Compliance
BFI Lorain County Resource Recovery Complex Minor 3PR00394 Compliance
Benko Products Inc Minor 3PR00644 Compliance
Brentwood Lake WWTP Minor 3PH00024 Compliance
Buckeye Terminals, LLC- Lorain Terminal Minor 3IN00059 Compliance
Busch Funeral and Crematory Services Minor 3PR00707 Compliance
Butternut Auto and Recycling Minor 3MH00056 Ohio Only Program
Butternut Ridge Apartments Minor 3PW00033 Compliance
Butternut Terrace Apts Minor 3PW00038 Compliance
CMS Enterprises LLC Minor 3PR00213 Compliance
Camden Twp Complex Minor 3PR00668 Compliance
Catchin Some Rays Tanning Salon Minor 3MH00025 Ohio Only Program
Chapin Custom Molding Minor 3PR00618 Compliance
Chucks Muffler and Brakes Minor 3PR00787 Compliance
Church of the Open Door Minor 3PR00578 Compliance
Columbia Beverage & Deli Minor 3PR00593 Compliance
Columbia Hills Golf and Swing Club Minor 3PR00277 Compliance
Columbia Library System Minor 3PR00616 Compliance
Columbia Middle School Minor 3PT00152 Compliance
Columbia Sch Minor 3PT00087 Compliance
Cottrell Memorial AMVETS Post 162 Minor 3PR00634 Compliance
Country Garden Apts Minor 3PW00002 Compliance
Country Skateland Minor 3PR00639 Compliance
Cresthaven Homes WWTP Minor 3PG00051 Compliance
Crestview MHP Minor 3PV00134 Compliance
D&S Farms Minor 3PR00729 Compliance
Designer Doggies Minor 3PR00749 Compliance
Douds Properties, Inc. Minor 3PR00781 Compliance
EMSNET Business Center Minor 3PT00103 Compliance
East of Chicago Pizza Minor 3PR00615 Compliance
Eaton Homes WWTP Minor 3PH00023 Compliance
Echoing Hills Village Inc an Ohio Corp Minor 3PR00765 Compliance
Elyria Airport Ltd Minor 3PR00788 Compliance
Elyria Country Club Minor 3PR00709 Compliance
Elyria Foundry Co Minor 3ID00070 Compliance
Elyria Motel Minor 3PR00191 Compliance
Elyria WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00034 Compliance
Fathers of St. Joseph Minor 3PR00706 Compliance
Findley State Park WWTP Minor 3PP00004 Compliance
Firelands Elem & HS Minor 3PT00095 Compliance
Firelands School Holding Tank Minor 3MH00184 Ohio Only Program
Firelands Scout Reservation Minor 3PR00702 Compliance
First Baptist Church - Christian School Minor 3PR00580 Compliance
Forest Hills Country Club Minor 3PZ00055 Compliance
Four Keys Commercial Plaza Minor 3PR00718 Compliance
French Creek WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00043 Compliance
Gibbs Butcher Block Minor 3PR00603 Compliance
Gillota Inc. Minor 3PR00736 Compliance
Grafton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PB00024 Compliance
Green Circle Growers Inc- Plant #1 Minor 3IN00344 Compliance
Hale Road Apartments Minor 3PW00102 Compliance
Herbs Happy Hour Bar & Grill Minor 3PR00792 Compliance
Hickory Nut Golf Clubhouse Minor 3PR00743 Compliance
Holy Trinity School Minor 3PR00598 Compliance
Hydro-Aire Aerospace Corp. Minor 3IS00118 Compliance
Hynolds, LLC Minor 3PR00756 Compliance
Invacare Corp Minor 3IN00370 Compliance
Jakobsky Plumbing & Heating Minor 3PR00655 Compliance
Kokosing Materials Inc - Sheffield Plt 503 Minor 3PR00740 Compliance
Kokosing Materials, Inc. Minor 3MH00111 Ohio Only Program
LaGrange WPCP Minor 3PB00061 Compliance
LaPorte Inn Minor 3PR00629 Compliance
Lorain Black River WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PE00005 Compliance
Lorain Co Early Learning Center Minor 3PT00104 Compliance
Lorain County II Landfill LLC Minor 3IN00335 Compliance
Lorain, City of Minor 3IN00393 Compliance
Mac's Convenience Stores LLC DBA Circle K No 5312 Minor 3PR00434 Compliance
Midview LSD BOE-PEP Willow Creek Minor 3PT00156 Compliance
Mortons Landscape Development Co Minor 3PR00768 Compliance
Nelson Stud Welding Inc Minor 3IS00040 Compliance
New Russia Twp Hall & Service Complex Minor 3PR00554 Compliance
Oberlin VFW Post 6273 Minor 3PR00539 Compliance
Oberlin WTP Minor 3IW00061 Compliance
Oberlin Water Environment Protection Facility Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00025 Compliance
Parker Marine Minor 3PR00476 Compliance
Philip Q Maiorana WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00040 Compliance
Pikeview Materials LLC Minor 3MH00098 Ohio Only Program
Plum Creek WWTP Minor 3PG00052 Compliance
RRJM Properties, LLC Minor 3PR00776 Compliance
Rafter A, Ltd Minor 3PR00326 Compliance
Republic Services of Elyria Minor 3PR00185 Compliance
Republic Steel - Lorain Plant Major - Fact Sheet 3ID00028 Compliance
Rt 20 Apartments Minor 3PW00027 Compliance
Seaway and Specials Co Minor 3IM00017 Compliance
Sheffield Middle School Minor 3PT00088 Compliance
Sheffield Village Municipal Complex Minor 3PR00600 Compliance
South Amherst Local School Minor 3PT00153 Compliance
State Route 58 Drive-Thru Minor 3PR00716 Compliance
Sundaes in the Park WWTP Minor 3PR00339 Compliance
Sunset Motel Minor 3PR00611 Compliance
The Activity Center Minor 3PR00487 Compliance
The Jailhouse Taverne Minor 3PR00576 Compliance
The Lodge Minor 3PR00607 Compliance
The Sportsmens Gun & Reel Club Inc Minor 3PR00779 Compliance
Three Creek Bioenergy LLC Minor 3IN00373 Compliance
Timber Ridge Campground Minor 3PR00540 Compliance
US Steel Lorain Tubular Operations Major - Fact Sheet 3ID00074 Compliance
VFW Post 9340 Minor 3PR00506 Compliance
Weebles House OLW Minor 3PR00713 Compliance
Wellington WTP Minor 3IV00200 Compliance
Wellington WWTP Minor 3PC00014 Compliance
West Lorain Power Plant Minor 3IB00008 Compliance
Westbrook Apartments Minor 3PR00724 Compliance
Westwood Ash Facility Minor 3IN00224 Compliance
Westwood Estates MHC Minor 3PV00026 Compliance
Whiskeyville Still N Grill Minor 3PR00617 Compliance
Yunker Court Apartments Minor 3PR00601 Compliance
All Ohio Ready Mix Stickney Plt 3 Minor 2IN00236 Compliance
Arrowhead Lake MHP * Minor 2PY00067 Compliance
Ash Area Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) Minor 2IB00019 Compliance
Asphalt Materials Inc- Oregon Plant Minor 2IN00165 Compliance
BP Husky Refining LLC - Toledo Refinery Major - Fact Sheet 2IG00007 Compliance
CITGO- Oregon (Toledo) Terminal Minor 2IG00021 Compliance
City of Oregon Water Plant Minor 2IW00220 Compliance
City of Toledo Collins Park WTP Minor 2MP00002 Ohio Only Program
Couzies Place LLC Minor 2PR00289 Compliance
Creekside Landfill LLC Minor 2IN00234 Compliance
Delta Fuels Inc Minor 2IN00226 Compliance
Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept WWTP Minor 5IN00008 Compliance
Envirosafe Services of Ohio Inc Minor 2IN00013 Compliance
Grimes Inc Minor 2PR00218 Compliance
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Inc-Waterville Quarry Minor 2IJ00047 Compliance
Hanson Aggregates Sylvania II Quarry Minor 2IJ00096 Compliance
Hanson Aggregates Sylvania Quarry * Minor 2IJ00039 Compliance
Hoffman Road Sanitary Landfill Minor 2IN00117 Compliance
Lake Erie Lodge Minor 2PR00291 Compliance
Libbey Glass Inc-Toledo Plant 27 Minor 2IN00075 Compliance
Lucas Co WRRF Major - Fact Sheet 2PK00000 Compliance
Lucas County Landfill LLC Minor 2IN00142 Compliance
MPLX Terminals LLC - Oregon Terminal Minor 2IG00024 Compliance
Meinke Marina and Campground W Minor 2PR00165 Compliance
Midwest Terminal of Toledo Intl Minor 2IN00243 Compliance
Norfolk Southern- Emerald Yard Minor 2IT00015 Compliance
Ohio Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing Minor 2IO00003 Compliance
Oregon WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00035 Compliance
PSC - Cousins Waste Control LLC Minor 2II00095 Compliance
Perstorp Polyols Inc Minor 2IF00020 Compliance
Rocky Ridge Development LLC Angola Road Site Minor 2IJ00108 Compliance
Shelly Liquid Div Toledo Terminal Minor 2IN00218 Compliance
Sisters of Notre Dame WQT Minor 2PT00056 Compliance
StoneCo Inc Maumee Quarry Minor 2IJ00048 Compliance
Swanton WTP Minor 2IW00252 Compliance
The City of Toledo Minor 2MS00000 Ohio Only Program
Toledo Bay View Park WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PF00000 Compliance
Toledo Express Airport Minor 2IN00214 Compliance
Toledo HBI Major - Fact Sheet 2ID00018 Compliance
Toledo Refining Company LLC Minor 2IG00003 Compliance
Toledo WTP Minor 2IW00260 Compliance
Walleye Power - Bay Shore Plant Major - Fact Sheet 2IB00000 Compliance
Whispering Winds Mobile Home Community Minor 2PY00064 Compliance
William Paxton Hoffman Road Demolition Landfill Minor 2IN00264 Compliance
B & B Lodge Minor 4PV00107 Compliance
Battelle Memorial Institute Minor 4IN00004 Compliance
Buckeye Ford Inc Minor 4MH00008 Ohio Only Program
Canaan Community MHP Minor 4PR00032 Compliance
City of London Minor 4MP00006 Ohio Only Program
Gill Dairy LLC Minor 4IK00027 Compliance
Green Meadows MHP Minor 4PV00000 Compliance
Green Tree MHP Minor 4PY00001 Compliance
Jonathan Alder Junior High Minor 4PT00119 Compliance
London Travel Center Minor 4IN00019 Compliance
London WTP Minor 4IW00090 Compliance
London WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PC00003 Compliance
Madison Co Sewer Dist No 1 Minor 4PG00045 Compliance
Madison County Sewer District #2 WWTP Minor 4PG00049 Compliance
Madison Plains HS Minor 4PT00001 Compliance
Monroe Elem Sch Minor 4PT00122 Compliance
Mount Sterling WWTP Minor 4PB00015 Compliance
ODOT Rest Area 6-21 Minor 4PP00015 Compliance
Old 42 Antiques and Vintage Marketplace Minor 4PR00077 Compliance
Pickett Fences MHP Minor 4PV00105 Compliance
Plain City WWTP Minor 4PB00016 Compliance
Procter Conference Center Minor 4MP00027 Ohio Only Program
South Solon WWTP Minor 4PA00002 Compliance
Suburbans Community MHP Minor 4PR00031 Compliance
Tolles Career & Technical Center Minor 4PT00104 Compliance
Tuffco Sand and Gravel Minor 4IJ00011 Compliance
Water Dist 1 - Lime Lagoon Discharge Minor 4IM00001 Compliance
West Jefferson WWTP Minor 4PB00024 Compliance
Wissalohichan SSD Minor 4PG00048 Compliance
9835 South Avenue Minor 3PR00650 Compliance
Angels for Animals Minor 3PR00737 Compliance
Aqua Ohio - Poland WTP Struthers Div Minor 3IW00082 Compliance
BOC Water Hydraulics Inc Minor 3PR00544 Compliance
Bedford Trails Golf Course Minor 3PR00243 Compliance
Beloit WWTP Minor 3PB00005 Compliance
Ben's Restaurant and Bar Minor 3PR00491 Compliance
Boardman WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PK00002 Compliance
Camp Stambaugh Minor 3PR00366 Compliance
Campbell City Water Facility Minor 3MP00007 Ohio Only Program
Campbell WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00008 Compliance
Carbon Limestone Landfill LLC Minor 3IN00192 Compliance
Chaparral Family Campground Minor 3PR00346 Compliance
Colonial Villa MHC LLC Minor 3PV00018 Compliance
County Land Development Landfill LLC Minor 3IN00223 Compliance
Craig Beach WWTP Minor 3PH00030 Compliance
Damascus WWTP Minor 3PA00037 Compliance
Deer Meadows MHP Minor 3PV00090 Compliance
Diehl Lake Collection & WWTP Minor 3PG00157 Compliance
East Fairfield Coal Co Petersburg Limestone Plt Minor 3IJ00059 Compliance
Falcon Foundry Co Minor 3IN00362 Compliance
Fonderlac Condominium Minor 3PW00025 Compliance
Foundry Sand Service LLC Minor 3IN00351 Compliance
Greenford Bobcats LLC WWTP Minor 3PR00538 Compliance
Greenford Cupboard Minor 3MH00040 Ohio Only Program
Heritage Cooperative-Alliance Minor 3IN00287 Compliance
Hilltop Sanitary Landfill Minor 3IN00405 Compliance
Honey Creek Stone Co Minor 3IJ00018 Compliance
Industrial Mining - City Stone Minor 3IJ00067 Compliance
Kings Motel STU 1 Minor 3PR00690 Compliance
Koch Fields Holding Tank Minor 3MH00153 Ohio Only Program
Lake Milton - Berlin KOA North Minor 3PR00221 Compliance
Lake Park Tool & Machine of Ohio LLC Minor 3IS00020 Compliance
Lily Pond Precast Concrete Waterless Restroom and Vault Minor 3MH00176 Ohio Only Program
Lowellville WWTP Minor 3PC00007 Compliance
Mahoning Co Coon Hunters Protective Assoc Minor 3MH00082 Ohio Only Program
Mahoning Landfill Inc Minor 3IN00175 Compliance
McGolf Realty LLC DBA The Lake Club Minor 3PR00219 Compliance
Meadow Creek MHP Minor 3PV00089 Compliance
Mill Creek MetroParks - Bikeway Trailhead Minor 3MH00128 Ohio Only Program
Mill Creek Metroparks Minor 3MH00119 Ohio Only Program
New Middletown - Springfield Twp WWTP Minor 3PH00016 Compliance
Paul W Cene dba Aspen Reserve LLC Minor 3PR00527 Compliance
Pilot Travel Centers LLC #011 Minor 3IG00066 Compliance
Pious Society of St Paul Minor 3PR00224 Compliance
Quaker City Motorsport Park Minor 3MH00042 Ohio Only Program
Ron Jon Investments IV LLC Minor 3MP00044 Ohio Only Program
Sebring WTP * Minor 3IV00182 Compliance
Sebring WWTP Minor 3PC00011 Compliance
Shadeland Apts LLP Minor 3PR00546 Compliance
Shelly Co - Petersburg Quarry Facility Minor 3IJ00060 Compliance
Struthers WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00026 Compliance
Subtropolis Mining Co - Subtropolis Mine Minor 3IJ00063 Compliance
TA Youngstown Minor 3IN00333 Compliance
Tecumseh Village Park Minor 3PV00023 Compliance
The Glen at Stateline Minor 3PV00088 Compliance
The Manor Minor 3PR00319 Compliance
US Army Corps of Engineers - Berlin Lake Minor 3PN00000 Compliance
Western Reserve High School Minor 3PT00143 Compliance
Western Reserve Park Minor 3PR00264 Compliance
Whitehouse Fruit Farm AMLC Minor 3PR00514 Compliance
Wick Recreation Area Minor 3MH00160 Ohio Only Program
Youngstown Hard Chrome Plating & Grinding Inc Minor 3IC00074 Compliance
Youngstown WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PE00006 Compliance
Apple Lane Subdivision Minor 2PW00026 Compliance
Blue Willow MHP Minor 2PR00039 Compliance
Bumford Road WWTP SD 6A Minor 2PG00030 Compliance
Caledonia WWTP Minor 2PA00035 Compliance
Central Ohio Farmers Co-Op Marion Bulk Plant Minor 2IN00170 Compliance
Crawford Pork Minor 2IK00057 Compliance
Cruiser's Pizza Subs and Suds Minor 2PR00303 Compliance
Fountain Place WWTP SD 5A Minor 2PG00035 Compliance
Frontier Communication- Marion-River Valley CO Minor 2PR00115 Compliance
Glen-Gery Corp - Iberia Plant Minor 2IJ00074 Compliance
Grandview Estates SD 2A Minor 2PG00036 Compliance
Groves at Newmans Crossing POTW Minor 2PW00015 Compliance
Harmony Subdiv SD 5B Minor 2PG00072 Compliance
LaRue WWTP Minor 2PA00051 Compliance
Marion WPC Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00011 Compliance
Martel Bakery Mix LLC Minor 2IH00106 Compliance
Morral Co LLC Minor 2IN00250 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co Marion Plant Minor 2IJ00027 Compliance
New Bloomington WWTP Minor 2PA00065 Compliance
North Quarry Subdivision Minor 2PW00004 Compliance
Nucor Steel Marion Inc Minor 2ID00017 Compliance
POET Biorefining Marion LLC Minor 2IF00025 Compliance
Pleasant Acres MH Community LLC Minor 2PR00040 Compliance
Pleasant Local Schools Minor 2PT00048 Compliance
Prospect WWTP Minor 2PA00041 Compliance
Ridgedale Elementary School Minor 2PT00049 Compliance
River Bend Resort Minor 2PR00189 Compliance
SD No 7 Water Reclamation Plant Major - Fact Sheet 2PJ00002 Compliance
Scrappys Drive Thru Minor 2MH00031 Ohio Only Program
Shelly Materials Inc - Tri-County Quarry Minor 2IJ00045 Compliance
Sims Brothers Inc Minor 2IN00052 Compliance
United Mobile Homes of Ohio - Wood Valley MHP Minor 2PY00015 Compliance
Waldo WWTP Minor 2PA00101 Compliance
Whirlpool Corp - Marion Div Minor 2II00104 Compliance
6440 LaFayette Rd, LLC Minor 3PR00744 Compliance
Apple Mobile Leasing Minor 3MH00014 Ohio Only Program
Aztec Imports Inc Minor 3PR00750 Compliance
Binky Commons Land Holding LLC Minor 3PR00684 Compliance
Buckeye Local Schools DBA Litchfield Preschool Minor 3PT00099 Compliance
Buzzard Cove Snack Bar Minor 3PR00731 Compliance
Centerra Co-op Smith Rd Medina Minor 3IG00087 Compliance
Chatham Lakes Campground fka Honey Do Campgrounds Minor 3PR00679 Compliance
Chatham Twp Community Center Minor 3PT00092 Compliance
Chippewa Lake SD No 700 Minor 3PH00017 Compliance
Clev Metropks Johnsons Picnic Restroom Minor 3MH00080 Ohio Only Program
Clev Metropks S B-Field Minor 3MH00078 Ohio Only Program
Cloverleaf Jr & Sr HS Minor 3PT00069 Compliance
Columbia Gas Transmission- Medina 5C7700 Minor 3IN00301 Compliance
Consumers Seville Bulk Plant Minor 3IN00296 Compliance
Coppertop Golf LLC Minor 3PR00542 Compliance
Dog Gone Crazy Kennel Minor 3PR00758 Compliance
Dukes Dawghouse Minor 3PR00605 Compliance
Fosters Tavern Minor 3PR00489 Compliance
Friendly Inn Minor 3PR00589 Compliance
Frontier Communications Minor 3PR00760 Compliance
Geno's Enterprises Inc Minor 3PR00602 Compliance
Giant Ohio LLC dba BP #440 Minor 3PR00606 Compliance
Granger Lake Condominiums No 1 Assn Inc Minor 3PW00014 Compliance
Granger United Methodist Church Minor 3PR00594 Compliance
Green Valley Inc Minor 3PR00529 Compliance
Guilford Apartments Minor 3PW00101 Compliance
Highland High School Minor 3PT00111 Compliance
Hinckley 1296 Ridge Rd Minor 3PR00715 Compliance
Hinckley Center Inc Minor 3PR00728 Compliance
Hinckley Elem Sch Minor 3PT00114 Compliance
Hinckley Elementary School Minor 3PT00797 Compliance
Hinckley Hills Golf Course Inc Minor 3PR00762 Compliance
Hinckley Swimming Area-Spillway Snacks Minor 3PR00537 Compliance
Hinckley Twp Police Dept Minor 3PR00500 Compliance
Hubbell Power Systems/Ohio Brass Minor 3IN00037 Compliance
Hungry Bear Restaurant Minor 3PR00556 Compliance
Indian Point - Cleveland Metroparks Minor 3MH00070 Ohio Only Program
Joseph Adams Corp Minor 3IN00374 Compliance
Kontos Realty Minor 3PR00595 Compliance
Litchfield Radio Minor 3PR00620 Compliance
Lodi WWTP Minor 3PB00027 Compliance
M & T Autobody Minor 3PR00722 Compliance
Maple Lake Campground - Romeyn Recreation Ent. Minor 3PR00563 Compliance
Medina Co SD #300 Hinckley WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PK00003 Compliance
Medina Co SD No 500 Liverpool WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PK00004 Compliance
Medina Co SD No 9 WWTP Minor 3PG00042 Compliance
Medina Country Club Minor 3PR00528 Compliance
Medina County SD No 11 Minor 3PG00043 Compliance
Medina Meats Minor 3IH00110 Compliance
Medina Petroleum Inc DBA Lafayette Market - Sunoco Minor 3PR00583 Compliance
Medina Supply- Medina Minor 3IN00400 Compliance
Old School House Catering Minor 3PR00624 Compliance
Our Lady Help of Christians Parish Minor 3PR00627 Compliance
Our Lady of Grace Church Minor 3PR00568 Compliance
Petro Env Tech Inc Petro Cell No 5 Minor 3IN00392 Compliance
Pier-Lon Park Minor 3PR00585 Compliance
Pilot Travel Center #13 Minor 3IN00369 Compliance
Pine Valley Golf Club Minor 3PR00557 Compliance
Preferred Insulation Inc Minor 3PR00619 Compliance
RTE Properties Minor 3PR00694 Compliance
Ramblers Roost Inc DBA Sunset Lake Campground Minor 3PR00586 Compliance
Rawiga Country Club STU 1 Minor 3PR00575 Compliance
Ridge Top Golf Course Minor 3PR00592 Compliance
River Road Horse Farm Minor 3PR00733 Compliance
Roadside Inn * Minor 3PR00654 Compliance
Roto-Rooter Minor 3PR00777 Compliance
S & S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal Inc Minor 3PR00732 Compliance
Sam Masi Park Vault Toilet Minor 3MH00181 Ohio Only Program
Schemrich Brothers Inc Minor 3MH00035 Ohio Only Program
Seville Mobile Home Community Minor 3PR00558 Compliance
Seville WWTP Minor 3PB00044 Compliance
Shawnee Lake Park Minor 3PR00714 Compliance
Shell Gas Station Minor 3PR00746 Compliance
Society For Handicapped Citizens * Minor 3PR00573 Compliance
Spencer Forge and Manufacturing Minor 3IS00087 Compliance
Spencer WWTP Minor 3PA00018 Compliance
TA Lodi Minor 3IG00093 Compliance
Tavanellos Pizza Minor 3PR00742 Compliance
Top O Ledges - Cleveland Metroparks Minor 3MH00069 Ohio Only Program
Wadsworth WTP Minor 3IW00015 Compliance
Wadsworth WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00022 Compliance
Westfield Center WWTP Minor 3PB00023 Compliance
Weymouth Community Center Minor 3PR00561 Compliance
Willow Lake Park Minor 3PR00560 Compliance
Wolff Bros Supply Inc Minor 3PR00727 Compliance
Yuvraj Bains LLC Minor 3PW00104 Compliance
American Electric Power - Racine Hydro Plant Minor 0IB00019 Compliance
Arbors at Pomeroy Minor 0PX00014 Compliance
CONSOL Mining Co Meigs Mine #31 Minor 0IL00027 Compliance
CONSOL Mining Co Meigs Mine No 2 Minor 0IL00028 Compliance
Cheshire Dock Minor 0IL00025 Compliance
City Ice and Fuel Minor 0PR00151 Compliance
Eastern Local School Dist Minor 0PT00046 Compliance
G & M Fuel Co Inc Minor 0IN00280 Compliance
Leading Creek Consrvy Dist Minor 0IY00023 Compliance
Martin Marietta Aggregates - Apple Grove Plant Minor 0IJ00015 Compliance
Meigs Co Landfill Minor 0IN00254 Compliance
Meigs Mine Division Office Minor 0IM00003 Compliance
Middleport WWTP Minor 0PB00025 Compliance
Pomeroy WTP Minor 0IY00102 Compliance
Pomeroy WWTP Minor 0PB00032 Compliance
Rutland Regional SD Minor 0PA00052 Compliance
Shelly Materials Inc - Portland Sand & Gravel Minor 0IJ00050 Compliance
Syracuse-Racine Regional SD WWTP Minor 0PQ00003 Compliance
Tupper Plains Chester Water District WTP Minor 0IZ00063 Compliance
Yellowbush Minor 0IL00145 Compliance
Belna Petroleum Inc- (Rockford Bulk Plant) * Minor 2IN00183 Compliance
Celina WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00033 Compliance
Chickasaw WWTP Minor 2PA00088 Compliance
Coldwater WWTP Minor 2PB00013 Compliance
Cooper Farms North Mill Minor 2IN00222 Compliance
Country Time Subdiv WWTP Minor 2PG00120 Compliance
DFGC Black LLC Minor 2PG00119 Compliance
Elks Club No 2170 South * Minor 2PR00184 Compliance
Fort Recovery Industries Inc Minor 2IC00001 Compliance
Fort Recovery WWTP Minor 2PA00030 Compliance
Mendon WWTP Minor 2PA00058 Compliance
Mercer Landmark Minor 2IN00210 Compliance
Mike's Sanitation Minor 2IM00014 Compliance
Montezuma Club Island WWTP Minor 2PH00015 Compliance
Motor Inn Auto Truck Stop STU 2 Minor 2PR00276 Compliance
Pax Machine Works Inc Minor 2IS00070 Compliance
Philothea SD WWTP Minor 2PG00113 Compliance
Republic Services Inc Celina Sanitary Landfill Minor 2IN00125 Compliance
Rockford STP Minor 2PD00001 Compliance
Saint Henry WWTP Minor 2PB00027 Compliance
Shelly Materials (Rockford) Minor 2IJ00041 Compliance
Stoneco Plt 117- Celina Quarry Minor 2IJ00017 Compliance
Wagner WWTP * Minor 2PR00101 Compliance
Wenning Dairy LLC Minor 2IK00056 Compliance
Wenning Poultry Farm Minor 2IK00009 Compliance
West Jefferson WWTP Minor 2PG00104 Compliance
Barrett Paving Materials - Ludlow Quarry Minor 1IJ00048 Compliance
Bedrock Properties Ludlow Falls Quarry Minor 1IJ00139 Compliance
Bradford WWTP Minor 1PB00008 Compliance
CF Poeppelman Sand Gravel Minor 1IJ00044 Compliance
Country Meadows Condo Assn Minor 1PW00039 Compliance
Covington WWTP Minor 1PB00013 Compliance
Fletcher Water Works Minor 1IZ00042 Compliance
Hartzell Propeller Inc Service Center Minor 1IN00178 Compliance
Laura WWTP Minor 1PB00045 Compliance
Le-O-Na Falls MHP Minor 1PV00123 Compliance
Miami East High School Minor 1PT00053 Compliance
Milton Materials LLC Minor 1IJ00061 Compliance
Milton Materials LLC Minor 1MH00091 Ohio Only Program
Northern Area Water Authority WTP * Minor 1IZ00122 Compliance
Paris Court MHP Minor 1PV00131 Compliance
Pilot Travel Centers LLC - Flying J #097 Vandalia Minor 1MH00040 Ohio Only Program
Piqua Materials Inc Piqua Minerals Div Minor 1IJ00011 Compliance
Piqua Materials Inc Piqua Minerals Div Minor 1MH00047 Ohio Only Program
Piqua WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00008 Compliance
Pleasant Hill WWTP Minor 1PB00026 Compliance
Sprankle's Butcher Shop Minor 1MH00051 Ohio Only Program
The Covenant at Sugar Grove * Minor 1PX00052 Compliance
Troy Sand & Gravel Minor 1IJ00137 Compliance
Troy WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00019 Compliance
West Milton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PC00011 Compliance
Western Ohio Japanese Language Sch Minor 1PT00054 Compliance
BBU Environmental Services Minor 0MP00033 Ohio Only Program
Beallsville WWTP Minor 0PA00000 Compliance
Belmont Carson Clarington Bulk Plant Minor 0IN00218 Compliance
CONSOL Mining Co Powhatan Mine No 4 Minor 0IL00071 Compliance
Clarington WWTP Minor 0PA00037 Compliance
Dick Meat Processing Minor 0MP00021 Ohio Only Program
Hannibal Development Partners Minor 0IE00005 Compliance
Hannibal Port Power Project Minor 0IB00038 Compliance
ODOT Duffy Outpost Building Minor 0IN00117 Compliance
Woodsfield STP Minor 0PB00051 Compliance
APS Materials Inc * Minor 1IN00216 Compliance
Barrett Paving - West Carrollton Asphalt Minor 1IJ00140 Compliance
Beth Jacobs Cemetary Minor 1MH00041 Ohio Only Program
Brookville WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PC00000 Compliance
Cargill Inc Minor 1IN00044 Compliance
Carriage Hill MetroPark Minor 1MH00016 Ohio Only Program
Certa Vandalia LLC Minor 1IC00045 Compliance
Clayton Church School On-Site Disposal Minor 1PZ00119 Compliance
Crakcerjak Corner Minor 1MH00018 Ohio Only Program
DRiV Automotive Inc Minor 1IN00029 Compliance
Dayton City Minor 1PI00003 Compliance
Dayton History-Kettering Family Education Center Minor 1IN00295 Compliance
Dayton International Airport Terminal Minor 1II00029 Compliance
Dayton KOA Minor 1PX00073 Compliance
Dayton Power & Light - MacGregor Park Office Bldg Minor 1IB00022 Compliance
Dayton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PF00000 Compliance
Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility Major - Fact Sheet 1PL00001 Compliance
Englewood WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00001 Compliance
Equipment Depot Minor 1MH00106 Ohio Only Program
Farmersville WWTP Minor 1PB00010 Compliance
Five Rivers MetroPark - Taylorsville Minor 1MH00019 Ohio Only Program
Fuyao Glass America Inc Minor 1IN00312 Compliance
Gayston Corp Minor 1IN00267 Compliance
Gem City Chemicals Inc Minor 1IN00134 Compliance
Grandview Hospital & Medical Center Minor 1IN00297 Compliance
Historic Montgomery Co Courthouse Minor 1PX00046 Compliance
Home City Ice Co Minor 1IN00133 Compliance
Jefferson Twp Jr High Elem Minor 1PT00107 Compliance
Lake of the Woods No 5 Minor 1MH00004 Ohio Only Program
Martin Marietta Materials - Phillipsburg Limestone Minor 1IJ00014 Compliance
Melody 49 Drive In Minor 1PX00072 Compliance
Melody Pool Minor 1PX00076 Compliance
Miamisburg WTP Minor 1IZ00123 Compliance
Miamisburg Water Reclamation Facility Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00017 Compliance
New Lebanon STP Minor 1PB00021 Compliance
Oakwood Water Softening Plant No 1 Minor 1IX00008 Compliance
Oakwood Water Softening Plant No 2 Minor 1IX00110 Compliance
Phillips Vandalia Minor 1IJ00063 Compliance
Possum Creek MetroPark Minor 1MH00074 Ohio Only Program
Possum Creek MetroPark Minor 1MH00017 Ohio Only Program
Primary Products Ingredients Americas LLC Minor 1IN00016 Compliance
RACER - Moraine Facilities Minor 1IC00008 Compliance
Rip Rap Road WTP Minor 1IZ00124 Compliance
Ryder Truck Rental Inc Minor 1IN00301 Compliance
Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems Minor 1IG00014 Compliance
Stony Hollow Landfill Inc Minor 1IN00245 Compliance
Tri-Cities North Regional WW Authority Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00020 Compliance
US DOE Mound Site Minor 1IN90010 Compliance
Union WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PB00030 Compliance
Voyager Village MHP Minor 1PV00036 Compliance
Walls Asphalt Manufacturing Minor 1MH00080 Ohio Only Program
Water Street Commercial Bldg Minor 1IN00310 Compliance
West Carrollton WTP Minor 1IN00290 Compliance
West Carrollton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PD00014 Compliance
Western Regional WRF Major - Fact Sheet 1PL00002 Compliance
Wright Bros Aero Inc Minor 1IM00006 Compliance
Altier Elem Sch WWTP Minor 0PT00057 Compliance
CONSOL Mining Muskingum Mine WWTP Minor 0IL00038 Compliance
Gould Electronics Foil Div GW Remediation Minor 0IN00256 Compliance
MAHLE Engine Components USA Inc Minor 0IC00027 Compliance
Malta Collection System Minor 0PA00095 Compliance
Malta WTP Minor 0IZ00031 Compliance
Malta Well Field Minor 0IN00155 Compliance
McConnelsville WWTP Minor 0PC00000 Compliance
McConnelsvilles State Route 78 Package Sewer Plt Minor 0PA00015 Compliance
Miba Bearings US LLC Major - Fact Sheet 0IC00000 Compliance
Miba Sinter US LLC Minor 0IS00025 Compliance
Morgan Jr & Sr HS Minor 0PT00058 Compliance
ODNR Burr Oak State Park Lodge & Cabins Minor 0PP00002 Compliance
Quality Lawn and Cleaning Services LLC Minor 0PW00025 Compliance
Reinersville United Methodist Church Minor 0MH00010 Ohio Only Program
Riversedge Campground Minor 0PR00166 Compliance
Stockport WWTP Minor 0PA00005 Compliance
Ammans Reservoir Restroom Minor 4MH00024 Ohio Only Program
Asphalt Materials Inc - Edison Plant Minor 4IN00212 Compliance
Candlewood Lake WWTP Minor 4PU00005 Compliance
Cardington WWTP Minor 4PA00100 Compliance
Chesterville WWTP Minor 4PA00103 Compliance
Edison WWTP Minor 4PA00000 Compliance
Emerald BioEnergy Minor 4IN00204 Compliance
H2-Oh-Yeah Minor 4MP00028 Ohio Only Program
Johnsville WWTP Minor 4PG00052 Compliance
Marengo Village Minor 4PA00101 Compliance
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Minor 4PX00053 Compliance
Mt Gilead WWTP Minor 4PB00102 Compliance
Mt. Gilead Petroluem Bulk Plant Minor 4IN00201 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co - Chesterville Facility Minor 4IJ00113 Compliance
SoMoCo Sanitary Inc Minor 4MP00010 Ohio Only Program
SoMoCo WWTP Minor 4PH00039 Compliance
Sparta WWTP Minor 4PA00104 Compliance
The Brook Minor 4PN00003 Compliance
AEP- Appalachian Power - Dresden Generating Plant Major - Fact Sheet 0IB00031 Compliance
Cameron Development Shale Quarry Minor 0IJ00043 Compliance
Carl Rittberger Sr Inc Minor 0IH00003 Compliance
Casting Solutions LLC Major - Fact Sheet 0IS00000 Compliance
Chateau Estates MHP Minor 0PV00009 Compliance
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corporation - Zanesville Works Major - Fact Sheet 0ID00002 Compliance
Cooper US Inc Minor 0IN00265 Compliance
Coopermill Road Landfill Minor 0IN00163 Compliance
Dresden WWTP Minor 0PB00012 Compliance
Dun-Falls Association Inc * Minor 0PX00000 Compliance
Duncan Falls Elem Sch Minor 0PT00045 Compliance
East Central Ohio Business Park Minor 0IM00018 Compliance
Frazeysburg WWTP Minor 0PB00015 Compliance
Friendly Hills Grange Camp Minor 0PR00169 Compliance
Grow Ohio Tree Farm Minor 0MP00023 Ohio Only Program
Hopewell Hts MHC Minor 0PV00032 Compliance
KBI Real Estate Minor 0PW00028 Compliance
Luburgh Leasing LLC Minor 0PR00175 Compliance
Maysville Regional Water District WTP Minor 0IV00061 Compliance
Muskingum Iron & Metal Co Minor 0IN00257 Compliance
New Concord WWTP Minor 0PB00028 Compliance
ODNR Blue Rock State Park Minor 0PP00088 Compliance
ODNR Dillon State Park Beach Minor 0PP00021 Compliance
ODOT Rest Area 5-20 Minor 0PP00052 Compliance
Ohio Oil Gathering Corp Minor 0MH00016 Ohio Only Program
Philo JHS Minor 0PT00044 Compliance
Polk Scrap Iron & Metal Minor 0MP00038 Ohio Only Program
Polk Scrap Iron & Metal Minor 0IN00241 Compliance
Riverview Manor MHP Minor 0PV00029 Compliance
Roseville WTP Minor 0IW00122 Compliance
Roseville WWTP Minor 0PC00020 Compliance
SAI Stone 2 LLC Minor 0IN00129 Compliance
Shelly Co - E Fultonham Plant 99 Minor 0IJ00027 Compliance
Sidwell Materials Inc Minor 0IJ00041 Compliance
Tallgrass Energy-Chandlersville Compressor Station Minor 0MP00027 Ohio Only Program
West Pike Market * Minor 0MH00002 Ohio Only Program
Zanesville Energy, LLC Minor 0IN00264 Compliance
Zanesville WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PE00000 Compliance
B & N Coal Inc - Mantel Permit Minor 0IL00178 Compliance
B&N Coal Inc - Whigville 5 Minor 0IL00169 Compliance
B&N Coal Inc Estadt V Coal Mine Minor 0IL00166 Compliance
B&N Coal Whigville 6 Minor 0IL00176 Compliance
B&N Coal/Schramm Surface Coal Mine Minor 0IL00170 Compliance
Batesville Wastewater Treatment & Collection System Minor 0PA00117 Compliance
Buffalo Hills Campground STP Minor 0PH00015 Compliance
Caldwell WTP Minor 0MP00003 Ohio Only Program
Caldwell WWTP Minor 0PB00005 Compliance
Dexter City Minor 0PB00091 Compliance
Gould remediation at Dana GVI Facility Minor 0IN00272 Compliance
Lashley Addition WWTP Minor 0PG00072 Compliance
ODOT Belle Valley Outpost Minor 0IN00093 Compliance
R.J. Wright & Sons- BP Oil Bulk Plant Minor 0IN00227 Compliance
Shenandoah High School Minor 0PT00066 Compliance
West Fork 3 Minor 0IL00174 Compliance
Bayshore Inn Minor 2PR00164 Compliance
Birds Nest Resort Minor 2PR00208 Compliance
Blue Moon Apts Minor 2PW00019 Compliance
Camp Sabroske Minor 2PR00197 Compliance
Carroll Twp Treatment Services Inc Minor 2PS00007 Compliance
Carroll W & SD Minor 2IY00012 Compliance
Catawba Shores MHP Minor 2PR00301 Compliance
Chet's Place Minor 2PR00234 Compliance
Danbury Twp WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PG00053 Compliance
Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station Major - Fact Sheet 2IB00011 Compliance
East Point Villas Minor 2PW00017 Compliance
Elmore WWTP Minor 2PB00051 Compliance
Ernestos Restaurant Minor 2PR00153 Compliance
Fenwick Marina Minor 2PR00130 Compliance
Foxs Den Campground Minor 2PR00207 Compliance
Genoa WWTP Minor 2PB00008 Compliance
Graymont Dolime OH Inc Minor 2IJ00063 Compliance
Green Valley MHP Minor 2PY00059 Compliance
Greenwood MHP Minor 2PY00082 Compliance
Inland Marina and MHP dba Magee East Marina Minor 2PY00074 Compliance
Island Productions LLC dba St. Hazards Resort Minor 2PR00117 Compliance
JF Walleye Micro Brewery Minor 2PR00125 Compliance
Johnny's Resort & Rec Camp Minor 2PR00150 Compliance
Lafarge Marblehead Quarry Minor 2IJ00038 Compliance
Lake Disposal Services of Northern Ohio LLC Minor 2MH00035 Ohio Only Program
Lake Erie Business Park LLC Minor 2IF00006 Compliance
Lake Erie Utilities Burgandy Bay Subdiv Minor 2PR00057 Compliance
Luther Home of Mercy Minor 2PS00013 Compliance
Marblehead WTP Minor 2IV00100 Compliance
Materion Brush Inc Major - Fact Sheet 2IE00000 Compliance
Middle Bass Island State Park Minor 2MH00034 Ohio Only Program
Mikes Bay Front Camping Minor 2MH00016 Ohio Only Program
Miller Boat Line Inc Minor 2PR00154 Compliance
Oak Harbor WWTP Minor 2PB00032 Compliance
Ottawa Co Regional WTP Minor 2IV00103 Compliance
Paradise Acres Campground Minor 2PR00192 Compliance
Porky's Pizza Trof Minor 2PR00259 Compliance
Port Clinton Landfill Inc Minor 2IN00116 Compliance
Port Clinton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00014 Compliance
Portage Catawba Island WWTP Minor 2PJ00004 Compliance
Portage Point Condos & Oak Harbor Golf Club Minor 2PR00127 Compliance
Portage View Campground Minor 2PY00056 Compliance
Put-In-Bay WTP Minor 2IV00110 Compliance
Put-In-Bay WWTP Minor 2PA00067 Compliance
Put-in-Bay Synergy LLC DBA Put-in-Bay Condos Minor 2PR00222 Compliance
Rattlesnake Island Club Minor 2PR00290 Compliance
Rocky Ridge Quarry Minor 2IJ00104 Compliance
Sandy Shores No 2 Minor 2PR00257 Compliance
Saunders Resort South Minor 2PR00133 Compliance
Shelly Materials Inc - White Rock Quarry Minor 2IJ00037 Compliance
South Bass Island State Park Minor 2PP00045 Compliance
The Island Club Owners Assoc Inc Minor 2PR00074 Compliance
The Middle Bass Club Minor 2PW00020 Compliance
The Resort at Erie Landing Minor 2PS00008 Compliance
Toussaint River Marina Minor 2PR00155 Compliance
Turtle Creek Marina and Campground Minor 2PS00011 Compliance
United States Gypsum Co Ottawa Facility Minor 2IA00000 Compliance
Wild Flower Place Subdiv WWTP Minor 2PW00010 Compliance
Willow Beach MHP Inc Minor 2PY00085 Compliance
Zinser Homestead Minor 2PT00029 Compliance
0T & T Inc Minor 5IN00003 Compliance
South Dearborn Regional SD Minor 5IN00006 Compliance
Massachusetts Water Resources Auth. Sludge Proc. Minor 5IN00002 Compliance
Michigan SCPA Litchfield Station Minor 5MP00001 Ohio Only Program
Allegheny Co Sanitary Authority ALCOSAN Minor 5IN00000 Compliance
Camp Conley WWTP Minor 5IN00007 Compliance
Pleasants Power Station Minor 5MP00002 Ohio Only Program
Point Pleasant WWTP Minor 5IN00005 Compliance
Antwerp WWTP Minor 2PA00037 Compliance
Blue Water Campground Minor 2MP00047 Ohio Only Program
Brentwood MHP Minor 2PY00044 Compliance
Cecil WWTP Minor 2PA00033 Compliance
Charloe Sno-Cone Minor 2MH00021 Ohio Only Program
Grover Hill WWTP Minor 2PA00085 Compliance
Haviland Energy LLC-Anaerobic Digestion Facility Minor 2IN00246 Compliance
Holcim (US) Inc Minor 2IJ00015 Compliance
InSource Technologies Minor 2IN00262 Compliance
Latty WWTP Minor 2PA00073 Compliance
Oakwood WWTP Minor 2PB00031 Compliance
Paulding WTP * Minor 2IW00230 Compliance
Paulding WWTP Minor 2PD00027 Compliance
Payne WWTP Minor 2PA00019 Compliance
Stoneco Inc Auglaize Plant Minor 2IJ00026 Compliance
Wayne Trace High School Minor 2PT00039 Compliance
Woodbridge Campground LLC Minor 2PR00248 Compliance
Buckingham Mine Complex Minor 0IL00144 Compliance
Corning WWTP Minor 0PA00100 Compliance
Glenford Materials LLC & Glass Rock Properties LLC Minor 0IN00281 Compliance
Glenford WWTP Minor 0PA00107 Compliance
Junction City WWTP Minor 0PA00074 Compliance
Ludowici Roof Tile Inc Minor 0IN00055 Compliance
Moores Junction WWTP Minor 0PG00071 Compliance
Mt. Perry Nutrient Storage Facility 0IN00285
Mt. Perry Tree Farm Minor 0MP00041 Ohio Only Program
New Lexington Tree Farm Minor 0MP00015 Ohio Only Program
New Lexington WWTP Minor 0PC00008 Compliance
New Straitsville WWTP Minor 0PA00068 Compliance
Oxford Mining D-2423-1 Minor 0IL00165 Compliance
Premier Scaffold Solutions Minor 0IM00011 Compliance
RVM Realty Inc New Lexington Bulk Plant Minor 0IN00228 Compliance
Rambo (D-2254-3) Minor 0IP01719 Compliance
Schneiders Foods LLC Minor 0IH00048 Compliance
Sego Terminal Minor 0IN00127 Compliance
Shawnee WWTP Minor 0PA00017 Compliance
Somerset WWTP Minor 0PB00040 Compliance
Southern Local School Dist Minor 0PT00033 Compliance
Suburban Landfill Inc Minor 0IN00176 Compliance
Thornville WWTP Minor 0PB00045 Compliance
Tunnell Hill Reclamation LLC Minor 0IN00251 Compliance
Aleris Rolled Products Inc Major - Fact Sheet 4IC00002 Compliance
Ashville Country Estates Minor 4PR00028 Compliance
Ashville Village WRRF Minor 4PC00103 Compliance
Bigham's Apartments WWTP Minor 4PW00007 Compliance
Buckeye Trails Minor 4PY00003 Compliance
Buckeye Trails - L Minor 4PV00003 Compliance
Carder Deer Processing Facility Minor 4MH00006 Ohio Only Program
Cardinal Pork Minor 4IK00035 Compliance
Carvel Manor MHP Minor 4PY00016 Compliance
Circle Hill Subdiv WWTP Minor 4PG00013 Compliance
Circleville WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 4PD00003 Compliance
Commercial Point WWTP Minor 4PB00107 Compliance
Cook Creek Golf Course Minor 4PX00021 Compliance
Deer Creek Camping Resort Minor 4PX00016 Compliance
DuPont Circleville Plant Major - Fact Sheet 4IF00001 Compliance
Earnhart Hill Regional W & SD WTP * Minor 4IZ00010 Compliance
Earnhart Hill Regional W & SD WWTP #2 Minor 4PQ00002 Compliance
Earnhart Hill Regional W&S Dist WTP Minor 4IZ00052 Compliance
Knollwood Village Subdiv WWTP Minor 4PG00025 Compliance
Logan Elm Local Schools Minor 4PT00131 Compliance
Melvin Stone Co - Williamsport Minor 4IJ00010 Compliance
New Holland WWTP Minor 4PB00028 Compliance
ODNR Deer Creek State Park STP Minor 4PP00000 Compliance
PPG Industries Ohio Inc Major - Fact Sheet 4IN00194 Compliance
PPG Industries Ohio Inc Major - Fact Sheet 4IF00002 Compliance
Pickaway Correctional Institution Major - Fact Sheet 4PP00003 Compliance
Pickaway Elem Sch WWTP Minor 4PT00114 Compliance
Sofidel America Corp Circleville Minor 4IA00002 Compliance
South Bloomfield WWTP No 2 Minor 4PC00101 Compliance
The Goody-Nook Minor 4MH00010 Ohio Only Program
Walnut Elementary School Minor 4PT00117 Compliance
Walnut Heights Subdiv Minor 4PG00018 Compliance
Westfall High School Minor 4PT00116 Compliance
Wheelers Sludge Holding Tank Minor 4IN00199 Compliance
Williamsport WWTP Minor 4PA00004 Compliance
WillowWood Global LLC Minor 4IM00105 Compliance
Wintergreen Hills Subdiv WWTP Minor 4PG00024 Compliance
Beaver WWTP * Minor 0PA00088 Compliance
Best Sand Southern Walker Ridge Quarry Minor 0IJ00048 Compliance
Centrus Energy Corp American Centrifuge Operating LLC Major - Fact Sheet 0IS00023 Compliance
Fluor - BWXT Portsmouth LLC Major - Fact Sheet 0IO00000 Compliance
Latham Limestone LLC Minor 0IJ00019 Compliance
Long's Retreat Minor 0MP00028 Ohio Only Program
ODNR Pike State Forest Minor 0MH00033 Ohio Only Program
Ohio Basic Minerals Inc - Scioto Minor 0IJ00053 Compliance
Parker Hannifin Corp Minor 0IN00178 Compliance
Pike Lake State Park WWTP Minor 0PP00024 Compliance
Pike Water Inc Minor 0IY00052 Compliance
Piketon Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride Conversion Fac Minor 0IS00034 Compliance
Piketon WTP Minor 0IY00103 Compliance
Piketon WWTP Minor 0PB00031 Compliance
Pine Top Amish Parochial Sch Minor 0MH00003 Ohio Only Program
Rumpke Waste Inc Pike Sanitation Landfill Minor 0IN00247 Compliance
Southern Ohio Sand LLC - Pike County Minor 0MH00028 Ohio Only Program
Southern Ohio Sand LLC - Pike County Minor 0MH00037 Ohio Only Program
Southern Ohio Sand LLC - Pike County Minor 0IJ00054 Compliance
Waverly WTP Minor 0IW00170 Compliance
Waverly WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 0PC00011 Compliance
Western Jr & Sr HS Minor 0PT00049 Compliance
World Kinect Energy Services - Waverly Bulk Plt Minor 0IN00220 Compliance
Akron WTP Minor 3IV00000 Compliance
All Seasons MHP Minor 3PV00047 Compliance
Aqua Pwer Boat Club Minor 3PR00704 Compliance
Arnies West Branch Steak House Minor 3PR00174 Compliance
Atwater WWTP Minor 3PH00033 Compliance
Aurora Central WWTP Minor 3PC00016 Compliance
Aurora Westerly WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00046 Compliance
Barrel Run Crossing Winery & Vineyard Minor 3MH00009 Ohio Only Program
Beck Sand & Gravel Inc Minor 3IJ00062 Compliance
Blackbrook Valley Estates Minor 3PG00093 Compliance
Boat House Marine Minor 3MH00121 Ohio Only Program
Bolingbrook WWTP Minor 3PH00035 Compliance
Brimfield WTP Minor 3IY00153 Compliance
Camp Asbury Central Minor 3PR00220 Compliance
Camp James A Garfield Joint Military Training Center Minor 3IN00383 Compliance
Cantex Inc Minor 3IF00024 Compliance
Certified Gas Station 410 Minor 3PR00302 Compliance
Chelsi Hair Salon Holding Tank Minor 3MH00182 Ohio Only Program
Circle Restaurant Minor 3PR00120 Compliance
Coleman Professional Sevices Minor 3PR00392 Compliance
Colonial Rubber Co Minor 3IR00032 Compliance
Country Acres Campground 1 Minor 3PR00234 Compliance
Countryside Estates Minor 3PG00120 Compliance
Crossroads Autocare Minor 3PR00699 Compliance
EnerVest Hartville Facility Minor 3PR00688 Compliance
Evergreen Village MHP Minor 3PV00078 Compliance
Fairlane WWTP Minor 3PG00096 Compliance
Fenstermaker Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00120 Ohio Only Program
Franklin Hills WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PK00015 Compliance
Fruitlands Farm Market LLC Minor 3PR00701 Compliance
Garrettsville WWTP Minor 3PB00016 Compliance
Gionino's Pizza Minor 3PR00390 Compliance
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Airship Operations Minor 3IC00022 Compliance
Hamlet MHP LLC Minor 3PV00041 Compliance
Harbison Walker Refractories Co-Windham Plt Minor 3IE00043 Compliance
Hartman Park Restroom Facility Minor 3MH00163 Ohio Only Program
Hattie Larlham Center for Children w/ Disabilities Minor 3PR00146 Compliance
Hiram College Biofield Station Minor 3MH00183 Ohio Only Program
Hiram WWTP Minor 3PB00020 Compliance
Homestead Manor MHP Minor 3PV00103 Compliance
Island Creek Grille Minor 3PR00523 Compliance
J&B Real Estate Management Co Inc Minor 3PR00769 Compliance
JL Excavating Services LLC Minor 3PR00161 Compliance
Johnson Farm/Pioneer Trail Camp Minor 3PR00387 Compliance
Jolly Time MHP LLC Minor 3PV00085 Compliance
Kent Water Reclamation Facility Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00031 Compliance
Kool Lakes Family Campground - Clubhouse Minor 3PR00274 Compliance
Leisure Lake Park Minor 3PR00265 Compliance
Love's Travel Stops - Diamond, OH Minor 3PR00763 Compliance
Mantua MHP Minor 3PV00000 Compliance
Mantua Twp Trustees Minor 3PT00107 Compliance
Mantua WWTP Minor 3PB00031 Compliance
Maple Del Manor MHP Minor 3PV00034 Compliance
Miller Transfer & Rigging Co Minor 3IN00401 Compliance
Montgomery's Pallet Service, Inc. Minor 3IN00399 Compliance
Nelson Ledges Estate MHP Minor 3PV00009 Compliance
Nelson Ledges Quarry Park Minor 3MH00103 Ohio Only Program
ODNR - Wingfoot Lake State Park Minor 3PR00241 Compliance
ODNR Beach Area W Branch SP Minor 3PP00010 Compliance
ODOT Rest Area 04-35 WWTP Minor 3PP00033 Compliance
Omnova Solutions Inc Minor 3IF00029 Compliance
P&M Mobile Home Park LLC Minor 3PX00004 Compliance
Palmyra Little Village Shopper LLC Minor 3PR00190 Compliance
Paradise Lake Golf & Banquet Center Minor 3PR00496 Compliance
Pelican Cove Campground Minor 3PR00348 Compliance
Pine Grove Amish Parochial School Minor 3MH00173 Ohio Only Program
Portage Park District - Dix Park Minor 3MH00131 Ohio Only Program
Portage Park District - Headwaters Trail Minor 3MH00132 Ohio Only Program
Portage Park District - Morgan Park Minor 3MH00134 Ohio Only Program
Portage Park District - Shaw Woods Minor 3MH00133 Ohio Only Program
Pro Investment Group LLC Minor 3PR00210 Compliance
Randolph WWTP Minor 3PH00059 Compliance
Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant & Ramsdell Quarry LF Minor 3MH00158 Ohio Only Program
Ravenna WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PD00018 Compliance
Red Fox WWTP Minor 3PH00037 Compliance
Rinker Materials - Concrete Pipe Div Minor 3IN00318 Compliance
Rivermoor Estates WWTP Minor 3PG00127 Compliance
Rockin Robin Assoc LP Minor 3PV00058 Compliance
Rocky Ridge Amish School Minor 3MH00072 Ohio Only Program
Roundup Lake Minor 3PR00090 Compliance
Shalersville School Minor 3PT00154 Compliance
Shalerville WTP Minor 3IY00151 Compliance
Southeast High School Minor 3PT00016 Compliance
St Joseph Parish WWTP Minor 3PR00263 Compliance
St Nicholas Orthodox Church Minor 3PT00090 Compliance
Streetsboro Hudson Regional WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 3PK00014 Compliance
The Diamond Lodge Minor 3PR00505 Compliance
Therm-O-Link Inc Minor 3IQ00059 Compliance
Tinkers Creek School Minor 3MH00007 Ohio Only Program
Trail Lake Park Improvements Minor 3MH00175 Ohio Only Program
Twin Lakes WWTP Minor 3PH00038 Compliance
Wall Street Recycling Minor 3MH00054 Ohio Only Program
Waterloo K-12 Campus Minor 3PT00079 Compliance
Waterloo Retail Shop Minor 3PR00708 Compliance
Western Reserve WWTP Minor 3PG00121 Compliance
Willow Bay Campground Minor 3MH00097 Ohio Only Program
Windham WWTP Minor 3PC00019 Compliance
Workman Ind Inc Minor 3MH00032 Ohio Only Program
thyssenkrupp rothe erde USA Minor 3II00158 Compliance
Barrett Paving Materials - Lewisburg Quarry Minor 1IJ00144 Compliance
Black WTP Minor 1IY00060 Compliance
Camden WWTP Minor 1PB00009 Compliance
Creekside Village MHP Minor 1PV00125 Compliance
Dayton TravelCenter Minor 1IN00212 Compliance
Eaton WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 1PC00001 Compliance
Eldorado WWTP Minor 1PA00014 Compliance
Gratis WWTP Minor 1PB00041 Compliance
Hueston Woods State Park Beach & Marina Minor 1PP00002 Compliance
Lakengren Water Authority Minor 1PJ00009 Compliance
Lewisburg WWTP Minor 1PB00019 Compliance
National Trail Sch K-12 Minor 1PT00082 Compliance
New Paris WWTP Minor 1PB00024 Compliance
ODOT Parks 8-39 and 8-40 WWTP Minor 1PP00011 Compliance
Ohio Department of Transportation Minor 1MH00118 Ohio Only Program
Ohio Department of Transportation Minor 1MH00119 Ohio Only Program
Olde Schoolhouse Vineyard and Winery Minor 1MH00065 Ohio Only Program
Pilot Travel Center LLC 286 Minor 1PZ00020 Compliance
Preble Co SD No 2 Minor 1PG00092 Compliance
Preble Co Sanitary Dist No 3 WWTP Minor 1PL00005 Compliance
Preble County Sanitary Landfill Minor 1II00120 Compliance
Verona WWTP Minor 1PA00027 Compliance
Vlg of Lewisburg WWTP South Fac Minor 1IH00012 Compliance
West Alexandria WWTP Minor 1PB00035 Compliance
West Manchester WWTP Minor 1PA00025 Compliance
Belmore Wastewater Improvements 2016 Minor 2PA00105 Compliance
C. M. Estates LLC Minor 2PY00043 Compliance
Cloverdale Dupont Wastewater Authority Minor 2PS00017 Compliance
Columbus Grove WWTP Minor 2PC00004 Compliance
Continental WWTP Minor 2PB00049 Compliance
Country Acres Golf Club Minor 2PG00083 Compliance
Delphos Country Club Minor 2PR00157 Compliance
Fort Jennings WWTP Minor 2PA00052 Compliance
Hirzel Canning Co and Farms - Ottawa Foods Div * Minor 2MP00039 Ohio Only Program
Jay Petroleum Inc Minor 2IN00237 Compliance
Kalida STP Minor 2PA00047 Compliance
Leipsic WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PB00040 Compliance
Miller City High Sch WWTP Minor 2PT00025 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co Ottawa Plant Minor 2IJ00057 Compliance
National Lime & Stone Co Rimer Plant * Minor 2IJ00053 Compliance
Oak Haven Residential Care Center Minor 2PR00288 Compliance
Ottawa WTP Minor 2MP00006 Ohio Only Program
Ottawa WWTP Major - Fact Sheet 2PD00028 Compliance
Ottoville WWTP Minor 2PA00002 Compliance
POET Biorefining-Leipsic Minor 2IF00023 Compliance
Pandora WWTP Minor 2PB00029 Compliance
Phillips Oil Inc- (West Leipsic Bulk Plant) Minor 2IN00171 Compliance
Putnam Co MRDD Brookhill Ctr Minor 2PG00112 Compliance
Putnam County Landfill Minor 2IN00122 Compliance
Village of Leipsic WTP LAMP Minor 2MP00012 Ohio Only Program
Wolfenshine Bakery Minor 2MP00045 Ohio Only Program
An Gor Inc DBA Butler Mohican KOA Minor 2PR00266 Compliance
ArcelorMittal Tubular Products USA LLC Major - Fact Sheet 2ID00002 Compliance
Ashford-Mansfield LLC DBA Clear Fork MHP Minor 2PY00024 Compliance
Breezy Corner School Minor 2MH00027 Ohio Only Program
Briarwood Estates MHP Minor 2PY00018 Compliance
Butler WWTP Minor 2PA00044 Compliance
Cedar Creek MHP LLC Minor 2PY00068 Compliance
Charles Mill Lake Campground Minor 2PR00302 Compliance
Charles Mill Sites Lake Cottage Area WWTP Minor 2PP00049 Compliance
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corporation - Mansfield Works Major - Fact Sheet 2ID00003 Compliance
Cole Distributing- (Ontario Bulk Plant) Minor 2IN00179