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Electronic Business Services

Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water Electronic Business Services features advanced solutions for submitting monitoring data, permit applications, annual reports, and transferring fast and secure fee payments.

Electronic environmental data submittals streamline previous paper submissions while improving business workflows for Agency staff and external customers.

eBiz located here: https://ebiz.epa.ohio.gov/

What's New

The Surface Water Tracking, Reporting, and Electronic Application Management System (STREAMS) makes accessible dozens of previously hardcopy-only permit applications and forms via the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center. The efficient and seamless electronic submittal of these forms will be a value-added service for both the public and Agency staff. Alongside STREAMS sits the Agency's ePayment service for fast and secure fee payment transactions via credit card or bank account transfer.

STREAMS will provides new or renewing facilities an efficient and innovative means to complete permit applications through the use of smart forms. Upon submittal, the submitted data is immediately loaded into the DSW SWIMS database and immediately available to Agency staff - all occurring with minimal Agency human resources.

The smart forms have built-in formatting and error validation that efficiently minimize the number of erroneous entries maximizing the ability to submit accurate and clean data - all while saving time and resources. By streamlining through electronic means, much less time elapses between the receipt of the application to the time that technical staff can begin their review of the data.

STREAMS has the ability to retrieve yearly data from submitted DMR and efficiently build a quarterly or annual report based on permit requirements. Additionally, the ePayment service allows the applicant to remit payment immediately through the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center.

Click on the STREAMS tab above to view the deployment schedule and the particular forms/reports that will be available in each.


The Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reporting (eDMR) system is a web-based service utilized to submit required monitoring data. eDMR is accessible via the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center, a secure portal for online business services since 2007. eDMR has created efficiencies for both the regulated community and Ohio EPA by improving data entry submissions and compliance measures.

As of 2017, more than 10,000 individuals have used eDMR to submit monthly data for over 5,500 different permits 100% of all permit reporting requirements are submitted through the system -- over 4.4 million data points annually.

To access or create a personal account, visit the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center.

Electronic Signature (PIN)

All users who need to submit data must apply for a PIN (personal identification number). This PIN represents the account holders legal electronic signature and is equivalent to the account holder's wet ink signature. You can apply for a PIN through the eBusiness Center. eDMR PIN Information and Application

eDMR Guidance

eDMR All-in-One Document This document contains everything you need to utilize the eDMR online data submittal system. Remember to Download all Attachments!
eDMR Graphical Walkthrough (Attachment 1) This "must have" document provides you with screenshots of every step in eDMR from A to Z.
eDMR User's Guide (Attachment 2) This document is a technical in-depth look at the different aspects of e-DMR.
PIN Application Walkthrough (Attachment 3) This document includes screenshots of every step to apply for and activate a PIN.
eDMR Service Activation Walkthrough (Attachment 4) This document includes screenshots of every step to add permits to your eDMR account to gain access to the DMR reports.

eDMR Quick Guides

eDMR Quick Guide This quick reference guide is intended to assist a user create an eBusiness Center Account, obtain a PIN, and request access to a facility's eDMR.

Preliminary Compliance Reports (PCR)

A PCR is an overnight notice of any compliance issues with your report submittal. eDMR Preliminary Compliance Reports (PCRs) for assistance if you have received one.

Reference Documents

STREAMS Applications

STREAMS is a secure service available through the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center and is utilized for submittal of permit applications, submitting instant fee payments, conducting permit approvals, and for various compliance and reporting tasks. It will replace the paper-based permit application process with electronic applications and payments, provides permit approval process status to applicants electronically, and allows permit holders to submit monitoring reports electronically - no paper copies are required to be mailed if forms are submitted electronically via STREAMS.

General STREAMS Guidance

STREAMS Quick Guide

A quick guide on how to access STREAMS and use the system to create applications, add facilities to the facilities dashboard, and manage permits and applications.

STREAMS Transition Quick Guide

A quick reference guide intended to assist users in transitioning to the new version of STREAMS.

PIN Application Walkthrough

A quick guide to apply for a PIN online. A PIN is required to submit within the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center.

How to Submit a Delegated Application/Report in STREAMS This quick reference guide is intended to assist a user (Responsible Official) create an eBusiness Center account, obtain a PIN, and Submit an application that has been delegated to their account.

Permit Application Guidance

NPDES General Permits General Construction General Nonstormwater
  Construction Site Stormwater Non-Stormwater Applications
  Construction Site SW - Copermittee Small Sanitary Discharges
  Construction Site SW - Lots  
  General Stormwater Other 
  Bridge Maintenance Notice of Termination
  Industrial Stormwater  
  No Exposure Certification  
  Small MS4  
NPDES Individual Permits Individual Permit Applications
Indirect Discharge Permits Indirect Discharge Applications  
Land Application Management Plans LAMP Applications  
Holding Tank Management Plans Holding Tank Applications  

Report Forms

Annual Sewage Sludge Report
(Available 12/1)
(Due annually on March 1st)
NPDES Pretreatment Program - Generic Baseline Monitoring Report (BMR) For Categorical Standards
Compliance Schedule Update Report NPDES Unanticipated Emergency Overflow Report
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Annual Report
(Due annually on April 1st)
Pretreatment Program - Annual Report
Non-compliance Report Pretreatment Program - Priority Pollutant Report Form
NPDES Biomonitoring Report Form - Acute Toxicity Test Pretreatment Program - Quarterly Industrial User Violation Report Certification
NPDES Biomonitoring Report Form - Chronic Toxicity Test Sanitary Sewer Overflow Annual Report


The eBusiness Center features secure electronic payment that allows users to pay fees online with a credit card or electronic check. 

Select Pay Ohio EPA Fees Online to submit payment for invoiced fees (ex. Annual Discharge Fee, Annual Sludge Fee, Storm Water Annual Discharge Fee) and NPDES Individual and General Permit application fees.

Guidance is located here: ePay Service Walkthrough


Check here for the latest DSW Electronic Business Services user tools as well as information on upcoming training session dates and locations. Trainings can be scheduled at any time at any location. Contact the eDMR administrator if you have questions, run into system problems, are interested in hosting a local training session, or to reserve a seat at a currently scheduled training session.

Training Sessions

WebEx training sessions will be conducted on the below dates and will provide a very detailed yet compact walkthrough of the application process in STREAMS, be one hour in length, offered at no cost, and eligible for 1.0 CEU.  When registration opens, information will be made available here and an informational email will be sent to current eDMR/STREAMS users with registration details.  Upon registration, you will be emailed the link to the training session shortly after.  To view the WebEx, you'll simply click the link provided to view the presentation on your computer screen -- audio will be through your computer's speakers/headset so no phone number to call into.

  • No Training Currently Scheduled

Completed Sessions

  • 10/4/16 - NPDES General Permit NOI - Tuesday 9-10 AM
  • 10/4/16 - NPDES Individual Permit Apps - Tues 11-12 PM
  • 10/4/16 - Indirect Discharge Permit (IDP) Applications - Tuesday 1-2 PM
  • 10/4/16 - NPDES Individual Permit Applications - Tuesday 2:30-3:30 PM

Statewide STREAMS in-person training is expected to be announced Fall 2016.  Training will be conducted near the end of November at each Ohio EPA district office, be 2.5 hrs in length, include 2.5 CEU's, and offered at no cost.  Registration information will be posted here -- all eDMR submitters will be emailed the schedule.

Conference/Seminar Schedule

  • 5/11/17 - 2017 Ohio Stormwater Conference - Kalahari Resort, Sandusky, OH
  • 3/10/17 - Miami Valley Stormwater Program Seminar - Dayton, OH
  • 2/9/17 - SWOWEA Plant Operations Workshop & Section Meeting - Dayton, OH
  • 11/9/16 - 11/10/16 - Water Mngt. Assoc. of Ohio (WMAO) Fall Conf. - Columbus, OH
  • 10/13/16 - OWEA Southeast Section Meeting, Delaware, OH
  • 08/31/16 - Ohio EPA Compliance Assistance Conference - Columbus, OH
  • 08/03/16 - OTCO Class III & IV Workshop - Deer Creek State Park
  • 07/20/16 - 26th Annual Environmental Permitting in Ohio Conference - Columbus, OH
  • 11/19/15 - SWOWEA Plant Operations Workshop & Section Meeting - Mason, OH
  • 11/05/15 - NEOWEA Supervisors Seminar - Akron, OH
  • 9/28/15-10/1/15 - The 2015 Exchange Network National Meeting Philadelphia, PA

Water Quality Certification / Isolated Wetland Permits

Beginning May 12, 2017 the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center will provide applicants the option to prepare and submit applications and pay associated fees online for the following applications: pre-application meetings, 401 water quality certifications, 401 directors authorizations, and isolated wetland permits.

Visit the Division of Surface Water Quality Certification and Isolated Wetland Permits website at: Water Quality Certification and Isolated Wetland Permits

Credible Data

The Credible Data Online Application (CDOA) is now accessible online through Ohio EPA's eBusiness Center. Data must be submitted through this system to be officially accepted as credible data, with the exception of Level 3 biological data. Visit the Division of Surface Water Credible Data website at: Credible Data - References - Submission of Data

Operator Certification / Training Providers

Operators are now able to access their operator profile, update contact information, view completed courses, submit a variety of applications and even pay program fees electronically.

Training Providers are able to update program contact information, apply for courses, upload course schedules and upload course attendance information for operators. Online access to our more popular applications, payments, and features should streamline the paperwork process and provide the most information in the least amount of time to Ohio's Operators and Training Providers.

These eBusiness Center services are administered by the Division of Drinking and Ground Waters. Visit their site listed below for all the details.

Certified Operators


For technical assistance with STREAMS or any of the Division of Surface Water's Electronic Business Services, contact the system administrator. The IRM Team encourages users to develop a positive working relationship with DSW to streamline efforts and obtain valuable guidance.

The preferred method of communication is via email, as the administrator can send you detailed step-by-step instructions. Most technical assistance requests are resolved within 24 hours, but can take longer if the administrator is out of the office or away from the desk.

BUSINESS HOURS: Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Manager of Information Resource Mngt.
Cole Miller
Phone: (614) 728-3846
eBusiness Center (PINS & Passwords): (877) 372-2499