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Dischargers Covered under Non Stormwater Wastewater Discharge General Permits

This page contains lists of entities having National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Non-Stormwater General Permit Coverage authorization to discharge to surface waters of Ohio.

Household Sewage Treatment System (OHK000004)

Small Sanitary Discharges (OHS000005)

Small Sanitary Discharges that cannot meet BADCT Standards (OHV000004)

Non-Contact Cooling Water (OHN000006)

Petroleum Bulk Storage Facilities (OHB000003)

Petroleum-Related Corrective Action (OHU000006)

Water Treatment Plant Discharges (OHW000004)

Temporary Discharges (OHT000003)

Hydrostatic Test Water (OHH000002)

Geothermal System (OHO000002)

Coal Surface Mining Activities (OHM000003)

Bridge Maintenance (OHZ000001)

Pesticide Application Discharges (OHG870002)

The Ohio EPA facility permit number identifies which of our five districts the facility is located within and which general permit coverage has been granted. The first character, 0 - 4, represents which district:

  • 0 - Southeast District Office (SEDO) 
  • 1 - Southwest District Office (SWDO) 
  • 2 - Northwest District Office (NWDO) 
  • 3 - Northeast District Office (NEDO) 
  • 4 - Central District Office (CDO)

The second character, "G" indicates the number is a facility covered by a general permit.

The third character, a letter, indicates which general permit:

  • S - Small Sanitary Discharges 
  • V - Small Sanitary Discharges that cannot meet BADCT Standards 
  • N - Non-Contact Cooling Water 
  • B - Petroleum Bulk Storage Facilities 
  • U - Petroleum-Related Corrective Action 
  • W - Water Treatment Plant Discharges 
  • T - Temporary Discharges 
  • H - Hydrostatic Test Water
  • M - coal surface mines

The remaining numbers are specific to each site and the suffix indicates whether it is the site’s initial (*AG) or renewal (*BG, etc.) coverage.