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DSW Guidance Documents

The Division of Surface Water maintains guidance documents to provide standard operating guidelines for use by Division of Surface Water employees as they carry out job duties related to water quality and permitting. These staff carry out a variety of tasks ranging from environmental sampling, modeling, facility inspections, plan review and permit writing, all of which have certain requirements stipulated in statute or regulations. Guidance documents provide background and instructions to staff relative to key aspects of their work. This internal guidance does not affect the requirements found in the referenced rules and statutes.

Modeling Guidance

  Water Quality Standards Guidance

Permit Guidance

Permit-to-Install and Related Guidance

  • In addition to the guidance above, Ohio EPA utilizes guidance in Recommended Standards for Wastewater Facilities (2014 ed.), also known as 10 State Standards.   Clarification of how Ohio EPA uses the 100 gallons per capita design standard for wastewater treatment facilities is in this October 14, 2003 letter.

Pretreatment Guidance

Wetland Guidance

Other Published Guidance Documents