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9-Element NPS-IS Tools

The 9-Element NPS-IS is a strategic plan that provides assurance to nonpoint source grant programs and institutions (i.e., U.S. EPA) that, as described, a proposed water quality project meets the 9 Essential Elements per U.S. EPA §319 Program Guidance (April 2013).

For a project to be eligible for Ohio EPA Section 319 Funding, a proposed project must be described in a U.S. EPA-approved 9-Element NPS-IS for the HUC-12 watershed in which the project is located.

The NPS-IS ensures that potentially funded projects are: rooted in the best science available; located in areas that will address the worst problems; and that have the administrative, evaluation, and educational components needed to ensure that the water resource will achieve as much long term benefit as possible.

The NPS-IS is a living strategic planning document that summarizes causes and sources of impairment, establishes critical areas, identifies quantifiable objectives to address causes and sources of impairment, and describes projects designed to meet those objectives.

Each NPS-IS is unique at the HUC-12 Watershed Assessment Unit (WAU) scale. The NPS-IS is designed to evolve as projects come and go. Likewise, every updated version (containing new projects, new data, and or changes to critical areas, goals and objectives) must be reviewed and approved by Ohio EPA.