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Enforcement Program

The Division of Surface Water staff works closely with the regulated community and local health departments to ensure that surface waters of the state are free of pollution. The regulated community with which DSW staff works includes wastewater facilities, both municipal and industrial, and small, unsewered communities experiencing problems with unsanitary conditions. 

DSW staff provides technical assistance, conducts inspections of wastewater treatment plants, reviews operation reports, oversees land application of biosolids and manure from large concentrated animal feeding operations, and investigates complaints regarding malfunctioning wastewater treatment plants and violations of Ohio's Water Quality Standards. DSW strives to ensure that permitted facilities comply with their National Pollutant Elimination System (NPDES) permits. DSW also assists small communities with inadequate means of wastewater treatment seek alternatives to help abate pollution to waters of the state. 

In cases in which Ohio EPA is unable to resolve continuing water quality problems, DSW may recommend that enforcement action be taken. The enforcement and compliance staff work with Ohio EPA attorneys, as well as the Attorney General's Office, to resolve these cases. 

Enforcement Program Contacts
Reeder, Larry  Program Manager (614) 728-2043
DeMuth, Rachel  Enforcement Coordinator  (614) 644-2010
Hamilton, Jamie Enforcement Coordinator (614) 644-2139


Surface water related enforcement actions are available on the Web through eDocuments. Once on the eDocuments search page, filter the Document Type by "Director's Final Findings and Orders" or "Judicial Order" to streamline your search for enforcement actions. You can further streamline your search by filtering by "county" or entering in the Respondent's name.