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Maumee Watershed Nutrient Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Project

Public outreach for this project includes regular webinars and in-person events. Visit the project page here to learn more about the project and view the project schedule. 

Recent Actions and Notices

Documents/Subject Comments Due
Draft Loading Analysis Plan for the Northern Central Ohio River Tributaries (Cross, Short, and Wheeling Creek) February 2, 2023
Maumee Watershed Nutrient Draft TMDL Report March 8, 2023
Nutrient Mass Balance Study for Ohio’s Major River Basins  Fourth Edition N/A
WQS Triennial Review Jan. 31, 2023
WQS Beneficial Use Designations Wave 2020  Final filing N/A
WQS Definitions, Methods, Mahoning river, and Lake Erie standards  Interested Party Review Jan. 6, 2023
Section 401 Water Quality Certifications Rules Early Stakeholder Outreach Jan. 18, 2023
Wetland Water Quality Standards Early Stakeholder Outreach Jan. 18, 2023
Plain City WWTP NPDES Permit Issued Final N/A
WQS Beneficial Use Designation Rules Wave 2020 Proposal Oct. 11, 2022
MBJ Holdings, LLC Isolated Wetland Permit N/A
U.S. EPA Public Notice: Public Comment and Hearing for City of Euclid, Ohio NPDES permit OH0031062 June 30, 2022
Plain City WWTP NPDES Permit Public Noticed July 18, 2022
Final Temporary Wastewater Discharges - General Permit Effective July 1, 2022
PTTGC America LLC NPDES Permit Issued N/A
Mt. Perry Nutrient Storage Facility NPDES Permit Issued N/A
WQS BUD Wave 2 Effective Rules N/A
Statewide Water Quality Plan Update Factsheet N/A
Discharger-specific Draft Permits in Public Notice Varies
Applications for 401 Water Quality Certifications and/or Isolated Wetland Permits Varies

2019 Sewer and Water Rate Survey

Ohio EPA has finalized and posted the 2019 Sewer and Water Rate Survey for calendar year 2019. The purpose of the annual Sewer and Water Rate Survey is to collect and publish Ohio residential sewer and water rates. The Economic Analysis Unit annually surveys sewer and water rates charged by Ohio cities, villages and special districts during the prior calendar year. Annual rates are calculated for residential customers within municipal limits given an assumed monthly water consumption level of 7,756 gallons (or 1,037 cubic feet) per household. Rate calculations do not include charges levied through income or property taxes. Historic survey data and sewer and water rates for more than 500 cities, villages and districts during the 2003-2018 periods are available online at Ohio EPA's Office of Fiscal Administration web page.

Triennial Review 2021-2022

The Water Quality Standards Section is beginning its Triennial Review of Ohio's Water Quality Standards. Please see the factsheet or visit the Water Quality Standards Program webpage for more information and details on the new process.