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Public Interest Center

Our office responds to citizen and media inquiries regarding environmental issues and Agency actions. We prepare news releases; facilitate public hearings; and implement public involvement activities for citizen organizations, community leaders and other parties interested in environmental issues. We also oversee publications, produce videos and manage the Agency's website.

Online Newsroom

Members of the media are encouraged to contact Ohio EPA's public information officers with questions about environmental issues. Agency releases are available on our media center news page.

Citizen Concerns

Ohio EPA recognizes that its mission and vision cannot be achieved without input from Ohio citizens. The Agency places a high priority on public involvement and encourages citizens to become involved in our decision-making processes.

Public involvement efforts are designed to enable Ohioans to be a part of environmental decisions that affect their lives. The Agency offers public hearings, informational meetings, and various publications to educate the public about environmental issues.

Each area of the state is served by a public involvement coordinator. 

Public Meeting Materials

To reduce waste, we post various meeting materials such as PowerPoint presentations and response to comments here.

Sunny Farms Hearing, Aug. 25, 2022

Intel Air Permit Hearing, Aug. 30, 2022


Media Relations Section

Lee, James Manager and Statewide Issues
Chenault, Anthony Central, Northeast, and Southeast Districts
Pierce, Dina Northwest and Southwest Districts

Public Involvement Section

McCarron, Mary Manager and Statewide Issues
Moore, Max Central and Southeast Districts
Cochran, Lisa Northeast District
McCarron, Mary Northwest and Southwest Districts

Print and Electronic Communications Section

Access logo files for use in print publications.
Allen, Cathryn Manager
Brown, Chris Electronic Design Specialist
Smith, Aaron Audio/Visual Specialist
Wilkinson, Codi Electronic Design Specialist

Support Staff

Payne, Paula Office Assistant for Media Relations Staff: news releases, news clips, media lists