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Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

Municipal solid waste is a type of solid waste generated from community, commercial and agricultural operations. This includes wastes from households, offices, stores and other non-manufacturing activities.

Municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills can accept municipal solid waste as well as all other solid waste and exempt wastes (e.g. spent nontoxic foundry sand, nontoxic fly ash and bottom ash, and construction and demolition debris).

MSW landfills cannot accept hazardous waste, regulated PCB wastes, bulk liquids or wastes containing free liquids, untreated infectious waste from a large generator, scrap tires or yard waste.

Modern MSW landfills are well-engineered facilities that are located, designed, operated, and monitored to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.  MSW landfills are required to meet design, siting, operating, closure and post closure requirements.  There are design standards for the composite liner system (consisting of re-compacted soil overlain by a flexible membrane liner), a leachate management system (designed to limit the level of leachate on the liner system to one foot), a multilayer cap system and surface water management.  To accommodate advances in technology, the rules allow alternative materials and thicknesses. Every 10 years the facility undergoes a review of the landfill design to demonstrate it is consistent with current design standards.

Siting criteria provide for protection of ground water and drinking water wells, as well as setbacks from parks, surface waters, property lines, and domiciles.  Additionally, there are restrictions associated with airports, flood plains, earthquakes and unstable areas.


Guidance Documents


Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Rules

OAC 3745-27-01  Definitions 

OAC 3745-27-02  Permit to Install  

OAC 3745-27-03  Exemptions and Variances 

OAC 3745-27-04  Regulation of Select Wastes 

OAC 3745-27-05  Applicability and Relation to Other Rules 

OAC 3745-27-06  Sanitary Landfill Facility Permit to Install Application 

OAC 3745-27-07  Additional Criteria for Approval of Sanitary Landfill Facility Permit to Install 

OAC 3745-27-08  Sanitary Landfill Facility Construction 

OAC 3745-27-09  Sanitary Landfill Facility Operating Record 

OAC 3745-27-10  Ground Water Monitoring Program for a Sanitary Landfill Facility 

OAC 3745-27-11  Final Closure of a Sanitary Landfill Facility 

OAC 3745-27-12  Explosive Gas Migration Monitoring for a Sanitary Landfill Facility 

3745-27-14  Post Closure Care of Sanitary Landfill Facility

OAC 3745-27-15  Financial Assurance for Solid Waste Facility or Scrap Tire Transporter Closure 

OAC 3745-27-16  Financial Assurance for Solid Waste Facility Post-Closure Care 

OAC 3745-27-17  Wording of Financial Assurance Instruments 

OAC 3745-27-18  Corrective Measures Financial Assurance for a Sanitary Landfill Facility 

OAC 3745-27-19  Operational Criteria for a Sanitary Landfill Facility 

OAC 3745-27-20  Prohibitions and Closure 

OAC 3745-27-99  Requirements of Professional Engineer Certification of Plans, Specifications, and Information



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