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C&DD Operator Certification

Construction and Demolition Debris Facilities and Construction and Demolition Debris Processing Facilities are required to have a certified operator on site or reasonably available every day during operations. To become a certified operator, a person needs:

  • At least twelve months of day-to-day operational work experience at either a C&DD facility, C&DD processing facility, sanitary landfill, or other experience deemed acceptable by the director.
  • Ten hours of approved education training pursuant to OAC Rule 3745-400-26(B)(2).

Once the operator meets those criteria, they can apply to become a certified operator. The certified operator must renew the certification before December 31 of each year.

The approved training classes along with the contact information are listed in the table below.  Please contact the training agency if you have any specific questions about their training.  For any questions regarding the operator certification program or any other training opportunities, please contact Ohio EPA's C&DD Unit at (614) 644-2621.

Training agency Phone number Course name # of hours Date training expires
Seneca Engineering, LLC  330-289-0092  2023 CDD Operators Training  10(4 rules/laws, 6 BMP’s) 12/28/23
Bowser-Morner, Inc. 937-236-8805 C&DD Landfill and Co-Located Processing Facility Operator Training
10 (2 rules/laws, 6 BMPs, 2 other) 1/30/24
Bowser-Morner, Inc. 937-236-8805 C&DD Stand-Alone Processing Facility Operator Training
10 (2 rules/laws, 6 BMPs, 2 other)
CDAO 937-638-9229 CDAO Annual Operator Certification Course
10.0 (4 rules/laws, 6 BMPs)

Feel free to contact either Barry Chapman at (614) 728-5344 or  Aaron Shear at (614) 728-5350 if you have any questions. 

Operator Certification Forms

Operator Certification FAQs

Ohio EPA Answer Place - Enables users to search frequently asked questions, or submit their own question/comment on a variety of Ohio EPA issues and topics. This link is filtered to provide responses specific to C&DD requirements related questions.

Operator Certification FAQs

What are the responsibilities of a certified operator?
According to OAC Rule 3745-400-11(B)(11)(a) and OAC Rule 3745-400-58(G)(1), the certified operator shall be responsible for the following:
(i) Overseeing all operations.
(ii) Being thoroughly familiar with proper operating procedures, all applicable authorizing documents and operating rules.
(iii) Reviewing and signing the completed daily log for each day of operation.

How many certified operators does my facility need?
One.  There are provisions for replacing a certified operator with an interim operator and a timeframe to complete training.

Do operators of MSW landfills that accept C&DD for disposal need to be certified?
No, only operators of C&DD landfills and C&DD processing facilities need to be certified.  The operator certification rules only apply to C&DD operators.

How many hours of training does a certified operator need?
10 total hours annually, consisting of at least two hours of rules/laws and six hours of Best Management Practices (BMPs).

If the course I want to take isn't on the approved list, how can I get credit for it?
Submit the Credit Approval Request form found under Operator Certification Forms on this page.

How will I know about newly approved courses?
Ohio EPA will update the C&DD Operator Certification website with new course information.

What counts as an hour of training?
The rule states that sixty minutes of instruction or other approved activity shall constitute one credit hour of education.

Is there a fee to become a Certified Operator?
The Operator Certification application from Ohio EPA does not have a fee, however, any courses that are taken for continuing education may have a fee.