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DMWM eServices

DMWM offers several electronic/web-based services as a part of continuing efforts to more efficiently and effectively service the needs of regulated facilities, health departments, solid waste management districts, and citizens.

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Licensing & Registration

Our facility Licensing and Registration (LR) software is a service provided in Ohio EPA's eBusiness Center (eBIZ). eBIZ is a secure internet-based site that allows facility users to quickly and securely access services to electronically create, edit, and submit licenses, and/or registration applications. Ohio EPA has created a new eBIZ Help Wizard that will provide eBusiness center users guided self-serve help for their accounts, passwords, PINs, and find the division or office contacts for your service(s). Use the LR service if you want to electronically submit licenses and/or registrations for non-hazardous waste landfills, solid waste transfer facilities, composting facilities, infectious waste treatment, scrap tire transporter, and scrap tire facilities. Health departments can use the service to electronically assign review tasks, approve applications and download invoices and licenses.

The LR service ensures faster and more accurate application filing which guarantees all information is complete and consistent. We have provided links to user guides below for detailed information about the service for targeted audiences to better assist service users.

Who do I call if I need help?

Composting, Infectious Waste Generator, Solid Waste Facility Registration
Greg Nichols
(614) 728-5327
Solid Waste Facility and C&DD Licensing, Scrap Tire Facility and Transporter Registration
Debbie Kellough
(614) 728-5316

How do I start using LR?

All users who need to submit data must apply for a PIN (personal identification number). This PIN represents the account holder's legal electronic signature and is equivalent to the account holder's wet ink signature. You can apply for a PIN through the eBusiness Center. Once you've created an eBIZ account and obtained a PIN, please review the information in the detailed user guides below.

User Guides

Disposal & Fee Reporting

Reporting Services

  • Solid Waste Management District Annual District Report (ADR). Submit with Re-TRAC platform. Each solid waste management district (SWMD) must submit a completed annual district report (ADR) no later than June 1st of each year. Starting with the 2016 ADR, SWMDs now submit their ADRs online using Ohio EPA's Re-TRAC platform. For assistance with this service, please contact Matthew Hittle, 614-728-5369, or the planner assigned to your district.
  • SWMD Quarterly Fee Reports - SWMDs or districts are required by law to submit quarterly fee reports on the collection and expenditure of SWMD funds (see Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 3734.575). These reports have been standardized to make the information provided by individual SWMDs comparable and accurate. Reports are to be submitted through the online reporting survey in Re-TRAC Connect. For assistance with this service, please contact Matthew Hittle, 614-728-5369, or the planner assigned to your district.
  • Composting Annual Reporting - All registered composting facilities are required to submit an annual report by February 1st for the previous calendar year.  This report can be submitted using the Re-TRAC platform. For assistance with this service, please contact Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez, (614) 728-5336.
  • Landfill and Transfer Station Facility Annual Operational Reports (AOR). Each facility (MSWLF, ISWLF, RSWLF, SWTF and Closed Landfill) must submit a completed Annual Operational Report no later than April 1st of each year for the previous year. Starting with the 2020 Annual Operational Report, facilities now submit their AORs online using Ohio EPA's Re-TRAC platform. For assistance with this service, please contact Cassandra Schramm.  

Grant Programs & Other Services

  • Mosquito Control Grant Application Service - The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's (Ohio EPA) Mosquito Control Grant (MCG) Program is a collaborative effort between Ohio EPA and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), which began in 2016. The MCG Program was developed to make funding available to entities responsible for implementing mosquito control measures in support of Ohio's efforts to reduce the potential for an outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, West Nile, and La Cross Encephalitis. The fundable activities approved under the MCG Program will help reduce the potential for an outbreak of a mosquito-borne virus and simultaneously reduce the threat that scrap tires and scrap tire dumps pose to human health and the environment. For further assistance with this service, contact Jeff Montavon
  • No-Fault Scrap Tire Cleanup Application (forthcoming)