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Environmental Services

What We Do

The Division of Environmental Services (DES) provides laboratory services to other Ohio EPA divisions, state, and local agencies. The division analyzes water, air, sediment, and tissue samples and provides technical assistance, laboratory inspections, and certifies laboratories throughout the state of Ohio.

Mission Statement

Protect human health and monitor the environment to ensure a high quality of life in Ohio by analyzing samples, producing quality data, and providing technical assistance.

Division Programs

  • Discharge Monitoring Report Quality Assurance (DMR-QA)
  • DMR-QA is a proficiency testing (PT) program provided by U.S. EPA for wastewater laboratories in Ohio. The DMR-QA coordinator is Steve Roberts. 
  • Acceptable Corrective Action Procedures
    • For "Not Acceptable" results, the permittee must follow up with the laboratory to determine the cause of the deficiency and ensure corrective action is taken to prevent future occurrences.
    • The laboratory must order a new PT for the failed analyte(s), using either another PT study or a fast turnaround study from an approved PT provider, and write a corrective action report for the permittee.
    • The permittee is required to submit a completed and signed corrective action report (Word) (PDF) to the DMR-QA Coordinator.