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Hazardous Waste Reporting

A Hazardous Waste Biennial Report contains information about a regulated facility's hazardous waste activities, including hazardous waste generation and management.  The Reports are collected in even-numbered years for the activities that occurred in the previous odd-numbered calendar year.  The next Report is required for calendar year 2021 and is due March 1, 2022. To receive reminders, sign up to receive Report-related emails on the Ohio EPA Information Subscription Page.

Who Must File

The following activities require the filing of a Hazardous Waste Biennial Report.  The rule references are the basis for the requirement.

  • The site was a Large Quantity Generator in one or more months of an odd-numbered calendar year (3745-52-41) and did not opt into the Episodic Generator provisions
    • Generated in any one month more than 1000 kg/2200 pounds of non-acute hazardous waste
    • Generated in any one month more than 1 kg/2.2 pounds of acute hazardous waste
  • The site is a Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facility (TSDF) that received waste from off-site or managed their own waste on-site 3745-54-75 and 3745-65-75
  • The site is a Recycler of hazardous waste 
    • who does not store recyclable materials before recycling them 3745-51-06(C)(2)(d)
    • who before recycling, stores recyclable materials for up to 72-hours after arrival at the facility 3745-51-06(C)(3)(a)(xv)
  • The site is a Reverse Distributor of pharmaceuticals 3745-266-510(C)(9)

The data in the reports is reviewed by Ohio EPA and forwarded to U.S. EPA in fulfillment of the Biennial Report requirement.  Facilities do not file separately with U.S. EPA.

Quick References

How to File

Electronically (recommended)

It is recommended that you file electronically using the web-based Hazardous Waste Report "eDRUMS" Service through Ohio EPA's eBusiness Center ("eBiz").  This saves time and prevents common errors.  Data validation checks help the user submit a higher quality report than if it is completed on paper. 

Each user who will prepare and/or certify the Report must have their own account.  Preparers are delegated their permission by the Responsible Official or Delegated Responsible Official, who need to set up their account, PIN, and permissions first.  The Responsible Official should be a manager with the authority to certify a Report.  

A Delegated Responsible Official is someone delegated by the Responsible Official to certify a Report on their behalf, and the delegation can be done electronically if the Responsible Official has an account.  Otherwise the delegation is on paper through an eBiz-generated Delegation of Authority form that is signed by the Responsible Official and submitted to Ohio EPA. The Delegated Responsible Official request won't be processed until the signed Delegation of Authority form has been received at Ohio EPA.  The eDRUMS video training shows how to delegate permissions by clicking view/edit in the Delegations cell for eDRUMS in eBiz Home.

Preparers can draft a Report but can't certify it, and don't need a PIN.  They do not lose their permission if the Responsible Official changes.  Consultants can be Preparers.  

There has been a change in how users access eDRUMS:  Effective November 6, 2020, you must have an account in the State of Ohio's OH|ID Portal and get to eBiz through the Portal.  Important things to remember:

  • OH|ID and eBiz applications are supported in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • If you already have an eBiz account, the email address you use for your OH|ID account must match your eBiz account email address. This is the only way you will locate your existing eBiz account data from the Portal.

These step-by-step instructions will assist you in creating an OH|ID account, finding the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center tile, and accessing your eBiz account. Please review them before contacting our help desk.

The eDRUMS Changes in Roles document provides guidance for the steps to take when there has been a change in the Responsible Official who certifies a Report for a facility.  New Responsible Officials need to get their eDRUMS permission established before the Report is due.

For facilities that have a large number of records in their Report, the File Specification Guide for the Hazardous Waste Report explains how to format data files that can be imported to create an eDRUMS report.

Video-based eDRUMS Training for New Users

The eDRUMS training materials below were developed before the OH|ID portal existed and do not include this extra step.

  • Session #1 - eBiz and eDRUMS- Getting Started
    This session provides a brief overview of eBusiness Center basics such as: setting up an account; requesting, viewing; and activating a PIN; how to request the eDRUMS Service; and the roles of the Responsible Official (RO) and Delegated Responsible Official (DRO). View the presentation slides. The recording of the presentation is available on Ohio EPA's YouTube Channel.

  • Session #2 - How to Create a Hazardous Waste Report Using eDRUMS
    This session includes a hands-on demo on how to complete a hazardous waste report using the eDRUMS service in Ohio EPA's eBusiness Center. The presentation covers how to create a new report, how to create a report from a partial copy, how to do direct entry, and where to access help. You can view a .pdf of the presentation slides or watch the recording of the presentation on Ohio EPA's YouTube Channel.Guidance Documents, Fact Sheets, Forms and Reports

Paper Forms

Read the instruction booklet above in Quick References as a companion to the paper forms listed below.  

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