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Used Oil

Ohio's used oil regulations found in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3745-279 are the same as the federal used oil regulations found in 40 CFR part 279.

Used oil has its own set of regulations separate and apart from the hazardous waste regulations. Congress passed the Used Oil Recycling Act of 1980 as an amendment to Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Under the used oil rules used oil is defined as petroleum based or synthetic oils that are used as lubricants, hydraulic fluid, heat transfer fluid (coolant), cutting fluid, buoyant or for some other similar purpose and become contaminated with physical and chemical impurities. Examples of used oil include: engine oils; lubricating oils; brake fluids; transmission fluids; insulating oils; metal cutting fluids; industrial process oils, compressor or refrigerant oils. Used oil does not include petroleum derived solvents used for cleaning or vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Used oil that is not managed safely can pose a threat to humans and the environment. Improperly disposing of used oil can also lead to contamination of drinking water, surface water, ground water and soils. The used oil regulations describe proper used oil management. Because used oil is a reusable resource, the regulations also promote used oil recycling. If your business generates, transports, burns, processes, re-refines or markets used oil, it is important that you understand and comply with the applicable used oil regulations found in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3745-279.


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Used Oil


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