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Ohio Brownfields

Facilitates brownfield redevelopment through funding, outreach and education; provides direct support to local governments with Targeted Brownfield Assessments, collaborates on redevelopment projects with funding opportunities in Ohio.

Ohio Brownfields supports communities and environmental professionals in brownfield redevelopment. Brownfields are underutilized commercial-industrial properties, or four plus residential units potentially impacted by contaminants from past use. Various funding sources and regulations are available to assist in the transformation of the properties into productive use. Ohio EPA's Targeted Brownfield Assessment (TBA) program provides direct support to local governments by providing various Phase I and Phase II assessments at no cost. These assessments are important for property transaction/due diligence decisions and are needed to leverage various sources of cleanup funding.

Ohio Brownfields also provides outreach and technical training to environmental professionals and communities involved in brownfield revitalization. Staff are willing to meet with local governments, individuals, and interested parties in understanding the brownfield cleanup process and funding opportunities. Ohio Brownfields routinely holds training workshops and maintains updated brownfield resources.
Ohio Brownfields provides technical review and assistance to the Ohio Development Services Agency Abandoned Gas Station grant program and the Brownfield Loan Program. Ohio Brownfields also serves as the contact for brownfields or contaminated sites not yet in any cleanup program [e.g.: Voluntary Action Program, Remedial Response Program, Superfund, RCRA - Corrective Action and Closure].

Additional Ohio Brownfield functions include:

  • maintains Ohios Brownfield Inventory of sites at which response actions may occur in the next year
  • coordinates targeted brownfield assessments for communities
  • oversees Ohios brownfields program, markets Ohios cleanup programs and conducts outreach and training to local governments concerning brownfield issues
  • serves as point of coordination for questions about brownfield grants and other incentives 
  • provides community revitalization support (CRS) to local governments in locating funding (both state and federal), determining the correct environmental program and finding technical assistance
  • provides responses to DERR database requests
  • oversees VAP certification programs (Certified Biocriteria Evaluators, Certified Laboratories and Certified Professionals) including tracking and training

Program Info/Services

How Do I?

How do I get funding or technical assistance for cleaning up a brownfield property?

For information on how to get funding or technical assistance for cleaning up a brownfield property, visit DERR's Grant-Funded Brownfield Assistance web page.

How can I set up a brownfield funding workshop in my region?

For information on how to set up a brownfield funding workshop in your region, visit DERR's State and Federal Brownfield Redevelopment Resources web page.

How can I register my property on the Ohio Brownfield Inventory?

Ohio Brownfield Inventory Application Instructions

A brownfield is an abandoned, idled or under-used industrial, commercial or institutional property where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by known or potential releases of hazardous substances or petroleum.

Many developers and other investors are interested in identifying brownfield properties in certain locations that they may want to redevelop. This may be for many reasons: proximity to transportation corridors or other infrastructure; expanding an existing business onto a neighboring brownfield or removing blight so that the area can improve economically. There are also several state, federal and private financial and technical assistance incentives for cleanup brownfield properties.

Ohio EPA receives many calls throughout the year about properties on our brownfield list, known as the Ohio Brownfield Inventory. The Brownfield Inventory serves as a good marketing tool for brownfield owners.

It is free to list your property on Ohio's Brownfield Inventory and you always have the option to remove the property from our Inventory at any time. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to add your property to this popular and heavily referenced inventory.

  1. Complete an Ohio Brownfield Inventory Application form for each brownfield property you would like added to the Ohio Brownfield Inventory.
  2. Complete Attachment 1 of the application: Local Government or Private Entity's Permission Form. If the property is not owned by the signatory in Attachment 1, also complete Attachment 2 of the application: Property Owner's Permission Form.
  3. Submit at least two digital (jpeg) photographs (via CD or e-mail) of the property.
  4. If available, submit property location data as an 8.5x11 hardcopy image, which contains a clearly delineated property boundary displayed on top of a high resolution aerial photograph or a USGS 7.5 minute topographic map.
  5. All required information and attachments must be submitted with the application. Submit (via e-mail, fax, or mail) to:
      Dan Tjoelker
    Ohio EPA, DERR, Ohio Brownfields
    P.O. Box 1049
    50 West Town Street, Suite 700
    Columbus, OH 43216-1049
    Phone: (614) 644-3750
    Email: dan.tjoelker@epa.ohio.gov

For more information, visit DERR's Ohio Brownfield Inventory web page.

How do I know what federal, private, state and local brownfields funding or technical assistance may be available for a site in my city or county?

For information on brownfield funding for a site in your city or county, visit DERR's Community Brownfield Funding Resources web page.

Links and Resources

Brownfield Funding Resources

Funding Options for Brownfield Sites

  • Grant Funded Brownfield Assistance
  • JobsOhio
    Provides loans and grants to revitalize sites in preparation for job creating end users. Funding includes both loans and grants available to public and private entities.
  • Ohio Brownfield Fund
    The Ohio Brownfield Fund is a collection of funding sources the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) manages within their Office of Redevelopment or in partnership with other entities, such as Ohio EPA and JobsOhio. These funds can be used to help plan, assess, and remediate brownfields throughout Ohio. If you have a potential project, the ODSA staff professionals can help you determine the best funding opportunities to assist your brownfield redevelopment needs.
  • Alternative Storm Water Infrastructure Loan Program
    Offers below-market rate loans for the design and construction of green infrastructure as part of economic development projects.
  • U.S. EPA Funding Information

Green Building and Sustainable Redevelopment Resources on the Web

Below are internet resources that may be helpful when planning or implementing a green building or sustainable redevelopment project. The links provided here are not intended to be and are not endorsement of any service, product, or organization, nor do they necessarily reflect the vision or goals of Ohio EPA.

Green Buildings

Sustainable Redevelopment

Resources in Ohio

Potential Funding Sources

Other Brownfields Web Sites

This section lists the web sites of government and nonprofit organizations that address issues relevant to brownfields revitalization. The links provided here are not intended to be and are not endorsement of any service, product, or organization, nor do they necessarily reflect the vision or goals of Ohio EPA.

U.S. EPA Brownfields Information

Other Government Web Sites

Not-For-Profit Web Sites


Shook, Lisa Ohio Brownfields Manager (614) 644-2295
Anderson, Roxanne Brownfields Coordinator (614) 644-2938
Tjoelker, Dan Lead Brownfield Coordinator (614) 644-3750