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Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO)

The goal of the Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO) program is to prevent threats to human health and the environment that are created when business owners and operators irresponsibly abandon businesses where chemicals were produced, used, stored or handled.

Federal Facilities

Oversees the investigation, remediation and stewardship activities at federal cleanup sites in Ohio (Department of Energy and Department of Defense sites).

Hazardous Waste

Oversees the permitting, inspection, compliance and reporting of hazardous waste sites.

Ohio Brownfields

Facilitates brownfield redevelopment through funding along with outreach and education and provides technical support to the JobsOhio Revitalization Fund and the Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant Program.

Radiological Safety Program

Ohio EPA works closely with other State Agencies to prepare for radiological emergencies.

Remedial Response

Investigates the nature and extent of historical hazardous waste releases in Ohio and determines whether or not these sites represent a risk to human health or the environment and therefore require cleanup.

Site Assessment

Provides on-site sampling and assessment assistance, including collection of surface soil samples, ground water monitoring well samples, residential well samples, surface water and sediment samples and ecological assessments.

Voluntary Action Program

Gives individuals a way to investigate possible environmental contamination, clean it up if necessary and receive a promise from the State of Ohio that no more cleanup is needed.