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Where to Recycle

Today Ohioans have many options available to return unwanted or surplus materials back into productive use through reuse and recycling. Doing so conserves natural resources and energy, and also helps support numerous jobs throughout the State. As a result, recycling is not only good for Ohio’s environment, but it is also good for Ohio’s developing circular economy. Ohio EPA provides a searchable directory of nearby recycling service providers who have volunteered to be listed.

Visit the Ohio EPA recycling directory to locate recycling opportunities near you.

With this tool, you can find recycling opportunities near you by entering your city, state and/or zip code and then a search term. You may also search for pre-set categories using the material search link. Search results may include curbside recycling programs, drop-off recycling locations, reuse stores and other service providers. Contact the facility or organization listed in the search results for details or questions.

Many recycling and litter prevention activities across the state are controlled locally. Use our recycling and litter prevention map to quickly find information for your county.

If you still can't find a recycling opportunity for your material, here are some other options for recycling and donation.

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