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Recycling and Litter Prevention grants for communities, nonprofits, businesses and academic institutions.

Ohio EPA's Recycling and Litter Prevention program supports communities, nonprofits, businesses and academic institutions that initiate or expand recycling programs, encourage sustainable practices, stimulate economic growth and support litter prevention efforts through four different grants.

Grants are awarded on an annual basis. Applications open the first Monday in November (November 7 2022) and close the first Friday in February the following year (February 3 2023). View past recipients (2013 - 2022).

2023 Grant Informational Webinar

Ohio EPA hosted 2023 Recycling & Litter Prevention Grants Informational Webinars on Tuesday, November 8th 2022 and Thursday January 5th, 2023. A recording of the January webinar may be found on our YouTube page

This webinar discussed Ohio EPA’s 2023 Recycling & Litter Prevention Grant application process, funding opportunities and eligible project activities targeted by the grant program. The webinar focused on how the competitive grant program provides opportunities for local governments, schools, businesses and nonprofit organizations to establish and implement recycling & litter prevention programs, recycling market development for manufacturers, expansion of recycling equipment and processing facilities and recycling infrastructure improvements. The 2023 grant application deadline is Feb. 3, 2023 at 3:00pm (EST).

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Provided they are in good financial standing with the State and have no outstanding environmental compliance issues, the following Ohio groups are eligible to apply: schools; counties; health departments; municipal corporations; non-profits; park districts; private sector businesses; solid waste management authorities and districts; state agencies; townships; and villages. Private sector businesses must have a government sponsor.

Submit an Application

Grant applications may only be submitted through our Customer Support Center. Grants are awarded on an annual basis. Applications open the first Monday in November (November 7, 2022) and close the first Friday in February the following year (February 3, 2023). The Customer Support Center will prompt the applicant to log in or create an account if they do not already have one. The applicant may then select "Recycle Ohio Grant" to begin the submission process

What Funding is Available?

Ohio EPA grant funds vary from year to year. The financial match must be a cash or credit. Using “in kind” or funds from other grant programs is prohibited. The table below shows the anticipated grant amounts and required match levels for 2023.

Grant Type Amount Available Required Match
Community and Litter Up to $200,000 25%
Academic Institution Up to $100,000 25%*
Market Development Up to $200,000 100%
Scrap Tire Up to $300,000 100%

*Funding for construction projects using Ground Tire Rubber is also available up to $300,000, with a 100 percent match.