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Project WET

Project WET (Water Education Today) is dedicated to reaching children, parents, teachers and community members with water education. Since its creation in 1984, Project WET has achieved its worldwide mission of water education by:

  • Publishing water resource materials in several languages.
  • Providing training workshops on divers water topics.
  • Organizing community water events.
  • Building a worldwide network of resource professionals.

The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide is a collection of water-related activities that are hands-on, easy to use, and fun! More than 60 activities incorporate large and small group learning, whole-body activities, laboratory investigations and a variety of other formats. Supplementary resources are available to complement and enrich many of the activities.

Healthy Water, Healthy People

Healthy Water, Healthy People (HWHP) is the secondary level curriculum (grades 6-12) to Project WET. HWHP is intended for middle and high school type audiences, but can be adapted for other audiences and grade levels.

Activity Resources

These resources are necessary to complete specific activities:

Field Resources

Other Resources

Early Childhood Getting Little Feet Wet

Getting Little Feet WET is the secondary curriculum offered by Project WET for Pre-K and K-2nd Grade students.

Developed in coordination with early childhood experts and educators, Getting Little Feet Wet is designed to help educators of young children teach about water in fun, age-appropriate ways. This book contains 11 interactive, hands-on activities for young learners to explore different aspects of water—from water properties to water sounds. The Ohio EPA and state-wide facilitators offer standalone and combined workshops using the curriculum and incorporates the curriculum when the office holds Project WET Facilitator workshops. The Getting Little Feet Wet curriculum can be purchased from the Project WET Store, but educators may receive the book free of charge when attending a local workshop.

Workshop Resources

The resources below are intended for Pre-K - 2nd Grade educators and include student copy pages and workshop materials.

Climate, Water and Resilience

Climate change is a complex topic that can be intimidating to teach. However, understanding climate, and specifically the way that climate is changing, is crucial to making informed decisions and building resilience. This guide helps educators teach middle school and high school aged students about climate and climate change using nine interactive, objective, science-based activities that students will enjoy. To further enhance your climate curriculum, the guide also includes suggested adaptations of fourteen additional activities from the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 and the Guide 1.0 (activities not included) to teach about climate.

The following climate resources are available by contacting Ohio’s coordinator, Dennis Clement:

Climate, Water and Resilience - Climate, Water and Resilience Educator Guide (projectwet.org)

Additional climate resources are available below:

Climate, Water and Resilience Online Virtual Training Pack - Climate, Water & Resilience Virtual Training Pack (projectwet.org)

Wonders of Wetlands

This wetlands curriculum is intended for K-12 educators.

Wetlands are referred to as the kidneys of the earth. These critical shallow water features allow for water to pool up during flooding events as water moves through the watershed into lakes, streams, and rivers. To be classified as a wetland, an area must have hydric soils, hydrology and hydrophytic plants. Wetlands may be wet all year around allowing for much diversity with flora and fauna or dry for periods of the year.

The Wonders of Wetlands (WOW) educational curriculum focuses on wetlands education for adults and students. Ohio EPA’s Office of Environmental Education (OEE) offers educator workshops combined with Project WET and as a stand-alone workshop. The curriculum can be purchased from the Project WET Store, but educators may receive the book free of charge when attending a local WOW workshop. Please check the Ohio EPA’s Events Calendar and filter the search by using keyword wetlands.

Facilitator Resources

Workshop Proposal Form
Use the above form to propose a six hour educator workshop in your local area. This form is intended for use by trained facilitators. Submit this form 4-6 weeks before your workshop to make sure your curriculum guides arrive in time for your workshop.

Participant Feedback Form
Use this form to hand-out at your local workshop for participants to give you and the state coordinator feedback. This form should also be used for Healthy Water, Healthy People and Getting Little Feet Wet Workshops.

Leader Report Form
Use this form to provide completed workshop details to the state coordinator. This form should be completed and submitted one to two weeks after your local workshop.

Other Resources



In late 1994, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources introduced Project WET in Ohio.The Ohio Water Education Program, a collaboration of state agencies and Associations, helped organize and facilitate Project WET.Today, Project WET - Ohio is managed by the Ohio EPA's Office of Environmental Education.