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Employment at Ohio EPA

Working for Ohio EPA provides an exciting opportunity to combine your passion for the environment with public service to the citizens of Ohio.

Careers at Ohio EPA range from engineers, biologists, geologists, chemists, toxicologists and environmental scientists to economists, accountants, attorneys, communications and public policy specialists.

Internship Program

Ohio EPA’s summer internship program provides students with the opportunity to apply what you’re learning in school while gaining relevant environmental experience. Interns work directly alongside our diverse employees who are experts in the environmental field with varying education levels and academic specialties. Interns assist agency biologists, chemists, geologists, engineers, water quality modelers and so on to combat environmental problems in Ohio. These problems may include but are not limited to air pollution, harmful algal blooms, lead and mercury and polluted rivers. Join us in our mission to protect Ohio’s environment for a healthier Ohio.

Our summer internship openings are posted for a month beginning in January. You can find available positions and apply online through the Ohio Hiring Management System, the State of Ohio’s career opportunity page.