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Lead Lines Mapping

Under an Ohio law enacted in June 2016, community and nontransient noncommunity public water systems are required to identify areas that are known to contain or likely to contain lead service lines. The law requires community water systems to identify and map areas of their distribution systems that are known or likely to contain lead service lines. These systems also are required to identify and provide a description of the characteristics of buildings served by the system that may contain lead solder, fixtures or pipes. Single building community and nontransient noncommunity water systems are required to map areas of the system that have solder, fixtures and pipes containing lead. The maps are used by Ohio EPA to ensure that the proper lead and copper sampling is done in areas of lead service lines.

More Information

Below is an alphabetical list of all public water systems (PWS) that are required to comply with this requirement. Maps received by Ohio EPA can be accessed by clicking the link on the public water system name in the chart below. If you have questions about the service lines in your area, please call the contact listed below for your public water system.