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Policies and Guidance

Currently effective policy and guidance documents related to the safe drinking water program are listed below by general topic.


  • ENG-01-003: Guidelines for Clarifier and Granular Media Filter Ratings at Surface Water Treatment Plants
  • ENG-02-001: Guidelines for Treatment Process Ratings at Precipitative (e.g., Lime) Softening Ground Water Plants
  • ENG-03-002: Detail Plan Submission Guidance for Non-community Public Water Systems
  • ENG-05-001: Guidelines for Obtaining Approval of Membranes to Meet Particulate and Microbiological Removal Requirements for Surface Water
  • ENG-06-001: Guideline for Evaluation and Implementation of Chloramination
  • ENG-07-001: Guidelines for Obtaining Approval of Membranes to Meet Treatment Requirements for Ground Water Treatment
  • ENG-08-002: Policy for Determining the Acceptability of ASTM Pipe in Lieu of AWWA Pipe for Public Water Systems
  • ENG-09-001: Guidelines for Evaluating Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) for Disinfection By-product (DBP) Precursor Removal
  • ENG-10-001: Guidance for Installation of Automatic Flush Hydrants in Distribution Systems
  • ENG-12-001: Guidelines for Demonstration of On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators to Meet Inactivation/Disinfection Requirements of Drinking Water
  • ENG-13-001: Guidelines for Obtaining Secondary Filtration Credit for Compliance with the LT2 Rule
  • ENG-16-001: Guidelines for Agreements for Self-Certification of Distribution System Plans by Public Water Systems
  • ENG-18-001: Guidance for High Rate Filtration for Iron and Manganese Removal at Groundwater Treatment Plants
  • ENG-9119-GD: Guidelines for Determining when Source and Treatment Changes Trigger Optimal Corrosion Control Evaluation
  • ENG-9120-PO: Guidelines for Obtaining Approval of Backflow Prevention Methods in Drinking Water Treatment Plants (Ver.08/15/2019)

Ground Water

In addition to providing the guidance documents listed below, the Division of Drinking and Ground Waters offers support to other Ohio EPA divisions on ground water issues. Click here to learn more.

Ground Water Wells


Division of Materials and Waste Management (DMWM) Guidance Documents issued by DDAGW

Division of Surface Water (DSW) Guidance Documents issued by DDAGW

Laboratory Certification

  • LAB-01-002: Fluoride Proficiency Test for Drinking Water Laboratories


  • OPR-02-001: Chlorine Monitoring and Compliance Tracking for Ground Water Systems
  • OPR-03-001: Guidance for Flood Event Monitoring by Public Water Systems with Ground Water Sources
  • OPR-05-002: Disinfection of Finished Water Storage Facilities & Water Mains
  • OPR-07-001: Asset Management Program - General Template Guidance
  • OPR-08-001: Asset Management Program - Small Community Guidance

Public Water Systems

  • PWS-01-003: Clarification of Public Water Systems Definition and Exemption Criteria
  • PWS-02-003​: Alternative to the Installation of an Approved Backflow Preventer on Service Connections Where There is an Auxiliary Water System
  • PWS-04-001: Guidelines for Lead Mapping in Distribution Systems
  • PWS-05-001: Guidelines for Mapping Lead Plumbing and Fixtures for Individual Buildings
  • PWS-06-001: Guidelines for Water Line Repairs and Replacements in Areas with Lead Service Lines

Water Quality

  • WQ-01-006: Guidance of Total Coliform Bacteria Monitoring for Small Public Water Systems (Population Less Than 3,301 Persons) (Under Revision)
  • WQ-06-002: Limited Distribution of Public Notice
  • WQ-07-002: Tier 1 Public Notice Requirements
  • WQ-13-002: Designation of Community Public Water Systems Vulnerable to Contamination from Beta Particle and Photon Radioactivity
  • WQ-14-001: Guidance for Compliance with Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Monitoring and Removal Requirements for Non-conventional Filtration Treatment at Surface Water Treatment Plants
  • WQ-17-001: Guidance for Ground Water Rule Triggered Source Water Monitoring (TSWM) Plans and Options for Reducing Samples
  • WQ-21-001: Guidance for Hydrogeologic Sensitivity Assessment
  • WQ-22-001: Guidance for Assessment Source Water Monitoring
    • Guidance for Hydrogeologic Sensitivity Assessment and Assessment Source Water Monitoring; Hydrogeologic Sensitivity Assessment and Assessment Source Water Monitoring Pilot Report