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Ohio PCB Advisory Board

The PCB Advisory Board is created to facilitate the allocation and use of Settlement Funds awarded through a Consent Judgment issued by the Common Pleas Court of Hamilton County in Dave Yost v. Monsanto Co., et. al., Case No. A 1801237, March 21, 2022.

In Yost v. Monsanto Co., et. al, the Court approved a settlement, which after fees and costs is to be allocated to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) R.C. 3734.282 and R.C. 3734.281 funds to be used for Approved Purposes.

The PCB Advisory Board is created pursuant to an MOU between Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Attorney General Dave Yost, for the purpose of advising the Director of Ohio EPA on recommendations related to Approved Purposes for the allocation and use of the Settlement Funds awarded in Yost v. Monsanto Co.

Meeting Minutes

Ohio PCB Advisory Board Grant Review

Details of the grant review are provided below, and should be printed as a PDF to include with proposals.

The PCB Advisory Board will review an applicant's initial proposal to evaluate whether projects may be eligible for consideration and meet the approved purposes. Eligible applicants include public, nonprofit, or college and university applicants for the planning, design, and construction of environmental projects, including but not limited to source controls, remedial measures, and other actions that address environmental harm or benefit public health.

Eligible projects will be evaluated by the PCB Advisory Board in accordance with the general criteria adopted by the PCB Advisory Board. The PCB Advisory Board will select eligible applicants, make an eligibility determination on whether the applicant’s project meets the approved purposes, and make recommendations to the Director of Ohio EPA for awards to selected eligible recipients.

The review criteria will assist in the board’s decision-making process as to which projects will be recommended for funding through the settlement. A cumulative overall numeric evaluation will be discussed at the meeting and strengths and challenges of each application based upon these criteria.

Review Criteria – Please review and evaluate the following criteria on a scale of 0-5:
(0=not met, 1= minimal, 2 = moderately minimal/fair, 3 = good, 4 = very good, 5 = excellent)

Ohio PCB Advisory Board General Criteria

  1. PCB Related Project. Does this project address a PCB issue?
  2. Other Discretionary Factors. Does the project include any other discretionary factors for Ohio PCB Advisory Board Consideration?
  3. Technical Merits/Methodology. Does the project provide an effective methodology and technical approach?
  4. Environmental and Economic benefits. How does the project provide effective environmental and economic benefits to Ohio?
  5. Qualifications, Cost Effectiveness and Timeliness. Does the applicant have the qualifications to accomplish their project objectives? Is the proposed project budget cost effective for stated work?
  6. Project Readiness. Does the applicant have concept plans prepared? Have other activities been completed to demonstrate readiness? Are there other match dollars to support the project?
  7. Coordination and collaboration. Does the project provide coordination and collaboration with applicable state agencies? Will the project results be disseminated to multiple audiences?

Focus of Ohio PCB Advisory Board Grant Review

  1. Preference for PCB Projects: PCB Remediation, removal, disposal, etc.
  2. Other Discretionary Factors for Ohio PCB Advisory Board Consideration:
    • Water Quality Improvement
    • Underserved communities
    • Brownfield Redevelopment sites
    • State owned Properties
    • Geographic Distribution

What needs to be presented to the Ohio PCB Advisory Board?

  • Development of concept plans and/or design & engineering documents to prepare a project for future implementation of priorities set forth by the Ohio PCB Advisory Board.
  • Other eligible activities to prepare a project for implementation through future federal or state grant funding opportunities including but not limited to permitting, public engagement, site assessments, site surveys, or other applicable pre-construction tasks.
  • Include other federal, state, and local match dollars if applicable for the proposed project.

Project proposals for Ohio PCB Advisory Board funding should clearly describe how the proposed work will advance projects to the next stage of implementation, such as being grant proposal ready.

  • Accelerate the preparation of a project towards implementation.
  • Outline the future project outcome and its benefits to meet the objectives of the Ohio PCB Advisory Board including measurable goals (examples: acres, stream miles, shoreline linear feet, sediment cubic yards, species, other associated nutrients, other metrics as applicable.)

The PCB Advisory Board may further evaluate projects to determine eligible costs for funding. Eligible project costs may include the following: activities necessary to prepare a site for remediation activities, removal and disposal of PCB substances, planning, design, construction of environmental projects, source controls, remedial measures, administrative expenses, and other costs that address environmental harm or benefit public health. Eligible project costs may also include costs associated with innovative solutions, research, and education related to source controls, remedial measures, and associated actions.

The amount of funds awarded to a recipient will be subject to review and approval by the PCB Advisory Board or the Director of Ohio EPA as to eligible project costs. A project may be partially funded or fully funded, based upon limitations of funds, evaluation of a project’s strengths as it relates to the goals of the funds and other discretionary factors applied by the PCB Advisory Board. All PCB Advisory Board recommendations are subject to the availability of funds, at the discretion of the PCB advisory Board, and subject to approval by the Director of Ohio EPA.