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Appendix Information for 2008 8-Hour Ozone Standard - 2009 Ozone Nonattainment Area Recommendation for Revised Standard

Appendix Category Sub-category for Each Appendix
A - AQS Data Sheets A1: Air Quality System (AQS) Data Sheets
B - Ozone Summary Sheets B1: Ozone Summary Sheets
C - SLAMS 2007 Ozone Certification C1: Ohio SLAMS 2008 Certification Letter
D - Midwest RPO 2005 and 2009 Emissions D1: 2009 Emissions Projections
D2: Other States' Emissions Summaries and Projections
D3: 2005 Emissions Summaries
E - Meteorology Data - Wind Roses E1: Meteorology Wind Roses
F - Physiographic, Elevation and Land Cover Maps F1: GIS Land Cover Maps
F2: Physiographic Regions of Ohio
F3: Shaded Elevation Map of Ohio
G - Jurisdiction Boundary Maps G1: Dec. 4, 2008 U.S. EPA Memorandum-Guidance for Ozone Area Designations
G2: MPO Boundaries Map
G3: Ohio Metropolitan Areas
H - County Profiles and Statewide Informational Maps H1: 1990-2007 Ohio Population Change
H2: 2007 Business Starts
H3: 2007 Population Distribution
H4: 2007 Manufacturing Distribution
H5: Commuter Patterns by County
H6: County kDVMT 1990-2007
H7: Fortune 1000 Companies in Ohio
H9: Population Projection
I - Public Notice, Public Hearing and Response to Comments Documentation I1: Public Notice
I2: Public Hearing Transcript
I3: Responsive Summary