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DAPC State Implementation Plans

State Implementation Plans (SIP)

General Information

This page contains the links to various state implementation plan (SIP) packages for recent submittals made by Ohio EPA.

SIP actions can take several forms: from the development of plans that will demonstrate how areas not yet attaining National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) will attain said standards ("Attainment Demonstration"); to plans that provide for how an area redesignated to attainment from nonattainment will maintain acceptable air quality ("Redesignation Request"). SIPs packages or revisions also are prepared and submitted to U.S. EPA to modify, revise or update existing plans. Additional SIP related documents are also generated when a new or revised standard is promulgated by U.S. EPA. For example, Ohio EPA submits a "Recommended Designations" document with proposed nonattainment boundaries. 

Many of the SIP related documents are available for public comment. When Ohio EPA is accepting comments related to the SIP program, a public notice is provided to interested parties and this website will be updated with public comment and hearing information.

A summary of U.S. EPA's current NAAQS and Ohio’s attainment status can be found on the "National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) - Attainment Status" webpage. The only pollutants for which there are  portions of Ohio designated nonattainment are ozone and sulfur dioxide. The entire state is in attainment for PM2.5, PM10, nitrogen dioxide, lead and carbon monoxide.

If you would like to receive e-mail notifications regarding opportunities to provide comment regarding important changes to Ohio’s SIP, please go to Ohio EPA's Customer Support Center, log-in or sign-up to create a new account, and choose "Information on activities related to Ohio’s State Implementation Plan" from your subscriptions.

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For additional information on air quality data, please visit Ohio EPA's Air Monitoring website.

PM 2.5

For additional information on air quality data, please visit Ohio EPA's Air Monitoring website.

Nitrogen Oxides

Sulfur Dioxide


Regional Haze


Emissions Inventory

Transportation Conformity

Miscellaneous SIP Submittals

Air Quality Modeling