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Special Sampling Projects

Republic Steel, Canton, Stark County

Beginning June 6, 2017, Ohio EPA, through their partnership with Canton City Public Health, began special purpose sampling for lead and other toxics as required by Republic Steel's December 2, 2016, air permit issued due to operational changes at the facility. This sampling site is located across the street from the facility and is referred to as "Republic." Republic Steel is a steel manufacturer located in Canton, Ohio (2633 8th Street NE) who manufactures, among other steel products, leaded steel. The sampling takes place at monitors located across the street from the facility and in the community.

April 29, 2019, Update: Ohio EPA converted the designated primary lead monitor (monitor 39-151-0024) from a special purpose monitor (SPM) to a State or Local Air Monitoring Station (SLAMS). 40 CFR Part 58, Appendix D, Section 4.5(a) requires agencies to monitor for lead emissions around any facility that reports actual lead emissions of 0.50 tons per year or more. This requirement was triggered for Republic Steel based upon lead emissions of 0.81 tons per year reported under a revised 2017 emissions report submitted on January 18, 2019. U.S. EPA requires SLAMS monitors to collect lead samples at a frequency of 1-in-6 days and report those data to U.S. EPAs Air Quality System (AQS). Monitor 39-151-0024 is used to fulfill this requirement. Conversion of the primary monitor to SLAMS retroactively converted previously collected SPM data to SLAMS data. Prior to April 29, 2019, the designated and alternate monitors collected data at a combined frequency of 1-in-3 days. After conversion to SLAMS on April 29, 2019, the designated SLAMS monitor began collecting lead samples at a frequency of 1-in-6 days, and the alternate monitor became dedicated to only the special studies described below.

March 1, 2021, Update: Ohio EPA resumed operation of the alternate monitor as a SLAMS monitor to increase the number of samples collected each month. The designated monitor will remain on the 1-in-6 day collection schedule and the alternative monitor will be used to add additional days to be reported to AQS. As discussed above, prior to April 29, 2019, the alternate monitor was designated as an SPM monitor. Resumption of the alternate monitor and conversion of the alternate monitor to SLAMS retroactively converted previously collected SPM data collected prior to April 29, 2019, to SLAMS data.

April 6, 2022, Update: In early April 2022, Ohio EPA began operation of two community monitors located at 719 Marietta Avenue NE for lead and other toxics. This monitoring site is referred to as “Republic Community.” These monitors are both SLAMS units and operate on the same sampling schedule as those located at the Republic monitoring site and are reported to U.S. EPA’s AQS. In light of recent elevated lead readings at the Republic monitoring site, the goal of the community monitors is to provide a more comprehensive monitoring network in the area.

In addition to the designated SLAMS monitor, Ohio EPA has operated special studies monitors around Republic Steel. The special studies monitors supplement the SLAMS required monitoring in an effort to gain better knowledge about the lead and toxics emissions and the impact on the surrounding community. Ohio EPA is actively working with Republic Steel to address elevated concentrations of lead. The special studies monitoring is not SLAMS monitoring and data is not reported to U.S. EPAs AQS.

This website is dedicated to sharing all data from the SLAMS monitor(s), community monitors and any special studies monitors. Below you will find all data collected to date. As additional samples are collected, analyzed by the laboratory, and reported to Ohio EPA, new data will be posted here. Below is a map showing the location of the SLAMS monitor(s), community monitors and previous special studies monitors.

A violation of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for lead occurs when any rolling 3-month period exceeds 0.15 ug/m3. Only SLAMS monitors are used for comparison to the NAAQS.

These reports present the data in "RAW" form, meaning that the data you see are exactly what was collected from each pollution monitor. It is important to remember that "RAW" data are never considered valid until verified by Ohio EPA and Local Air Agency personnel, a process that takes more time than the data made available on this website immediately after reported by the laboratory. Thus, data seen here may not necessarily be "FINAL" data. Please bear in mind that what you see in these reports will not always be 100 percent accurate.

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