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DAPC Effective Rules

Ohio EPA air pollution regulations are located in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) in Chapters 3745-14 to 3745-26, 3745-31, 3745-71 to 3745-80, 3745-100 to 3745-105, 3745-108, 3745-109, and 3745-112 to 3745-114. Additional chapters are added as needed to address new laws and requirements related to air pollution control. Individual rule chapters are presented in the table below.

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Chapter References

  • Chapter 3745-14  NOx Budget Program
  • Chapter 3745-15  General Provisions on Air Pollution Control
  • Chapter 3745-16  Stack Height Requirements
  • Chapter 3745-17  Particulate Matter Standards
  • Chapter 3745-18  Sulfur Dioxide Regulations
  • Chapter 3745-19  Open Burning Standards
  • Chapter 3745-20  Asbestos Emission Control
  • Chapter 3745-21 Carbon Monoxide, Photochemically Reactive Materials, Hydrocarbons, and Related Materials Standards
  • Chapter 3745-22 Asbestos Hazard Abatement Contractors, Specialists & Other Professionals
  • Chapter 3745-23 Nitrogen Oxide Standards
  • Chapter 3745-24 NOx and VOC Emission Statements
  • Chapter 3745-26  Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Program
  • Chapter 3745-31  Permits to Install New Sources and Permit to Install and Operate Program
  • Chapter 3745-35  Air Permits to Operate and Variances
  • Chapter 3745-73 — Total Reduced Sulfur
  • Chapter 3745-76 Control of Non-methane Organic Compound (NMOC) Emissions From Existing Landfills
  • Chapter 3745-77 Title V Permit Rules
  • Chapter 3745-78 Air Pollution Control Fees
  • Chapter 3745-79 Small Business Technical Assistance
  • Chapter 3745-80  Statewide Motor Vehicle Anti-tampering Program
  • Chapter 3745-100  Toxic Chemical Release Reporting (TRI)
  • Chapter 3745-103 Acid Rain Permits and Compliance
  • Chapter 3745-104 Accidental Releases Prevention Program
  • Chapter 3745-107  Power Plant Efficiency Rules (PPER)
  • Chapter 3745-110  Nitrogen Oxides - Reasonably Available Control Technology
  • Chapter 3745-111 — Voluntary Emission Reduction Credit Banking Program
  • Chapter 3745-112  Consumer Products
  • Chapter 3745-113  Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) Coatings
  • Chapter 3745-114  Toxic Air Contaminants

Additional Information and Resources

Links to outside sites which may be of use to individuals interested in rules or the rule-making process include the Register of Ohio, which contains all state agency rule proposal packages and the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, which is the legislative committee responsible for the review and processing of all state agency rules.

All State of Ohio rules and regulations are available online through Ohio's Official Online Publication of State Laws and Regulations. Because the online documents may not be updated as soon as changes are made, we recommend that you follow the links below to see specific rules and regulations by division to ensure that you are referencing the most current version.

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